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HUGE down HERE gets our groove on. Sorry for the non-announcement, but we played another open mic gig a couple weeks ago at The Fire. Another 3-song set, including 2 songs not played live before. It was great fun and we felt really good. All the gritty details are in the Gigs section, including photos. Plus, for the first time in our history we've posted live MP3s from the show. You can hear Tow The Bar in its entirety (with great pre- and post-song banter) plus some other chatter. Check them out in Downloads. We've tentatively scheduled our next gig for Monday, December 19 at The Fire again. It's intimate and relaxed and we love playing there. We also think we're gonna hit Steel City in Phoenixville again on December 29, maybe! We've finally gotten back into the studio swing after taking over a month off and we almost have another tune completed. We've also been doing some writing and have finished two new songs called I Can Do That and Believe, which is the band's first songwriting collaboration ever. Stephanie Ellis (the future Mrs. OB) wrote most of the lyrics for that one. We recently acquired loads of hard drive space for the site and have made a bunch of MP3s available for you to download at your leisure. Most of them are album cuts if you don't already own the records. HdH has even created a profile on MySpace, with an exclusive MP3 of the Losing My Patience demo, so check it out. Become our friend. Please. [12/17 addendum: returning to studio work, we've discovered the erasure of the complete drum track already programmed for Losing My Patience from the hard drive. That's 6 hours of work, gone. F*CK.]

HUGE down HERE is taking over Philly... semi-annually. We just played our biggest gig to date a couple of nights ago at The Fire in Philadelphia. It was another open-mic performance, 3 songs this time... and it went very well. Only 6 months had passed since the last one, so there was plenty of time to rehearse - even though most of that rehearsal took place within two days of the show. There are some pics and notes up about the gig, and we did get some of the performance recorded, but we're still having equipment issues that need resolved before we release our first live album. The Fire's open mic is less crowded, less competitive and much more laid-back, and we like it a lot. We'll be back soon and we might even announce it beforehand - lest anyone who actually reads this might want to go. Right. Anyway, it felt really good. We played a song off the 2nd CD, one off the upcoming record, and a brand new song called Stephanie Lynn that was just finished in August. We also finished a couple other songs since the last news update - Man For The Moment, which was finished lyrically for almost a year before it finally got the last couple of chords banged out, and Write It Down which is kinda cool, too. If we can figure out how to play and sing that at the same time, it'll get jammed at the next gig. HdH is down to only 3 guitars now, since we found a home for Olivia - however, the deal was kinda shady and it ended up being temporary before she was shucked out to another home by this unintentional "middle man". HdH regrets the sale. But we like cash. We're still working on our next album, semi-consistently. We knocked out all the drums for 6 songs relatively quickly... and then had some strange things happen in studio that led to the complete erasure of 2 of them (drum tracks only). Ironically, we were working on Eraser when the malfunction occurred. We think we figured it out and re-recorded both tunes and all is well. We've finished music on 2 of those drum songs, about to tackle the other 4 and then begin recording probably 6 more after that, sans drums. Who knows when it will all be done, but we're hoping for late spring/early summer '06. Of course we already have a title and cover art done, but we'll hold on to that for a while. You can still get a copy of Simple And Bitter if you like - hell, it only just came out in May. Peace.

HUGE down HERE turns things upside down. A couple weeks ago, we recorded a cover of Josh Stuckey's 22nd Street. Josh is an old pal of OB's from his hometown who records hiw own tunes out of Minneapolis. We've put up HdH's version of that song in our downloads section and after we clear some legal hurdles, we hope to put up the original as well. Josh is hard at work laying down a couple of HdH covers of his own, and as soon as they hit disc, we'll put 'em up here for you to groove to. Our version of his tune is fast, raucous and ridiculously fun - quite different than the original and super-unlike anything we've ever done! It's great, so check it out. A couple weeks before that, we started early preliminary work on our 3rd record - just laying down basic drum tracks on a couple tunes so far. Right around that time we also finished a song that was barely unfinished (and had been for nearly a year?) - it's And I'm Not, which will end up on our 3rd release. Right on. We hope you like our new record, and if you have one, please let us know what you like or what you don't. We've gotten surprisingly little response except for "your CD is depressing" or "you should include lyrics" - though we have had a few really positive remarks (Steph, Josh, CMW, Michelle). It's ok if you want to say it's better than the 1st one - because it is - and don't worry about saying "not that the 1st one wasn't good..." because we know what you mean. And we agree. Our next live gig is overdue, but we're working on some equipment upgrades before we move forward... hang in there. Oh, and it looks like we've found a good home for Olivia. Say 'bye!

HUGE down HERE brings you a new weblook and a new record. Get one now.

HUGE down HERE collectively sighs and says WHEW. It is DONE. Our second record is in the can and will be available for mass consumption on May 17, 2005. It fucking rocks. And, it fucking rocks a full 6 seconds longer than the total running time of the first CD. Originally we were pretty sure it would be done by the first of the month and be released on the 10th, but we hit some snags in the mixing process. Recording vocals went pretty well, or at least better than we had anticipated (some nagging health problems almost made it a very nasal process). We mixed the whole thing pretty high but it ended up being too hot for the CD transfer, so we had to entirely remix every song lower so it didn't blow up the burner. Then we thought it was mixed too low, but some tweaking of the master levels made it all even up rather nicely. We think it sounds pretty solid, so we hope y'all dig it. Definitely an improvement over the first one, at least we think. Go over to the sounds section and you can check out two full album tracks right now! We've been digging some new song ideas when jamming lately, and it's nice to be able to think about new songs now that the record is completed - though on the other hand, we'll probably start on the 3rd record by the first of June. We'll probably hit another open mic gig sometime before the end of this month, too. Stay tuned for the 411. And send us some money so we can send you our new album. Hasta.

HUGE down HERE don't stop, can't stop, won't stop. Non-stop. After taking all of December and January off (unintentionally), we finished recording all of the music for our next record recently and started working on the vocals just yesterday. Give us a few weeks for that and a couple more to mix, and this puppy should be done by May. It's called Simple And Bitter and the cover artwork is below. We are quite proud of the album and think it's above and beyond the first one, but that's up to you to decide. Feel free to e-mail for pre-orders right now. All of the songs are older, as with the debut, and none are newer than 2002. As soon as this one's done and out, we're gonna catch up with the most recent tunes on the third record. We finally did finish a new song, Eraser, and it's a goodie (it'll be on #3). We're looking into the possibility of another live gig, maybe very soon. Watch out for pics and notes galore. Right on. UPDATE 3/21 : We did indeed rock out for a 2-song open mic performance at Grape Street in Philly on 3/21... details & photos are in the Setlists section!

HUGE down HERE takes its first step toward world domination. It finally happened. Actually, for real, no foolin', damn straight. The band finally got over whatever it was under and played a real gig. Well, a real open mic gig. On December 9, 2004 (a rainy Thursday), HdH played 2 songs for a room full of mostly other performers and whomever they could coerce to come listen to them play; probably around 30-40 folks. The scene of the crime was the Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA, and Steph & Desiree were in tow with oB to take copious amounts of digital and analog proof of the performance (video, sound, photo). There are pics and notes galore in the Setlist section of the site for your pleasurable perusal. ROCK. It won't be the last... Since May (um... sorry so tardy with the updates) we've been really cranking out the next record, and we're already about 75% done, in about 1/3 the time it took to get this far for the last one. We've only got a few songs to finish before we go all vocal on your ass and complete the whole thing. We've been taking some time off around the holidays (as per our usual) but January and February should hopefully be productive studio months. We haven't really been writing much, but there are two songs that are finished lyrically and just waiting on some jams to come out of our brains to finish the music, plus there are at least a half dozen other solid song ideas that are begging to be fleshed out. Believe it or not, we're planning for those new as-yet-unfinished songs to be on our fourth record... and we have yet to finish the second one. We just pressed our 40th copy of Breaking The Ice, so thanks for your continued interest. Also, we entered a little songwriting contest recently with a couple of our favorite tunes. If something comes out of it, we'll mention it again. If we lose horribly, we won't. Deal? We still have website re-design ideas in mind but that probably won't happen soon - maybe in time for the next record, which is most likely due in the spring. Next time around, you'll get the title and cover art and a solid release date. I know you're excited, but don't pee yourself.

HUGE down HERE keeps it moving. Not even two months removed from our first CD, we've already started working on the next one. It's beginning to sound great and we're literally months ahead of where we were with the last one after just the first few weeks. We'll probably crank it out in half the time, or at least we hope. Chalk that up to experience, persistence and having a new kick-ass guitar to work with. Please welcome Tess to the family! She's gorgeous, she's a Taylor, she's freakin' expensive, and she's worth every single penny. Check out her picture in... the pics section. Imagine that. Sadly, we really don't have a need for Olivia anymore... so she'll be sent away to rock for someone else in the near future. Perhaps you? Let us know. Oh yeah, that album we just put out... we're happy to report we've pressed some 30+ copies, even a couple for unexpected listeners. We've basically had nothing but compliments and kudos, although ya never know what they really think when they're almost exclusively people you know or work with or are related to. But we definitely appreciate the kind words. We're adament that those 12 songs are a nice place to start but aren't our best work. The next one will be better. We're still working on some new website stuff, too. Hang on.

HUGE down HERE announces the release of their first album, Breaking The Ice, officially available March 23, 2004! It's finally done, y'all. We finished vocals a few weeks ago and immediately began mixing, which was completely finished on March 18 (after a few additional recording sessions, including two percussion tracks and a guest musician). You can get all the info right here. We've been pressing copies for the past several days and if you've already ordered one, it'll be on the way soon. Stay tuned for a website makeover and much, much more. Cheers!

HUGE down HERE is so friggin' close, we can taste it like a bad can of tuna. If you didn't notice, we've been working on an album for about... oh, a year and a half. We finally finished the music (phase 1) shortly after the last update in mid-January and immediately began phase 2 - vocals. We had planned on relocating the recording gear for that but we were getting good sound where it was, so the move was deemed unnecessary, which is great because that would have been a real chore. We've been banging out the vox and have completed 5 songs in about 3 weeks and have started on a couple others. We're guessing in another couple of weeks we'll be completely done with vocals and start to mix. If we really kick some ass, this thing could be done by the end of the month. Hot diggity. The vocals have been a challenge but are sounding reasonbly well so we're pretty psyched. We're working on the album packaging in the meantime, as well. Can't wait. It's been a long time coming. Incidentally we just finished a new song and recorded the demo yesterday during some down time in studio. It's hot. We call it What About Now. Everybody's almost fully healed from previously mentioned injuries, so when this record's out we'll be ready for our world tour. Bring it on.

HUGE down HERE says : "our bad". So much for productivity... after the flurry of studio activity in October/November, there was not one single recording session in December. This was due to : fatigue, holiday celebrations, and sheer stupidity that resulted in one of the band members being injured. Needless to say, we're sorry - but rest assured we're back in business. Recording has resumed, things are going well, and we even finished a new song while we were waiting for that dork (who will remain nameless but who plays guitar in the band) to recuperate from his injuries. The new tune is called Losing My Patience and it's kinda cool. Short, but cool. It actually began as a couple of verses (lyrics only) back in May/June. We'd expect the current recording phase to last less than a week, and then we relocate the setup into Room 3 so we can lay down vocals. Then, we mix. There's a light. Do you see it? It's at the end of that tunnel. Meet you over there. Peace.

[This update was accidentally deleted, but it went something like this…]
HUGE down HERE gets productive! Our fan rejoices! There has been a monumental flurry of progress made in-studio recently on the upcoming record. After the slow-down in August, things really picked up at the very end of September, and October & November saw the band fly through and finish four songs instrumentally. That only leaves one more tune left to finish and then we tackle vocals and mixing. However, it’s quite evident we won’t be finishing this thing by the end of the year. We’re of course continually sorry we’ve been teasing you and pushing it back repeatedly. It’s ironic that a few years ago when we started recording this thing (the first time), there was an initial release date of February 29, 2004 written down on the Merch page, as a joke, that may end up being close to the actual date of release. Karma’s a strange beast. There are also a handful of good new-song ideas floating around, but nothing to report yet. Hang in there, until we break the ice.

HUGE down HERE laments the truth... we are slackers. It took ten total sessions in-studio to finally finish Goosebumps, but they were spread from mid-July to mid-September. The entirety of August saw only one session at Rock Spot. Almost pathetically, multiple non-band activities and the scorching Philadelphia summer heat took time away from album work, but hey - we wrote two new songs! Both songs were demo'd and the newest, Simply Because, was added to the website, so go get it while you can. We certainly like it - check out Sounds. The other new tune, Either Way, is also a keeper. But they'll have to wait, and today we began working on the next song for Breaking The Ice. And it's about time. A rare, complete with-vocal performance even occurred rather suddenly in the middle of August. Imagine that - a band that plays for people. Well, person. Later.

HUGE down HERE hits the halfway mark... finally. The marathon sessions in the studio throughout June saw the band finish Sooner Or Later, along with previously finished songs Far Away and Given earlier this spring. The guys have taken some time off in early July to rest a bit and try and survive the massive Philadelphia heat. Unfortunately, the reality has set in that the record won't be finished by the end of the summer... so we're now aiming simply to have it done before the end of the year. Six out of twelve songs are finished musically, work has begun on a couple others, we'll get those done and then start on vocals. The last step will be mixing, which might be a bit of a pain but shouldn't take too long once we get into it. The band wrote one brand spankin' new song recently, Christmas Card, and finished one that was literally started about 4 years ago... it used to be called "Stuck" but was re-branded Just Like Before once completed. Nothing like a four-year shelving to gain inspiration. Both tunes were demo'd, of course. We've also got a small handful of in-progress tunes (mostly lyrics only) that will someday be kick-ass songs. Someday. Stay cool, kids.

HUGE down HERE is rockin' steady. Sorry for the lapse in regular updates... but know that progress is being made on the recording front. Musically finished (basically) : Ten Feet Tall and Far Away. So that's now about 1/4 of the album sorta finished. Not too shabby, but not exactly a stellar pace. February was a good month in the studio, but we didn't quite accomplish as much as we'd hoped. March began well (as did April) but there were breaks in the middle of each month (for rest, and for illness). Hopefully the recent return will signal a dedication to finish up the damn thing. As far as writing, the band has been consciously not doing any, except for a sporadic lyrical creation that will end up someday with some music for it. There have been some new riffs and jams popping up, but the effort to put things together isn't there yet. We really don't need that kind of energy right now, it needs to be saved for the studio. Temperature was finished & demo'd shortly after the last news update, however. It's hot. Speaking of hot, there was an impromptu live show (sans any vocals) for a couple of cuties in late March. We don't really remember much of it, though. Back to the 10-track... have you checked the MP3s in SOUNDS lately?

HUGE down HERE took some down time over the most recent batch of holidays, and then a nastywicked cold ran through every single member of the band. We've just recently gotten back into the swing of recording, after laying low for most of December and January. What If is now basically done (save for vocals) to go along with West River Drive. Much more work will be done in the coming month as the band has set aside oodles of studio time in February. We've also worked on a couple of new tunes, and some interesting work at that... My Sister And Her God was finished early in January and Temperature is a hot new tune currently about halfway done, with a bullet. Wait 'til you see that one. Four In The Morning is idling a bit and may be in need of a revamp, but still moving. Demos galore. Ciao.

[This update was accidentally deleted, but it went something like this...]
HUGE down HERE brings the pain and bites the bullet. Breaking The Ice, the debut record, is announced and scheduled for a summer 2003 release (see cover artwork on main page). Recording continues (we've racked up a hefty 50+ hours of studio time thus far) and we've made some real progress. There is one song basically done (sans vocals), a couple more getting close, and thanks to some breakthroughs recently in regards to recording live acoustics, things should really get rolling in the next few months. We won't announce the tracklist until it's finished, but you can follow along on the studio page and get a pretty good idea. Creatively, Still With You was completed just after the last update, and it's maybe the best thing we've done. We've also got a new tune recently finished called My Back Pocket and one in progress called Four In The Morning. Jammin'. Jam on.

HUGE down HERE is feeling tardy. Sorry about that. It's been so damn hot this summer that last month's update evaporated. We've been hella busy, though - check us out... we've actually started actual album sessions, actually! Sure, we've said that before (twice) but this is the real deal, Holyfield. No foolin'. It began just shortly after the last update, and it's been semi-constant since, to a tune of nearly 24 hours of tallied studio time. We've got a couple songs in full-progress, with West River Drive only needing some bass punch and vocals (basically all guitar work done and finished drums) and What If getting ready to be attacked with the guitar (all drums programmed and ready to roll). We expect to make even more progress as the weather cools off. It's pretty exciting around here to finally be moving with the record. Next update we'll give you the title, show off some of the album artwork and announce a severely tentative release date. Meanwhile... things have slowly gotten back to normal with writing, as well. We've just finished a shortish new song called Going To that took about 3 weeks and we're working on a new tune called Still With You that sounds really nice so far. There's been an update to the Sounds section - a couple of the older/shorter clips were pulled and three complete song MP3s are up right now, including the two newest: Into (demo) and one of a trio of covers that we've demo'd since the last update - Santa Monica (demo) by Everclear. We've also completed cover demos of Dave Matthews Band's Best Of What's Around and Dirty Vegas' Days Go By (no, really). There will definitely be an EP of covers somewhere down the line. Happy Autumn, leafeaters.

HUGE down HERE is trying, honest. Making a record is a pain in the ass. Especially when your skills are a little sloppy, but you're a perfectionist. We've had more than a few long nights in the studio since our last news update, and we've tried to find the sound for more than a few songs, including Given, You Were There, Rebound, Sooner Or Later, The Battle Of Wissahickon and What If. There've been a number of test recordings done, with nothing really being noteworthy except for a very recent rendition of What If. We found the right beat, did a quickie go-through and liked it enough to put a clip of it up in the sounds section for you to take a gander. Be nice. Making demos is so much more fun, when you don't really have to worry about all the details. We said we were taking a writing break, but that doesn't mean we can't record a demo of a cover! So we tackled every boy's theme song from 1983, Jessie's Girl - that's right, the Rick Springfield original. However, the way we do it is more like a tribute to Rebecca Romijn-Stamos called Uncle Jessie's Girl. Either way, it's an original arrangement that doesn't fit the mold, so of course it's HUGEly funky and monstrously fun. It's only the second fully complete cover, but there are plans for at least another one or two sooner than later. Who knows, we might have to put out a covers EP. Until then... stay tuned. Same Bat time, same Bat channel. Different Batmobile, though.

HUGE down HERE is creatively exhausted. And here's why : in the year 2002 so far, we have either started, finished, or demo'd 16 different songs. Six songs alone have been completely started and finished in the last six months (Into and Tow The Bar from the last update are finished, as are older tunes Seeing The Green and The Monkey Song and one completely new tune called The Battle of Wissahickon, which is a wickedly epic). Keep in mind that in all of 2000, only 4 songs were finished. And because of that, HdH is taking a break... from writing, at least. At any given time it's not unusual for the band to have 3 or 4 tunes "in progress". There are currently NONE in the category. Thank God. So... after this recent flurry of activity, we've got a nice collection of tunes - around 36 or so. We started messing around with the new studio equipment, and we even threw up a fresh new MP3 of a test recording of West River Drive, so dig it. It's got drums, baby. Percussion may or may not end up on any or all of the songs, but it's good to dream. We plan to become more insistent on actual album recordings in the coming months. With all of these songs (all lyrics are available in the songs section, by the way), and OB's penchant to record every single thing (whether good or not), there are actually 3 albums currently in the thought processes... but we're gonna try and hold off on names and cover art (though these are actually done for all three) until things are officially on tape. You can bet on 12 songs per CD, but that's about all the details you're getting right now. There is, however, a new picture of Rock Spot in the pics section... sorta. Buh-bye.

HUGE down HERE blows minds, ruptures eardrums and breaks glass... courtesy of the brand-spankin' new MP3s now up for grabs in the Sounds section. This is yet another historic occasion in HdH's short history. Not only do we offer a short clip of a studio recording of The Sound Of You (it's the intro), but we bring to you a full-length, full-on vocal, demo version of Lightning Strikes Twice. Download at your leisure, but don't say we didn't warn you. These two new clips join the old Weezer cover of The Good Life snippet that was recorded back in early 2001. You can also say hi to our newest edition Olivia (OB's new guitar - photo in Pics). She's a gorgeous blue acoustic/electric Ovation Celebrity Cutaway and she's not afraid to rustle up some grooves. We can now officially say Rock Spot is fully functional... and as soon as the band is familiar with every tweak of every knob and input and programmable drum track - no doubt album sessions will resume. Unfortunately, due to the studio's new medium, we've decided to scrap the electric sessions from last year that we had been working on. This is also one reason why that Sound Of You clip was put up. We're gonna start from scratch, but we'll be good. Things may start to actually happen as soon as the next couple of days. Follow along on the Studio page. Creatively speaking, Into has some verse lyrics now, with more to come, and all it musically needs is a wicked ending. The other day, OB did a no-no - he wrote a complete song with lyrics but no music. He was away from his guitar at the time and the words were just flowing, so he went with it. Luckily, unlike the last time this happened (Difference Of Opinion), it actually worked out - the band fleshed out the tune with some bad-ass instrumentation only a couple of days later. We've already finished the demo - it's called Rebound - and even though it's very new it may end up on the first album. There's also another new song that was just started yesterday called Tow The Bar which may cause some controversy with its lyrics. You'll love it. Keep Listening.

HUGE down HERE has had a good week. How about you? We have to send mad kudos to long-time super-fan Robin Will. Thanks to her dedication and uncanny ability to keep track of video tapes, a few long-lost HdH songs have been recovered. The band recently recorded fully-complete demos for no less than SIX songs, all old-school early OB jams from '98-'99. They were on a copy of the Tree Farm Sessions tape that was sent to the previously mentioned Miss Will. After the fire, that tape was the lone surviving copy of some of those older songs which had escaped the memories of most of the band members. Needless to say, this past week has been momumentally historic for Huge Down Here. Also, these demos complete the collection of original HdH songs to be recorded; only new songs will be demo'd from here on out. Speaking of which... it seems like everytime we update this page, OB's pulled another rabbit out of his hat... but there's nothing severely new to report, except that there is a new thingy being worked on called Into. It's been a song-title without a song for a few years now, but something came along and now it has intro, verse and chorus music, along with chorus lyrics (only) so far. It's a funky little number. Lastly, we've really come along in the recording arena... we've procured a brand-new 10-track digital stand-alone recorder and an acoustic amp, and OB's got a new plug-in acoustic guitar on order. You really have no idea how close we are to laying down some tasty tracks. Thank God for phat tax-returns. Rock Spot is 'bout to blow...

HUGE down HERE is the hardest working band on Rock Street. Still in the process of trying to nail down the finalities of being able to actually record with decent quality, these guys just keep on rockin' and writing new tunes. Within the span of about 3 weeks (during the last month or so since the last update), a new song was envisioned, jammed out, demo'd and finished. It's called Lightning Strikes Twice and it's mad cool. It's probably the most fully demo'd of them all because it even has a bass track on it. Watch out! It was really cool how it happened - usually a song has a large chunk of it finished before it gets the demo treatment. This time, it was started in small pieces bit by bit whenever the ideas came along, until it was fleshed out from the ground up. One of the advantages of living in your own recording studio. But hold up! Shortly after finishing that new tune, the band decided to revisit Brazilian Rain and the ending that was tried a couple weeks ago has seemed to stand up over time... they added a little lyrical piece and another guitar section at the very end, and now that's a done deal, too. Two for two. That's what's been keeping the boys busy for awhile, so that's about all we have to report... check out the new song lyrics in the Songs section. And there's also a quick "new" picture of the "old" studio... P!

HUGE down HERE welcomes you to Rock Spot. The new studio is finally up and running in our new location! We had some down time for a little while but are now back in the swing of things. The demo sessions continue as actual album recordings are still in a temporary state of limbo. We think we finished the new song You Were There's demo - it's a short tune, if it ends up staying that way. We think it will. Recently we worked on writing more for Brazilian Rain and threw in a bridge and some chords for the chorus. We recorded a demo of what we have for it now (both vox and guitar), and all it needs is an ending. The band even finally revisited the old school song Far Away and remembered how it went well enough to put it down in demo form, with vocals and guitar. We're still a month or two away from full-blown album sessions, but we guarentee its eventuality. We even priced some Djembes the other day. Honest! Laterz.

HUGE down HERE keeps pulling rabbits out of our collective hat. This recently passed holiday season saw the first-ever completely live and unabashed vocal performance by the band, for human beings. The guys went all out and raged through complete versions of Goosebumps and Ten Feet Tall, partial renditions of The Sound Of You, West River Drive and Watching The Clock, plus instrumental takes of several others. It was a private affair, however, as the audience consisted of only one (but very special) lady and her cat. After much initial nervousness, the band was quite proud of how it turned out and looks forward to more such performances in the future. And she definitely had a great time, too. A little recording has been worked on, but not much - we started on the intro to Up & Down. The new song Little White Lies was completed, as was the demo for said song. And another new tune (different in style from all other HdH compositions) has been started, as well. It's called You Were There and in a word or two, it's extremely personal. We'll see if ever gets published. We're working on the demo now. Locationally related, we'll be moving the studio from The Fifth Row to a new space just down the street during the first week of February. It's a nice and cozy 3rd floor room with ample space and more private rehearsal areas. We expect this to lead to more numerous recording opportunities. Last but not least, HdH may re-invest in some new percussion for these recordings. Bongos, Djembe, Tambo? Who knows. Piece.

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