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HUGE down HERE sends out mad Mistletoe shout-outs. Happy Holidayz and all that jazz to you and yours (and theirs). We just did our first opening gig about 10 days ago or so, sorta (but not really). At the request of one of the audience members, HdH pulled out a couple of originals and some covers for a short, acoustic, instrumental opening set for Granian on December 12th, who were playing a show in OB's living room (no foolin'!). There were a grand total of 2 people listening (and paying more attention to the movie that was playing on TV - "A Bronx Tale" on the USA network). It was about a half-hour long and fortunately, no video or audio or photographical footage exists. But it did happen, and you know we'll be hypin' it up until 2003. Check the "Setlists" section for even more (yes, there's more!) info. There's also been some more studio work, most notably on Sooner Or Later; and a newly started song - Little White Lies - that will probably end up on the *next* CD. You won't get any info on this tune until it's finished. Presently it's about 1/3 done. Someday you'll get to hear it. Maybe. (We've already done a demo on the parts that are finished). Peace in the polar fleece!

HUGE down HERE is sure you had a nice holiday with the fam. Right? We definitely did. OB's Grandma even rocked out a little to some live HdH. Then we came back to the lab and worked on some stuff. It's about time, but we finished Sooner Or Later, musically and lyrically. This is extra cool, as it allows the band to begin officially recording it - the song relies very much on the electrified rock and it would have been unethical to start recording an unfinished song. Plus, we even filled in the blanks of So Perfect's lost ending with a cool song-less jam from last spring. You get two for the price of one during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Incidentally, the "Brazilian Hat Trick" songs have been worked on, but not much progress has been made. Here's to leftovers. Cheers.

HUGE down HERE is jet-lagged. The boys in the band just got back a couple days ago from a 9-day jaunt to January's River. That's Rio de Janeiro to you lay-folk. It was sort of a working vacation, and there was no intention of writing any new material. No instruments were allowed on the trip (self-imposed band rule). However, three new songs were either started completely from scratch or significantly lengthened whilst in Brazil. They are : Brazilian Rain, Seeing The Green & The Monkey Song; they all have lyrics, but the first is the only one that currently has some music actually written. The latter two have definite musical ideas in mind, but nothing concrete thus far. You can keep tabs on their progress in the Songs section below. Meanwhile... the recording process is still currently happening, but nothing has been done for a few weeks. Things will most likely pick up again as the guys get their feet back on the ground, though we still haven't finalized acoustic capabilities. Keep the faith.

HUGE down HERE is back. Back in the saddle again. Back to let you know, we can really shake 'em down. We finished The Sound Of You completely - complete with finished lyrics and some minor editing of the arrangement of the final verse. It's the jam. We like it so much, we started recording it. Tonight. Even though the new mic setup isn't quite finished (shit ain't cheap, yo!), the fact remains that the electric amp is still kickin' and doesn't require a microphone to record. We knew that already, but were hoping to start recording the songs with the acoustic, to get the base of the song in place and then flesh it out with some amplified rock. However, there are a few songs that will have more rock than folk, and this song happens to be one of them. We recorded the intro to the song, about 30 seconds worth, for an hour or so tonight. We might even keep it. That means that October 1st is the official kick-off (well, re-kick-off) of new album sessions! Please hold your applause until we're done. Or next October, whichever comes first.

HUGE down HERE says oops, we have to do it again. Do over. Our bad. That whole thing about us beginning official album sessions in the last news update? Big fat lie. Total cow poo. Well, not exactly... but after three initial sessions in our current set-up, we figured out there's no way we could get the sound we want you to hear. So we re-tooled and are in the process of re-tooling and within another week or two, those sessions will begin anew. Promise. We got a new big fat studio condenser mic that's gonna make OB's vocals actually sound like singing and make Essie sound like a Martin D1. All that's left is to get the proper connections and power supplies to make it all work. In the meantime, check out some new pics of Shasta that we just uploaded. And oh yeah, we finished the demo (music and vox) for The Sound Of You, a song that initially started in late 1999 (lyrics are still being finished, but the song is virtually done - and rocks in at five minutes long). One more song to finish and we'll have our pool of tunes to choose from. And when we start recording again, this time it'll stick. Like velcro.

HUGE down HERE was tired of beating around the Gore. Woops, Bush. (I keep forgetting who actually won that election). We began official tracklaying for ALBUM tracks today - no more of this demo crap. Well actually, we did some demo work, too. We laid down some vocals for the Given demo and then began acoustic guitar work on two songs - West River Drive (which is now a finished song and kicks booty) and Ten Feet Tall - however, nothing was close to being called a final cut of anything. But it has begun. Sooner Or Later is still in the process of being written, but is farther along than at last update... and the band has been revisiting The Sound Of You in some recent jam sessions; who knows if that will ever get finished in time to be recorded for this record. Besides those two tunes, no new material will be worked on until this project is well underway. We want to get going on it and make some noise before the NEXT millenium hits. Surprisingly, it appears the boys have even been working on the album cover and artwork (complete with proposed album title) without anything actually recorded! Getting a little ahead of ourselves, perhaps? Doubtful... the cover art is quite sweet. You'll dig it. I swear. Hints? Maybe later.

HUGE down HERE picks up the pace here at The Fifth Row. We have now completed demo work (with some vocals here and there) on 18 songs, with some done on the acoustic and some electric. This includes three incomplete songs (among those, the newest Sooner Or Later) and one instrumental. There are just a couple more songs to demo and then work will begin on the real deal, possibly even later this week. Sooner... is a rockin' new tune, it only being new in the sense that it now has some lyrics. It begins with an intro that used to be an intro to an instrumental song called Ish (which has been abandoned). It then morphs into a monster rock riff that began as a mellow acoustic jammy a few months ago. The re-arrangement has spawned some nice lyrics, which were fed off of the title, which was thought of several weeks ago. Confused? Us, too. It currently seems like a good candidate for the lead-off track to the new record. Peace.

HUGE down HERE announces the christening of a new recording studio... The Fifth Row, located in northwest Philadelphia. This cozy house of sound sits in an upper-level back room of a two-story complex on Kalos Street in the Wissahickon neighborhood near Roxborough. It's quite homey - and by the way, also contains state-of-the-art digital recording equipment. New sessions (demo tracking only, so far) have begun in earnest. The boys want to lay down a complete basic track of all the tunes before getting into the details. Dig it. Also... OB has procured a bigger and better (and prettier) electric guitar. She's a Squier Standard Stratocaster (by Fender), and she's emerald green. She's also courtesy of OB's lovely girlfriend. Her name is Shasta. Photos on the way. Last but not least, some more new song news - the tune is called West River Drive and the boys have been real quiet about this one. It's still in the early stages but so far it sounds hella tight. It'll be nice. Later.

HUGE down HERE is back to basics. Songwriting. Another finished tune has arrived... My Side Of The Story. It's a long song, coming in at nearly 5 minutes deep. And it is deep. Check out the lyrics. It's another one of the growing number of songs that Mr. OB doesn't want to explicitly explain. I think we'll see more of that from him in the future. There are a couple other things in the works, as well - as the guys try to get back to the normal routine of life in a rock band after "the incident". The best news is that a new studio is in the process of being built. It might actually be operational by the end of next month, whereupon most likely a new recording process will begin. The band is anxious to start over, and these newest couple of songs are hopefuls to be included in the finished product. Let's rock.

HUGE down HERE had a great studio session on the evening of the 28th, completing guitar tracking on the song Family Tree to the point where it may have been finished and awaiting vocals. Unfortunately...

There was a tragic fire that destroyed all recordings made thus far by the band. The album has been put on hold, indefinitely. OB's new guitar, Stella, was lost... but Essie survives and thrives. OB's lyric book was amazingly saved as well. Keep the boys in your thoughts.

HUGE down HERE continues to rock - and record. The official sessions for the band's self-produced debut album have begun. To be honest, it's been slow-going... studio time is expensive (even if you own the studio yourself) and hard to come by. It takes time to set everything up and get all the instruments tuned and even to get into the right creative mood. However, after a recent marathon session on the 20th of March, the band really has got something going. Work has begun officially on three songs - Family Tree, Up & Down, and Watching The Clock. Family Tree is the most far along, with nearly half of the song's guitar tracks finished. We've got acoustic tracks, electric tracks, reverb, the whole nine yards. So far, the possibilities for the finished product are quite promising. The band is excited as ever at how the process is going. OB sends us a quote from behind the mixing console :

"While the technicalities of the recording process offer great challenges to a young band - especially producing your own record - the growth we've achieved just in these few short months has inspired us to reach new heights.
Wait 'til you hear this shit."

Please be patient with the guys, as this will take a good while... but will be well worth the wait. We'll keep you updated, and be sure to continue to track the record's progress on the studio page. On a side note, Boiling Points continues to develop with the lyrics being basically done, and the music almost finished. Later y'all.

And don't forget to congratulate the band for their 3rd anniversary of rockin' sh!t.

HUGE down HERE officially enters the realm of "professional recording band". The Good Life, the Weezer cover song the band has been working on for a little over a month, is now finished. You can check out a clip in mp3 format at your leisure. (Our server isn't currently able to handle the entire song). The track is now out of our hands and on its way to Karl, Weezer's 5th member and coordinator of the Weezer Covers Album, Volume 2 contest. We'll let you know how it goes. The recording, which the band is relatively proud of, didn't exactly turn out how we planned but it's definitely interesting as all get out. Some of the vocals were a little underdeveloped but the instrumentation is tight and the arrangement ours (we tinkered with it until it was different enough from the original, but still rockin'.) Now that we've ironed out some of the initial bugs with our new studio setup, we're all set to head on with the recording of the band's debut album of all original material. Essie and Stella will both be in full effect and it's bound to be cool as hell and weird as shit, all at the same time. Be sure to follow along at the new studio page. In new song news, Boiling Points was begun just a couple days before our last web update, and its fleshing itself out nicely with a few chord changes and the bulk of the lyrics finished. Piece.

HUGE down HERE is blowing your mind. Remember this date. First - Watching The Clock is now a completed tune. It's a keeper. Another new song is coming along quite nicely - it's called Boiling Points and it's got some verses and choruses and a few chords. It's gonna be tight. They have only just begun writing the song a few days ago and the boys in the band are very passionate about it. The music is sorta generic so far but the words are heartfelt. Second - remember when we said OB had postponed his getting a new guitar? Well, his lovely girlfriend decided he was waiting too patiently... and bought him one for Christmas! It's a Squier Strat he's named Stella - she's black, just like Essie, and she rocks. Pics are on the way. Third - the big news is that Huge Down Here will begin studio sessions for their first album very soon - possibly next week. That's right. They've been working out some kinks in their new digital home studio (check the news archives from last time) which has been dubbed Selma Studios. Some new mics and other things have been purchased and to test out the new stuff, the band has already recorded an interesting cover of Weezer's The Good Life. This song will be submitted for a Weezer Covers Album for possible inclusion (to be determined by Weezer's unofficial fifth member, Karl). The music tracking is already complete (two guitars, "bass", bongos and tambourine) and OB is currently in the studio for the next few days to finish the vocal. We'll keep you posted. Watch out for a possible MP3. As a bonus, there is a new section on this site, titled The History of HdH Studio Recordings. It's a totally anal listing of every studio session the boys will or have already completed, with details on songs and tracks and instruments - and updated daily. It's linked below. Check back often and watch as the debut CD takes shape in front of your eyes.

HUGE down HERE has some goody-good news. We've procured a digital 8-track recording studio for our exclusive use. Oooooooooh. And we're not kidding. We're working on getting better equipment (read : microphones) to begin some monumental sessions very soon. It's gonna be fun, folks. We also have this thing called a computer with this new fandango CD-burner type machine that will allow us to get digital copies to you as soon as we make them. Isn't that nice of us? Oh hey, Guiltrip is now a finished song. Watching The Clock is a new song, almost complete. OB has temporarily scratched the idea of getting a new guitar... but you know how he is. Those JB Jam photos are still coming...

HUGE down HERE offers mass apologies to all. We've been out of action on the site here for awhile now, almost 5 months. Unfortunately, the band has not been holed up in a studio to bring you a bangin' debut disc. The guys have been busy with other things, though, like work, going to shows, playing softball, falling in love and shit like that (inspiration abounds!). There's been some small breakthroughs here and there, but there are no new songs to speak of (completed ones, anyway). Guiltrip finally is close to completion with some recent jam sessions finding a transition out of the second verse. It's cool. There's also a new song called The First Time that has lots of lyrical fragments and a vocal structure but no music whatsoever. Time will tell. Lately the crew has been itching to do some more recording, since we haven't really put anything down on tape since July of last year (and there has been a slew of new songs since then). Lookout for that. OB is even looking into the possibility of buying a new guitar. Not to replace Essie, mind you, but to complement her. It might even be, *gasp*, electric. Stay tuned. Lastly, some unpublished photos from the old JB Jam last fall have resurfaced and will be put online soon. Out.

HUGE down HERE averted a major crisis recently. Lead guitarist OB's axe (Essie) had a couple broken strings and there were a few problems with the restringing process. Thus, some minor modifications to the neck of the guitar were called for. It was routine surgery, and Essie is expected to make a full recovery. She's strumming along quite nicely now, but we won't know for sure that she's out of the woods for a couple weeks. Thanks to all who sent cards and best wishes. In happier news, the band has now passed the two-years-together mark (in late March). Also, some lyrical work for Guiltrip has been worked on. However, other than that, not a lot has been done since the last update. Some other lyrical pieces (of possible new songs) have begun but have yet to really blossom. Keep it locked. Peace.

HUGE down HERE wishes you a happy Leap Year Day! On this momentous of occasions, we have absolutely no momentous news to report. Just some minor things like the finishing of a new song, Ten Feet Tall. The band is digging the arrangement on that one. Interesting lyrics. You be the judge, aiight? And guess what? That one song that has been around longer than John Travolta is finally finished, too. Yep that's right, So Perfect is finally done. It ended up way different than it started, but that's the fun in creativity, eh? The end jam of that song is a lot of fun... sure to be a live favorite. Next up is The Sound Of You, which has hardly any lyrics but a lot of music. Guiltrip is about halfway done, too. Be on the lookout for that. So that's a grand total of 18 songs the band has finished since 1998. I think we could find some time to slap a dozen or so of them onto a CD someday. Perhaps this summer? Oooh... I can hear the gossip wheels a' turnin'.
Spring is almost here (feels like it right now!) so go procreate, already. Stay tuned for possible upcoming HdH tour dates.

HUGE down HERE says hello from Philly! We've relocated once again, and this time we plan on sticking around for awhile. Well, it's been some time since the last update, and there are new songs! One has been finished, called Family Tree and it's hella cool. There are about 8 others, that's right - EIGHT official songs - that are in some range of progress towards being finished. The newest one is called Guiltrip and is probably the closest to being completed. One is a new instrumental called Ish which may or may not end up with some words and another title, but so far it's just a jam. Another noteworthy recent addition is Ten Feet Tall which doesn't have music yet, but will soon.
The band spent a day in Lansing, MI jamming with some friends last month, and a few pics even made it out from the aptly named "jb jam" - check them out in the pics section. There's even video and audio (DAT) of the jam, which may or may not be available to fans in the future. We got the merchandise pics back, too - and you can now peruse and place orders as you feel the need. Just click on "merch" - 'bout time, eh!
The band played an unannounced New Year's gig in Brooklyn, NY - the crowd was largely European and seemed to be into the show. Yup yup, HdH rocked BK, baby.
So - with this new move to the Illadelph, there are more opportunities for the band to expose themselves (not in that way, you perverts). Grape Street Pub, Coffee Connection - two places the band could actually pop into and play at in the coming months. Veterans Stadium - who knows? Stay close to the site for gig details if they should surface.

HUGE down HERE has finally found the groove again. A recent drought in songwriting has officially and resoundingly ended. The boys have been busy lately, and have even finished one song already (first since July!) called The Beginning's End (lyrics in songs section). It's deep, baby. There are also no less than four other songs in mid-progress, like Stuck, which is the farthest along (it's the untitled song mentioned in the last update). In addition to those four songs (they all have some combination of lyrics and music written) there are about three or four riffs that aren't affiliated with songs yet, and at least two lyrical scribblings that don't have music. Lots of ideas floating around the HdH camp, gotta love it! It's about time - hell, there were four songs finished in July alone, the last time anything was completed. There are rumors the guys might announce a special New Year's Eve gig in the near future.
In other recent news, the trip out to Boston was an interesting one. There's a pretty good chance a song will come out of it. hehehe. The band got to rock out (just a little) and spread the word. That's all the info you're getting for now - for some extra special insights, ask OB about it when you catch him after a show. Oh yeah, the HdH website has recently celebrated its first birthday, so thanks for a great year! We out.
P.S. - those merch pics are still on the way.

HUGE down HERE has been on the move again. But just down the road this time. Anyway... it's disrupted the groove the guys have been in since relocating to Indiana. There are a couple new songs in the works, one called Wrap Around that is only a chorus so far, and one untitled-as-of-yet that has a first verse and the beginnings of a chorus. It's cool, the band loves it, and it'll surely be a fan favorite. They are planning a trip next week out east to check out some Boston flava, so who knows what's in store for that. It should be interesting. In recent news, a couple weeks ago the band took a lil' vacation to Columbus OH to hang with some old college pals. Solo artist Robby G jammed with the band and the sessions were recorded for prosperity. They rocked out to some classics like Louie, Louie and All Day And All Of The Night, but also worked on an HdH original - That's What They Say. It was tight. Coming soon : pics of some HdH merchandise... peaces.

HUGE down HERE went all out, like you have no idea. At the very tail end of July and through the first couple weeks of August, the band was in the studio working on recording complete versions of almost the entire HdH catalog. Get this - the band even recorded final versions of four songs WITH VOCALS. You heard me right, son. There are already soundclips up from those four tunes, as well as a couple others from the sessions. More details are also located in the Tree Farm Sessions section of the site (check below). What started out as an attempt to lay down a completed track of one song ended up as a royal recording session. Fingers were blistered, hands were cramped, and glass was broken (we mentioned the vocals, right?). But it was all for the love, baby.

Meanwhile, the band recently relocated as well. Back home again in Indiana for the meantime. They plan on heading back to PA soon, most likely Philadelphia, as the east coast promises more opportunities for live gigs. Since the recording sessions were ultimately very draining, and the whole moving process was a pain... the band has been laying low lately. They haven't done as much playing (though a recent performance in Ohio for some relatives and friends proved interesting - including the first ever live vocal performance, albeit severely low-key) and the guys haven't written much lately, either. In the immortal words of Nathan Brown, "time will heal me". See you around.

HUGE down HERE are becoming quite the prolific band. They keep churning out new songs by the pound. Or something. The new song mentioned last time (Small) is finished (and admittedly not the guys' best work, but it's fun), so is Amalgamation (the instrumental - HdH's longest song, approximately 5 min+), as well as is another new song that was basically started and finished within about two weeks. OB scribbled down a chorus for a song that didn't exist - sometime in May - and then in July the band worked out chords and some lyrics. Badaboom - Goosebumps. This song is very significant in HdH history. OB can actually play this song and sing it in its entirety, simultaneously. For that reason, the band has holed itself away in a secluded farm house in the hills of central PA for the past week to work on recording it. The results have been mixed, but it's definitely a promising venture. It may very well end up being the band's first single (check back for a soundclip soon). It's simple, fun and sweet. The band is definitely hashing out plans for more complete versions of other songs. Watch out, now. Oh yeah... So Perfect is still being worked on. No, really! ;-)

It seems like HUGE down HERE never actually does what they plan or want to do... so this should come as no surprise to any hardcore fan. Before even working on So Perfect at all (check the last news update), two songs were finished since we last spoke... and it's the band's earliest two tracks, Difference of Opinion and She Looked At Me. Both songs were started way back when (both were actually written lyrically before OB even owned a guitar), but were never completed - until now. Difference... ended up about the same as planned, but She Looked... ended up a lot funkier and more uptempo, which is cool. Both songs are short and run around 3 minutes or less. Anyway... an impromptu demo session then took place tonight at The Half. The guys really went hard at recording She Looked... and even laid a vocal track on there, the first one in HdH history. It's pretty scary, but it's definitely interesting, and better things are yet to come. The demo tape is coming closer to being a reality... now that the band has 11 completed songs. OB is also becoming more adept at playing and singing at the same time, at least for some songs. Oh, and a new song is being worked, on too. Dig it, it's called Small. 'Til the farts nebulize...

HUGE down HERE is having some fun tonight. The band threw a big-ass party for its founding member and lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/percussionist... OB! He turned 25, so everybody wave your hands in the air and shout "Woohoo!" The band then proceeded to rock the party and played some old favorites that haven't been jammed on in awhile. Plus, they finished two songs on this very day, including the new one Far Away and an oldie that is finally completed, Times Like These. That one sure did turn out interesting. Hell, it only took 16 months to finish it. That makes 9 completed songs, now. Who's your daddy? Next up: more music for So Perfect, which already has some great lyrics. Peace in the polar fleece.

HUGE down HERE is on a short hiatus right about now to let bandmembers hang with family over this holiday weekend. But, as a special treat, the web-tech crew has stuck around to bring you a couple more soundclips for your listening pleasure! They've cleaned up the previous three new clips, plus added two more (Pendejo and "Far Away", the newest song in progress). They all sound sweet, and that brings the sounds collection up to seven clips! Not much to tell besides that... the other new song (still untitled) has grown a little, musically. The nsFAQ has been updated. Also, a certain "Lo" heard the band jam for a short time last week.

HUGE down HERE has been unexpectedly efficient the past two weeks... three songs have been finished, including Pendejo, That's What They Say (which was only started a few weeks ago), and finally... What If is now completed. Whew. And what's even more amazing is that the band has released some new soundclips for your audio pleasure! Included are clips from Feel Free, That's What They Say, and the band's favorite cover, DMB's Best of What's Around. Check the sounds section for the clips in real audio. These sounds are from last weekend's recording session (first one in a long time) that also saw good takes of Pendejo and two new songs in progress, including one tentatively titled "Far Away" (it's the only one of the two with any lyrics so far). They both sound interesting, so look for those to officially be songs within the next month or so. Peace and we out!

HUGE down HERE has been busy lately even though we haven't updated the news in awhile (sorry for that). But check it out, Angel is now considered *finished* (bringing the grand total up to 4 officially finished songs) while What If inches its way even closer to the realm of the completed. There are a few new songs, as well - That's What They Say, which came outta nowhere with almost completed music (that rawks) and lyrics in progress, plus a couple very-much-in-progress tunes from old jams called Pendejo (which needs only lyrics) and At The Half (which is instrumental). Plus, Times Like These has music now (an old untitled jam) and some more lyrics. Dig it, more details are in the songs section. The band also is planning on adding some new sound clips soon. Stay in touch. Oh, and by the way... did you realize the band has officially been together now for ONE YEAR!? Golf claps all around!

HUGE down HERE has finished two more songs! Up & Down (which was mentioned as being close to completion last month) is done and clocks in at over 4 minutes long (whew!) A new song emerged shortly after the last update, and has already been finished! It's called Feel Free and it rocks. It really flowed well, so the band just decided to concentrate and work it out to fruition. It sails along at around 3 and a half minutes long. (In case you were wondering, the only other *finished* song is Shades Of, which is barely over 2 minutes in length)... You may have noticed the band likes to start songs but doesn't like to finish them. That's sort of true - it is much easier to begin an idea then to complete one, but with the recent success of Feel Free, the band definitely wants to finish more old songs in the coming months rather than work on new ones. More effort will be given to What If (which has been on the verge for months now) and Angel to be finished, as well as development of one of the untitled jams which has been begging to be a song since the summer of '98... The Dillys (OB's former band) have announced the pressing of their CD and it should be released at the end of the month if all goes well. Dig it. 'Til the next episode...

HUGE down HERE has been doing much lyrical work on some previously unfinished songs. Up & Down and Angel both are close to being finished - especially the former. Speaking of that song, the "untitled jam" once known as "It's All Relative" has now been absorbed into Up & Down, although at a lower octave. (The jam was only a two-lick guitar riff that never really had lyrics...) The complete song is now of epic proportions and is virtually finished. Also, a new jam has emerged... kinda heavy-metal-ish, or as close as you can get on acoustic guitar. It's undeveloped, but it's fun and tentatively called "Without A Trace" for now. A couple other small (but groovy) melodies have popped up in recent jam sessions - time will tell if they develop into anything worthwhile. OB's former band, The Dillys, have announced plans for a CD release. OB also did a little solo thing recently, as he rapped on Talk Soup. All for now.

HUGE down HERE wishes you and yours a glorious '99! The band has already gotten back to writing new material. Earlier today, OB was inspired to start a new song called "Angel". Then, within an hour... they decided to record the opening riff from that song, as well as another jam - and inagurate the Sounds section. In other news, the nsFAQ has been recently updated, as well. It's located in the History section. ...and to all, a good night!

HUGE down HERE has been relaxing over the past month, casually doing some rehearsals, but mostly hanging out with the family over the holidays. OB did some solo stuff on the 27th for his nieces and nephew, who were truly in awe of their uncle's amazing skillz. Some small lyrical changes have ocurred in a couple songs since our last update, but you might not notice them, anyway. The big news is that we finally picked our contest winner! OB's axe is now officially known as Essie, so say hi next time you see her. Props to Robin Will, for more reasons than that.
Peace until the next episode...

HUGE down HERE had a small session in the studio last week and worked mostly on the music to Difference of Opinion, which is actually almost completely finished. More work needs to be done on some of the segues, but it's nice... Shades Of has officially been finished! It's the first song to be completely done... Over the holliday weekend, some lyrical thoughts were expanded to coincide with a jam that popped up a few weeks ago, and the result is a new song in progress called (So) Perfect. The "So" is there because the band hasn't yet decided what the full title will be. The parenthases may indeed end up in the final title. From all of us at HdH, we hope your holiday was merry and full of L-tryptofan.
And don't forget about the contest - Name OB's Axe!

HUGE down HERE has pushed back the next recording session... lots of new riffs have been popping up in the recent jam sessions, though. Some interesting stuff - hopefully some of it will come out into something worth keeping. We're announcing a new contest - Name OB's Axe!

HUGE down HERE unveils its brand-new website!

HUGE down HERE has made three breakthroughs in the not-too-distant past! OB has begun writing a new song - this still untitled jam features two interesting guitar parts that fit together very well (both were discovered in the same jam session on 11/4). He even plays a chord he had never previously written into a song. Amazing. It's an uptempo jammy on the upper part of the fret board. He's working on a couple other riffs to fit with those two, and then words will come after that. Also, lyrical work has begun on one of the older untitled jams - it is now under the working title "Pendejo" - more info on that as it develops. PLUS, OB has finally begun work on the music to Difference of Opinion, which has had words but no music for months. There should be another recording session soon. Peace.

HUGE down HERE is still hard at work on their demo tape (referred to around the HdH offices affectionately as "Size Doesn't Matter"). The latest session (10/30/98) produced a great Watchtower take (Dylan cover), plus a rudimentary What If. More info to come soon...
Peace out, HUGE-Heads.

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