You can now purchase the new record BRING IT ON online through our merch page over at! Preview tracks, download the record digitally or order a copy on CD, it's all at your fingertips! Dig it!

Our last album Leave An Impression (2007) is also available on our Bandcamp page. Our older records, Simple And Bitter (2005) and Breaking The Ice, the 2004 debut album, are still available. The cost for each is 4 American dollars, plus shipping if applicable, which is simply a reimbursement for CD/labels/case/ink costs, not an actual purchase. That is, unless I gave you one - in that case, you don't need to pay me, I'll just make you feel guilty about it for the next couple of years. Anyway, just email the band and let us know you want one, and we'll work out the details.

These kickin' cotton Ts have all you could ever ask for in a shirt - two sleeves and a neck hole. Unfortunately, they are all originals made by our groupie-wife, and the band doesn't feel like parting with them, so you can't actually buy any. You can feel free to make your own, though!

Style A) Black, w/CD cover on front, size XL

Style B) White, w/band logo on front...

...and the punchline on the back, size XL


Brand new and available to be stuck, these babies were made for the band by SuperFan Desiree Haneman. $1 per, but you can order 50 for only $49.

Guitar Picks:

You can now order any of these *used* guitar pics. OB is finished with them, so now you can lick the finger sweat off of them if you so choose. Quantities are limited, so order today and beat the rush on eBay. What a steal at only $9.99 per pick.


The Do-It-Yourself Five Steps To Happiness:

See the HdH logo, pictured above?
1) Save it.
2) Print it.
3) Lick it.
4) Stick it.
5) Enjoy.