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Contact Info:

HdH Direct Artist Management for band information.
HdH World Tour Regulator for booking inquiries.
HdH Website Overseeing Administrator for website comments.
HdH Equipment Crew Chief Coordinator for tech questions.
HdH Paralegal Department Head for legal concerns.
HdH Merchandise Supervising Director to order HdH stuff.
Fan Mail for HdH band members can be sent to : OB -


We have finally stepped into the 2000's with an official Facebook page! The end is nigh. Like us?

HdH is in full effect on MySpace! Dig our profile right here (including exclusive audio). Become our friend. Please.

(yes, this still exists!)

We also used to have a HUGE down HERE Artist Direct site, and a page for OB at the Singer/Songwriter Directory:

but those both have ceased to exist.