Leave An Impression CD Review by The Compendium

Leave An Impression is reviewed by The Compendium!!

Album review by Kevin McKeon

Huge Down Here
Leave an Impression
Overall: 2.5 Stars
Musicianship: 3 Stars
Songwriting: 2.5 Stars
Originality: 3 Stars

Whereas an artist like Marc Lancaster can make his acoustic compositions sound like the work of a full band or symphony, Huge Down Here is happy to sound like a one man band.

Which, unsurprisingly, it is. The brainchild of OB, these songs are mostly traditional singer/songwriter fare with other instrumentation thrown in. There's electric guitar here and there, as well as plenty of upbeat drumming. Opening cut "The No-Show" takes the form of a standard rocker, "Losing My Patience" stays mostly within its roots, "My Sister and Her God" contrasts nicely between the two different styles (and hits major emotional notes with its highly personal lyrics).

Overall, there's plenty of promise, but the disc does not truly take shape. Perhaps OB needs to develop his sound, and find where he stands between gentle acoustics and harsh electrics. Perhaps his vocal work does not always go that extra mile. It may be that, like most one man bands, OB is better off staying as a part of an equation than he is running the show. It may also be that this reviewer simply is out of his element. Whatever the case, fans of this kind of music could do much worse.


Woo! "Plenty of promise", "hits major emotional notes", "could do much worse"! A thoughtful review, I must say. The Compendium is another local Philly music magazine which has recently, unfortunately, not been doing much publishing - their last issued hard copy came out in the spring of 2008. But! They're still taking the time to review submitted CDs, in blog form on their myspace page, which this is taken from (dated 7-28-08). They also have a larger network of websites under the LocalMusicNetwork.com banner, which, in addition to venue and artist listings (with sample tracks), also has all of their previously published issues in PDF form, available for download. Check 'em out! Support local music!