Stargazer Lily - 12/31/06 @ World Cafe Live (upstairs) - Philadelphia, PA

For a band that officially broke up back in April 2005, Stargazer Lily sure plays a lot of gigs. This is the 6th time since then I've seen them play, in various permutations (usually just Sue & Steph, sometimes with Jimmy, twice with both Jim and Scooter). Not that I'm complaining! Especially seeing as how I never once took any pictures of any of their gigs pre-2006. I still miss them like hell, and every single minute of music they want to perform in public will be heard by me if at all possible. Sue & Steph sing back-up vox for Slo-Mo, who I'd seen sit in with Stargazer Lily a couple times over the years, and who I saw play one other small set. Slo-Mo booked World Cafe Live (upstairs) for New Year's Eve and Sue & Steph were set to open. Then they announced Jimmy would be there (apparently back home, visiting from London) and "if fates allow, Scooter will be there, too!" Alas, it was not meant to be for Scooter, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

[photos appear in chronological order]

We had pretty decent seats, meaning that they were close to the stage, but it was also a weird angle and I had trouble fitting them all in the frame. Jimmy kept getting cut off by someone's head, and other skulls popped up in most of my wide shots.

Not quite sure what's up with Susan's hair, and Steph's is still jet black. I guess the blond is staying away with the booze.

Dig the psychadelic tambourine and Susan-wail during Discotecque.

Jimmy Sunshine lurks in the shadows.

I would like to publicly apologize to Steph for this picture, but other than her expression of death, it's actually not bad.

Susan is totally into the song, while Steph is trying to avoid a photo like the last one.

Susan sings her heart out. Or something less cliche.

Another almost-good picture that could've been pretty awesome. I kept getting these type of overly-blurry shots for some reason I wasn't able to quite figure out.

Yeah, like this one. I wouldn't have even put this up here if it weren't for the fact that Jim is singing back-up vocals for only the second time I've ever seen (in 40 some shows) - and the first time was the LAST time I saw them! Susan shakes.

I'm not quite sure what that chord is either, Sue. But that's a pretty sweet picture.

I couldn't quite believe it, but they even played a NEW song?! Something about California Girls. Frankly, I didn't like it. Blah. But very glad to see they're actually working up stuff to sing together. Steph is in about 3 or 16 other bands, so she's keeping herself busy. I have no idea what else Susan is doing.

She's playing the bongos currently. In this picture, at least.

And we shall end with another bongo smack, evil grin and all. I dig it. No other better way to end the show than with Train Song.


We stuck around for most of Slo-Mo's set and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked his sound. I had no idea he was so up-tempo. I guess I was fooled by "My Buzz Comes Back" - which has gotten some local radio airplay, and is a cool song - but it's really mellow. He's also got a rapper on half of his songs, which is good sometimes and not so great at other times. "Country Girl" is a kick-ass song, and the rhythm section was spot-on. Rock it out, fellas. I'll probably have to hit up another Slo-Mo show one of these days.

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