Stargazer Lily - 7/12/06 @ Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA

Stargazer Lily broke-up (technically) in April of 2005. They played a full-band reunion gig for a hurricane Katrina benefit that fall, but that's been it since then (not including a few Sue & Steph acoustic gigs and the occasional Jimmy Sunshine sighting at those shows). Well, Jim moved to England, and before he left they decided to throw one more party and play for a couple hours at the cozy Tin Angel. At the 42 Stargazer Lily shows I've been to since 2000 (including 14 in 2001) I've never taken one picture, which is pretty outrageous considering the monster crush I used to have on Susan. I finally remembered to bring the camera to what was probably the last time we'll ever see all 4 members on stage at the same time... *sigh*

[photos appear in chronological order]

We tried to get there early, and we kinda did, but they had us waiting in line on the stairs up to the Tin Angel for a long-ass time. "Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30 sharp!" Right. Add 30-40 minutes to both of those. Here's Jim & Amy, my concert cohorts, taken by surprise in the line.

The first thing I did was take about 20 pictures of Susan by herself. Most of the good tables were reserved, so we had to sidle up on the bar stools along the right side, giving me not-great sight lines. I had to totally zoom it out, getting some grainy close-ups with the digital zoom.

This and the others that look a little white/green are taken with Night Shot mode (infared). Often they are clearer at shows when the lights are low.

There's Steph on the left, looking all ripped (clean and sober?!)

Steph on the harp, Susan on the giggle, and Jimmy Sunshine on the right with the lean. Even Scooter gets some air time.

Here's a great shot of everybody.

The darker ones are a little sharper but the light is decreased due to increased shutter speed. Jimmy in the shadows. Susan grabbing her dress again.

Susan can shred, too!

Scooter makes another appearance. Susan wails.

In all my Stargazer Lily travels, I don't think I've ever seen Jim actually sing backup vocals. Here is history.

More oB concert photography.

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