Everything (e:) 3/13/98

Everything (e:)

3/13/98 @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

My post to the (e:) list, Rantings...

I was at the big show with Jendy and the posse. Heh. Amazing, super, freaky-deeky, kickass, spanky spankin' show. Setlist (but not in any particular order, someone please help...)

Good Thing (this WAS the opener, though)
Super Natural
The Real
Time will Heal Me
Upon These Dreams
Be Gone
Big D's Playground
Transition Man
Tree Song
American Brawl Song
Everyday Syndrome
first encore:
Essence of the Problem
second encore:
Soulfish (with Cajun Kelly on the gee-tar)

Is that correct? Sure hope so.

Incidentally, I was thoroughly impressed with Brownie Mary and fully intend to purchase their CD in the near future.

After the show, all the guys came out and were chillin', chattin' and signin' a gang of autographs. Nate is fuckin' cool. Got me a handshake and a "thanks, man!" Heh. Craig's folks were in the house, and I'm sure they must have been impressed. The 9:30 club was freakin' packed like ca-razy.

So goes the night. Highlight of the full-moon-ness: the two or three ladies dressed up with big-ass deity-like masks on, who were groovin' in and out of the audience and who also ended up on stage during the second encore. Fun, fun, fun.

Peace - Chris

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