DMB 6/19/96

Dave Matthews Band

6/19/96 @ Deer Creek - Noblesville, IN


(with Ending Time after each song)
Seek Up (end 8:43)
Billies (8:50)
Two Step -> (8:58)
Crash (9:05)
#41 (9:13)
WWYS (9:20)
Nancies (9:31)
Warehouse (9:40)
Cry Freedom (9:49)
True Reflections (9:56)
Jimi Thing (10:12)
Too Much (10:18)
Minarets (10:26)
Ants (10:33)
Encore: (10:39)
Drive in Drive Out (10:45) (with Leon Mobely)
Watchtower (10:57) (with Leon & Ben Harper)

My $0.03...
Well, I had damn good seats, and it sounded really good. Ben Harper was great to open, and Freddy J didnt do much for me, cept for their last song, which was jammin... DMB finally got out round 8:30 and we were ready.

Seek Up was (and is) a great opener, they really kicked on that one, especially I liked it cuz its not a real "popular" DMB song (if you know what I mean). Then Billies, and Boyd just tore it up, his muscles just buldging out of his black tank top. I was rockin so hard on this one, I just about fell right over! Two step was next, and it was good, but I've heard better. But they went right into Crash, and it sounded so good... And they followed that up with 41 and I'm just dreaming! It was fantastic, and Dave said before 41, "This is a song about innocence lost.." or something... Then came WWYS, which I was not expecting, but enjoyed when they started jamming after the first 2 verses... Nancies was next and was amazing! That one lasted about 11 minutes and was pure ecstacy. And the next one made the show for me -- Warehouse, with the new opening, and it was fucking unreal! That song kicks ass like the Bulls on Orlando! But then I sat down cuz they went into Cry Freedom, which lyrically is great, but I am just not into it musically. And True Reflections next, which I dont really like either, but it was rockin too. Jimi thing was next and was also incredible and about 15 minutes in length! Then Too Much (golden), Minarets (spooky, scary, and wonderful) and Ants (Disappointing, more on that later). They came out for the encore and played DIDO (yes yes yes!!!!!) with one guy from Ben Harpers band, and then Watchtower with Ben and his buddy.

Well? No Recently, No Granny, but It was great, the guys were really enthusiastic and into it and the sound was great, but Too Much didnt have the "Fame" ending which I really like, and on Ants Dave didnt let the crowd sing the parts that he usually does, and it may be just me, but I'm sick of Watchtower as the last song all the damn time... Plus, my seats were right on the ailse, and this 40-something couple kept on leaving after every other song to get more beer, and people were coming and going like a porno movie... (ooooh, damn!) ANd one time, this silly girl tried to sneak past me while I was boogie-ing on down and got her ass CLOCKED with BOTH my hands on her head, and I damn near broke her glasses! Sorry for her, but lemme know if you're coming! Aaaaaaahahaha!
but thats my only complaints...

Peace - Chris

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