Beavis says : "Dillys rule, they RULE! They Kick ASS!"

Dilly. (dil-ly) n. Slang. One that is remarkable or extraordinary.

Quote of the Decade :
"ok....to get anywhere you really should get original stuff, i mean write your own stuff.....cause even though it works for many rap artists.....you usually don't become famous off of other peoples stuff "

The Dillys were a hard rock outfit consisting of two members that rocked the house in '96-'97.
We played all covers of 70's, 80's & 90's hard-rock, alternative, and classic rock.

Meet the Band:

Craig Bonham on Guitar (Electric *and* Acoustic), vocals

OB on the Drums/Percussion, vocals

...and that's it!

Sometimes, Chris Hoff was known to sit it on lead vocals, but he was never quite a permanent member of The Dillys. Rory Schmeling was handed the job to him in a nice, comfortable basket... but he didn't want it BAD enough. The infamous "Silky" even made an unscheduled vocal appearence once (whoa, twice!) We had a guest waiting-list in the works...

The Latest and Greatest Dillys News:
3/29/01: Sadly, OB's apartment was completely destroyed by fire on this day; unfortunately, all Dillys masters were lost in the fire. All live footage of the band not included on their CD is lost forever.

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The Dillys never did venture out of Craig's house for a gig.
Our demo tape was quite the hot item at the zoo, though. Glenda just loved it!

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