Side Projects

What has Craig been up to...

Craig sez, 4/30/99 :
"Check this out: those guys that I told you about last semester finally all got together this year and we jammed out about once a week for about 5 weeks, and we played the Little 500 annual optomtery party last Friday. It was hype! There were about 130 people there and they all totally got into it when we jammed. We played some good stuff, a good mix, so everybody enjoyed most songs. It was a blast. One chick from the class asked me if we would play her wedding reception. Next time we are going to get a PA becuase it was tough getting the vocals loud enough at times. But overall it went really well, and it was cool coming into class Monday with everybody complimenting me and the band... it was no Dillys concert, but still noteworthy!

The band name = DIRTY PUPILS...kind of a double entendre. We had to go with some ocular type name, but nothing too chees...okay kinda cheesy but damn we ain't superstars.......yet. One of the guys wives took some video, but it was dark out (and...umm our ....uhh lighting rig was broken...or something) so it isn't the best video I guess, but good memories. Some other guys took still pictures of us and the crowd (pretty large, maybe 125 or so)."

Craig sez, 2/6/98 :
"Hey that one dude from school brought his gear over. His gear consists of a Fender guitar (pretty nice), and kickin amp with an effects pedal board, and one of the hypest synth I have ever played. This synthesizer has all kinds of shit. MIDI, realistic drum sounds, and even some Run D.M.C.-esque scratch sounds. I put on the drums (which have numerous rocking beats) and jam on some Dillys grooves. I also fired up "Unskinny Bop" with the drums. I used to think that lick was hard, but I can rip it off pretty good now! Not to mention the guys playing skillz!!! Damn he is good!!! Too bad he doesn't live closer to Fort Wayne, he would make a nice addition to the Dillys, but then again he might (okay definatly would) make me look bad, so scrap that idea..."

Craig sez, 10/30/97 :
"Some dudes down here want to start a band. The one guy is a really good guitarist and another guy from Fort Wayne plays bass. I don't think there is any singer lined up, but I have experienced that feeling before. They said they want to get together and possibly whip something up to entertain at an optometry association party or gathering. It sounds feasible, but I don't know... I told them I am contractually obligated to The Dillys (TM), but I can gig here and there for a while without lawsuits. The dudes are into the same thing I am. Eighties!!!!! They love bands like: Kiss, Motley Crue, Tesla, Rush, Iron Maiden, Dokken, etc... Sound Familiar?!?!?!? I'll keep ya posted on that adventure."

Craig was last spotted trying to find spare time to become an Optometrist at Indiana University. Rumor has it that Craig is now deceased.

What has OB been up to...

OB sez, 2/15/99 :
"I rapped on Talk Soup!"

OB sez, 7/12/98 :
"Yet another side project has emerged from the depths of IRC and the midwest. Joe Jorgensen and I have formed a two-member, power- acoustic group called Chelsea Clinton and a Monkey. We'll get gigs just on the name alone. Our first jam sessions took place on August 7-9, 1998.

OB sez, 4/1/98 :
"Keep this on the down low, but I have decided to start my own band on the side, over here in PA. So far I'm the only member, but we have a cool band name, courtesy of Kirk Willingham. It's Huge Down Here and we're gonna be rockin' shit any day now... Look out! Our quiver includes a slew of original songs (still in the process of being completed) and a bevy of DMB and Pearl Jam covers. Behold."

OB sez, 9/30/97 :
"Check me out in D.C. on the weekend of 9/26-28, where I played bongos and sat in with Flipboy and Bobo at the first annual Bobofest. Setlist : DMB Covers - Warehouse, #41, Nancies, Jimi Thing, and a couple of Guster songs... 'til we got the boot from HoJo Management. The important thing, of course, is that we got it on TAPE (audio and video) !"

OB is now found and amazingly, employed. Trying not to get shit on - again - he's a primate keeper at the Philadelphia Zoo.

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