The Dillys would like to take this opportunity to thank all the little people. So, to those of you who have actually seen us play, or have just heard a tape, or who have just visited the webpage, or who have just been drowned by our own ramblings, we say THANKS. Thanks for lying your asses off and not making us feel too bad. We really appreciate it!

Props to: (In very particular order)
The Fort Wayne (IN) Police Department
Lou and Sandy Bonham
Dennis and Wendy Oberlin
Chris Hoff
Rory "Arell" Schmeling
Greg "Silky" Albersmeyer
Andy Riley
Stan Sarzynski
Susan Bollinger
Michelle Lemberg
Michelle McKinley
Jody Imel
Shari Shaw
Kelly Bonham
Virginia "Connie" and Russ Deam
Glenda "Luv the Demo" Lemberg
Josie Dillinger
Marian Powers
Dave Messmann
Kim Marsh
Ruthie Ruffing
Michael T. Dendinger
Jana "Chiquita" Farell
Stacy "Tatanka" Houser
Jen Ummel
Kristen Torres
Erin Price
Christina Walker
Robin "RobbieRoo" Will
Bryan "Dillys Rok Ass" Hall
Josh Stuckey
Jendy "Jendy" Barnes
Garrett "G-Funk" Wood
Andy "Dr. WormBro" Sprute
Mike Petrillo
Nate "Elihu" Spelich
Jen Maline
Gretchen Gardner
Laura Marie "Lamaja" Jansen
Tonda Webster
Mizue Arakaki
A Boy Named Jonathan
Carrie Flanagan
Jeff & Joe Oberlin
John, Heather, Heidi and Tayla
Lisa, Krystal, and Dustin
Tenkgu, Janji (RIP), Melati, Gus, Penny, LuLu, Fish, Fufunu, Lee, Maxine (RIP), Trey and Jessie
Your Name Here
Your Mom's Name Here

The Dillys are proud to endorse:
Sony Camcorders and Cassette Decks
Epiphone Guitars
Dunlop Picks
Ovation Guitars
Crate Amps
D.O.D. and Ibanez Pedals
Remo Drum Heads and Percussion
Sabian Cymbals
JVC Microphones

Wanna see your name in lights? Simple! Send us an e-mail and tell us how much we rock!

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