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December 13th, 2000
Dillys downloaded from Napster! Yes, you heard correct... sometime during the great month of October in the year 2000, an unknowing Napster associate wandered into the shared folders of Erin Price [yes, the same EP who produced the first pressing of The Dillys' self-titled compact disc] and decided to take a giant leap of a chance and download a copy of her MP3 file of The Dillys' rendition of Louie, Louie. Imagine their surprise. The Dillys could not be reached for comment as Craig is dead and OB is in Bermuda.

August 13th, 1999
New soundclips have been added from our debut album.

March 30th, 1999
The Dillys' album is released to massive critical shame, I mean acclaim!

March 22nd, 1999
The Dillys album is confirmed and will be released on 3/30/99! Don't be the last on your block to have one! Or two!

February 6th, 1999
The Dillys have decided to release a posthumous, self-titled album! It will include many tracks originally recorded for SegWay plus assorted B-sides. Mastering is finished and CD's should be available sometime in March or April. Stay tuned! Details are in the Dillys Discography section. Peace.

June 23rd, 1998
The Dillys have been on extended haitus for a little while now. Band members are busy at work on various side projects during the summer. We have just been informed that SegWay has been banned by the RAA (Recording Artists Association) for reasons unknown to us. All they said was "isn't that supposed to be a Bryan Adams song from the late '80s ?" We have our lawyer, Jackie Cochran (Johnny's little brother), on the case right now. With any luck, the EP will be cleared for major radio air-play by 2023. Until then, feel free to contact us for information on how to obtain a bootlegged copy.
Peace out, DillyHeads.

March 11th, 1998
The Dillys would just like to take a moment to dispell a couple rumors that have been circulating over the internet for some time now.
Craig is NOT dead.
OB does NOT have AIDS.
We are NOT really the original two members of the Backstreet Boys.

As always, you can e-mail us here at Dillys Headquarters for confirmation or complete, utter denial of any rumors you may have heard. Thank you, and have a nice day.

February 6th, 1998
The Dillys are having major contractual problems with the record label lately. Due to their inadequacies of dealing with such an in-demand band, we are unable as of yet to release SegWay, our forthcoming EP. It was sent to NY for the final mix session but is currently stalled. Creative control is a major issue that we are struggling with (as well as our own talent). It's all about clearance, baby.
If you ever get a chance to speak with a record executive, The Dillys suggest you end the conversation as soon as you hear the words "sign on the dotted line". Don't go away mad, just go away!

December 27th, 1997
The Dillys went into the studio for one recording session for the new EP, tentatively titled "Segway" and even got some assistance from Chris Hoff for a few vocal tracks. The finished product isn't quite ready, and we still need to cut a few songs again (yeah, yeah...we're perfectionists), so bear with us, ok? The surprise of the day was how well the new song Hurts So Good turned out (it was the first time we had a chance to practice it.) It made the final cut, as well as these choice selections : Summer of '69, Signs, Proud Mary, Back In Black, 867-5309/Jenny, and more! We're keeping the entire tracklist under wraps so you'll be pleasantly surprised when it is released. Be prepared for some funknasty jams!

November 26th, 1997
Dillypalooza came and went with more than a few bangs. The new stage setup proved to be a blessing, and *Silky* even made an encore performance to sing on a few of the new tunes. We broke out Summer of '69, Run To You, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Far Behind, Cult of Personality, Money For Nothing and more. Summer of '69 just may prove to be a staple, it sure sounds sweet after only a few times played!
Unfortunately for all you Dillys fans out there, some roadie bonehead who will remain nameless forgot to bring the recording equipment to the big show, so the event will go down in history, unrecorded! No one will ever again be able to witness the splendor that was Dillypalooza. We even got Craig's sister hooked on our unique, yet oh-so-addictive sound!
The Dillys are planning the release of a Christmas album (ok, it'll be a live tape of some of our newer and better tunes) and we'll be handing them out to a select few hardcore Dillys fans. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones! Check your stockings on Christmas day! (Not sold in stores.)
Have a fantabulous Dillys Holliday!
--The Dillys
(We would also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Jana, Stacy, and Jen and welcome them to The Dillys community.)

October 31st, 1997
From the home office in Ft. Wayne IN... The Dillys are busily working on separate ventures currently (see Dillys Side Projects), but plans for Dillypalooza '97 are in full effect for Thanksgiving Break. New songs to be smoothed out include "Money for Nothin'" by Dire Straights, "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" by Lenny Kravitz, and "What Would You Say" by Dave Matthews Band, among others from Living Colour, J. Geils Band, Candlebox and even Def Leppard. Watch out, 'cause The Dillys may even break out Puff The Magic Dragon, Dilly-style of course. Stay glued to the website for up to the minute details...

June 24th, 1997
The Dillys officially became a Rock and Roll band. We were told by The MAN to turn it down!
We were doin' our semi-regular-once-a-month jam session (with the window open 'cuz it's hot as all get out in the jam room) when all of a sudden... after a rousing rendition of Cold Gin, Craig looks out the window. Yeah, there's a cop outside, he says. Yeah right, I say, knowing full well the capabilities of Craig to pull a leg till it snaps. Turns out the MAN "just happened to be driving by" and heard us "over a block away." Then he mumbled something about a city noise ordinance or something, and something else about a $250 (compoundable after every offense) fine. Whatever, dude. ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE! FUCK YOU! But what we really said was closer to "yes sir, we'll turn it down." Then of course Craig's Mom proceded to lose her mind after we DID turn it down and she still thought it was way too loud. And I ask you : how do I turn down the drums?

May 18th, 1997
The Dillys ROCKED Craig's house in Ft. Wayne IN, following Craig's little unimportant open house or something... We jammed! We did some of our better tunes to a wild and crazy audience who were nicely tucked away between "The Room" and "The Stage." Although, a certain person who will remain nameless but who goes by the nickname RORY SCHMELING punked out on us and wouldn't grab the mic to sing! So we did the deed instrumental style... its all good. We have raised the # of people who have heard us play live to: 18 - Whooohooo!

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