Check it. We've got a CD available now!

New! This one-of-a-kind broken drum head has been autographed by Dilly members Craig and OB, honarary Dilly singer Chris Hoff, and our manager J Smoov. It says "Dilly's [sic] World Tour 1997". If you don't buy it, then someone else will probably not buy it. Order today! Only $149.99!

Note: sadly, this piece of historical memorabilia was lost in the fire.

We don't really have any other merchandise...
We do have a pretty damn cool logo

that we would be happy to draw on any shirts, hats, g-strings, pant legs, notebooks, backpacks, retainers, colostomy bags, hot water bottles, marker boards, belt buckles, or birkenstocks that you might want to send to us. Feel free! We only charge a standard fee of $19.99 (tax included) and we can do it in any color of your choice! (Well, it would have to be either red or black or blue.)

E-mail us for more info on where to send!

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