O-Yo Records presents...
In collaboration with EeePee Productions...
The Dillys' Long-Awaited Self-Titled Album!

The special-edition "posthumous" compact disc features 12 songs originally recorded
during the SegWay sessions, plus 8 previously unreleased rare B-sides and outtakes.


(From The Original SegWay Sessions, 12/22/97)
1) You Shook Me All Night Long -> Back In Black
2) Louie, Louie
3) Proud Mary* -> Down On The Corner*
4) Signs*
5) Summer Of '69*
6) Don't Tell Me -> 867-5309/Jenny*
7) KISS MegaMixx * [ Deuce -> I Still Love You -> Cold Gin ]
(Plus These Rare Outtakes and B-sides)
8) Brain Stew
9) Don't Tell Me [Original 12" Demo Freestyle Version]
10) Runnin' With The Devil
11) All Day And All Of The Night
12) Talk Dirty To Me
13) Proud Mary [Supa-Rorified Remix Edit]^
14) Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)^
15) Hurts So Good ~

* Featuring Chris Hoff on "vocals"
^ Featuring Rory Schmeling on vocals
~ Featuring Rory Schmeling and Greg "Silky" Albersmeyer on vocals

Released on 3/30/99, the album has now officially sold 50,018 copies! (ok, minus the 50,000)... which is good enough for #562 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Way to go, guys. Hey, check out what some of the fans have said about the album!

Total Running Time - 37:15 (36:31 on the second pressing)

All songs were perfomed by The Dillys and written by other people with real talent. Recording was done by OB at Craig's Crib in Fort Wayne, IN. Mastering was done by OB at The Half in Lewisburg, PA. Disc Production by Erin Price at EeePee Studios in Manhattan, IL & also Robin Will at Robbie-Roo Studios in Silverton, OR. E-mail me if ya want one! The price is $4.

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(There is one typo on the liner notes, can you spot it?)

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