B r a z i l : FOUR


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Welcome to Poco Das Antas Biological Reserve.

Here's Andy, setting a trap...

And the result? A temporarily unhappy monkey.

When I got "lost" for a few hours in the forest, I actually became temporarily stuck in the vegetation a couple times. Here is a view into-the-dense on one of those occasions.

After that 3-hour tour, my brand new white shirt ended up looking like I got squatted upon by an elephant with the runs.

So how did we get around? In the monkeybus and the monkeybug, of course...

This is the fire-hole at the house where we burned the trash.

And this is the well in the backyard where we got all of our fresh water.

The day I left on the trip, I shaved my face and my head. I was going for low-jungle maintenance (and rumor had it that the water pressure in the "shower" wasn't exactly stellar). This is what I looked like upon my return.

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