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OK, this is why I went. Bring on the monkeys.

Golden Lion Tamarin. All of the GLT photos here were taken at the Reintroduction Site, where they were quite happy to see you, because they know you brought them snacks. They didn't get quite that close in the reserve itself.

I'll give you a dollar if you can find the monkey. It's a common marmoset. They were also at the reintroduction site, and they were a little pissed at me as they wouldn't eat until I left. Monkey snobs.

Believe it or not, there is a monkey in each of the pictures above and below... they are brown (tufted) capuchin monkeys, Cebus apella. They are significantly larger than the marmosets and tamarins, and frankly a whole lot more interesting. This was the highlight of my trip... I also saw another larger troop of capuchins cross a road by tree-jumping. These two were playing hide and seek with me.

This turtle was found by the field guys on the first day... and they were all excited about it, so they took 7 pictures of it... with my camera... when I wasn't there... so I kept this photo.

This was a cool and decent-sized termite mound along the trail near the gate. I think it was unoccupied, but it was bigger than a basketball. There were actually 4 or 5 of them on that trail.

There were lots of birds around... black vultures, egrets, goatsuckers(?!), and these casiques... they build these really cool drooping nests in big colonies, and they might be hard to see in this tree, but they're the brown things.

This is a morpho butterfly, iridescent blue on one side of its wings, and owl-eye on the other when folded up (to scare off would-be eaters).

Here's a couple smaller butterflies doing the nasty.

Meet the enormous spider that I almost walked into face-first on the dreaded Day Five.

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