It's Big OB [Age 23-32]

Ah, the images of pure guilt...

My first officially-unofficial visit to campus, late July '97. We hung out for a whole one day and two nights, and basically went looking for a place to live. This photo wasn't my idea, but it turned out ok. (I'm not a big fan of the bison). Moms took the picture. I found an apartment about 3 blocks from that building (the gymnasium). The animal lab with all the primates is about a half mile to the left. I spent a significant amount of time there.

Yet another identification photo-op (August '97); oh, the glory of the BU ID. This is the longest my hair had been in awhile... and I actually kinda like this picture of me.

Here's me and my pops at the animal lab @ BU. My name is actually in the display case (5th from the top under Research Students) if you look closely enough... ooh, aah!

... and here's Dad and I the next day looking way too thrilled. Both pics are carbon-dated July '98 and taken by the mother.

Erin Price snapped this wicked b&w photo in Manassas, VA on 8/23/98. It's au naturale - dig it, I'm no poser!

Mike Petrillo took this the same weekend as the last pic. It's a little grainy but I include it here simply because I actually kind of like it. This is how I think I look, but it doesn't always happen like that.

Here's me and my bro at his big wedding in Texas (10/25/98). I still haven't figured out why I look like such a dork, but Jeff looks moronic because I ain't lying when I tell you he's standing on his tip-toes! What a freak. Truth is, he's only 5'3".

'Da Grad School Crew, Halloween '98. It only took 14 months for us to get in the same place at the same time for a photo. I look scary, don't I? Go Bucknell. Rah. Marci, Rebecca, Ruthie, Me, Janelle, Denise [Tragically, Marci died in a car accident July 2000].

The new fandango IN driver's license - my last in the Hoser state. Weird funky computer photo, not my best day. hehe. 8/99

Jendy, me and Laura Marie @ an Agents of Good Roots show in Ann Arbor, MI... 12/1/99. photo by ?

Blurry self-portrait, 12/99

The beloved Philly Zoo ID. Blurry because it's a photo of it, not a scan. Who cares. circa January 2000

My first PennDOT ID. By far the best driver's license photo ever taken of me. That is, if you can see past the watermarks. 2/00

oB pimp style in Nellie the Neon, April 2000. Courtesy of Erin Price.

This is my exit. Photo by Jen Maline, June 2000.

Yet another blurry self portrait, fall 2000.

Me at a Stargazer Lily show @ Dave & Buster's in Philly, 8/31/01. Photo by Jen, the merch mistress.

2003 Driver's License renewal... blurry because it's a picture, not a scan. The eye muscle "pull" is very evident, anyway. June 2003.

February 18, 2004. Self-jam-portrait, looking all intense and serious or something. The color tone is "infared", taken on the brand new digital camera, using the timer. Rock.

From the same set as the one above, this one is even more pensive. Groovy. Do not take these two pictures as evidence of me becoming more mature.

April 12, 2004 - right before I shaved for the first time in about 2 months. I just wanted to see what would happen. Self-snapped.

I was probably trying to look cool, or at least not look like a dork here - a picture taken at Desiree's insistence, I'm sure. Well, maybe not. Either way, apparently I'm sorry. Note the large softball scar on the knee. July 2004, by Desiree Haneman.

By Desiree again, at my first ever open mic performance. December 2004.

A goofy take during the Curry 60th Anniversary celebration of July 2005, by Steph, I think. More (different) softball carnage on my leg. That's my pops on the left, fast asleep.

Frankly, I can't believe it's been so long since I added a self-portrait, but here's another - and with facial hair, to boot. Just a goatee, for the hell of it. Unplanned. October 2005. Click on the pic for even more glorious goatee photos.

Me on the gee-tar, at my wedding, 9/30/06. Geoff Horowitz took the awesome photo.

Another beard, just because. Is that hairline receding? Hmmm. Self-snapped, March 2008.

Doug Hunt of the beloved Team Zoo softball team got this candid photo during a game in June of 2008. Righteously sweaty.

I'm on the right, Josh "Stook!" Stuckey is on the left - just before his October 2008 gig in New York City for the CMJ Festival. Sweetness! A professional photographer named Jenn Barnett took that one (documenting the trip Stook! and his record label-mates took from Minneapolis to NYC for the gig).

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