Beachy! June-July 2008

Here you will find a collection of pictures of me, Steph & mostly Tristan at the ol' beach during the summer of 2008. First, just a few from the June trip.

Tristan digging in the sand on the bay beach of Long Neck, DE. A happening scene.

Steph didn't know this picture was being taken.

Tristan heads out for some water. The tide is out and is lookin' kinda slimy.

Still looking for water, still looking slimy. And all those little black rocks? Not rocks. Thousands of little sea snails.

I was unable to catch Tristan not looking, so instead of a chill picture of him lounging in his little beach chair, I got this goofball grin. Still a good shot. :-)

Tried to get a good shot of a crab near the rocks... got a lot of partials! Check 'em. Crabs are cool.

In between our weekend in June and the longer vacation in July, Steph got Tristan a pair of goggles to wear in the water... and he tried them on. And looked really funny.

Then we went back for an extended stay in July...

Tristan tried to boogie board.

Then this big-ass ship sailed by.

What should I do now?

Run into the water!

Run out of the water!

Make mom watch me boogie board!

Steph's sexy arms are distracting me from Tristan failing miserably at boogie boarding.

Cape May ferry in full effect.

We tried to paddle ball, with minimal success.

Great form!

Even better form!

Best. Form. Ever.

Ummmm... can't use your hands, dude.

Nice serve!

Super sexy smile from Steph in my shades.

Tristan was all excited to wear these big flippers... took an hour to get from here to the water... then promptly took them off.

And asked to be buried!

And thoroughly enjoyed it.

What else do you do? You start digging.

And keep digging...