It's Baby OB [Age 0-16]

Ah, the images of pure innocence...

Lil' OB was born in Bryan, OH at 9:49 a.m. on June 28, 1974.

This is me at age 4 months. Funny how I would later try to find my youth by reverting back to this particular hairstyle.

Here I am at age 5 months with my best buddy, Teddy. (Still got 'im! Although he's missing his nose and an eye.) I remember that green couch, too. I used to make forts out of it. (Well, when I was a little older). I still had one of the pillows, though re-upholstered, up until the time of the fire.

OB turns one! My first birthday, my first birthday cake, but most definitely not my first mess! (Nor my last). Mmm mmm...

Wheeee! Nothin' like a bucket on your head to cause you to go into uncontrollable laughter. I don't know what the cause of this was... most likely a certain older brother who liked to play evil tricks on his helpless infant sibling. I just hope the bucket was empty! I'm not sure, but I think I was about 1 1/2 years old here.

Ok, that's IT. I'm never letting my mom cut my hair AGAIN! I was 2 years old.

Me and my main man Stu, Christmas 1977. I was three! As you can see, sometime just before this I got my first pair of glasses. Actually, I had corrective eye surgery when I was barely 4 years old. I had glasses from age 3 until 15! Then I finally got my beloved contacts. Whew.

Hmmm. I wasn't such a happy camper in this photo, eh? This was taken at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN when I was about 3 1/2 or 4. Apparently I was a bit cold and not too thrilled with having my picture taken.

Awww yeah. This is me and my mom, running like the wind in the Independence Run sponsored by the Kendalville IN YMCA in 1978. This was printed in the paper over the caption "Family Affair" - and my dad and bro also ran, and Jeff won his age division. I was just over 4.

Hmmm. To my knowledge, I had never seen a picture of me in this outfit until February of 2003 (taken around 1978)... perhaps I've completely repressed any memory of me ever wearing this dress. Courtesy of my cousin Tim, that's his sister Stacey in the middle, and our cousin Mike on the left end. No idea when and where, but I wish I still had those red shoes.

The first day of nursery school, and the start of a never-ending cycle of professional learning... (thank GOD it's over!!) I was 4 in this picture, also. Loved the socks. Hated that damn bush, it's got thorns!

Halloween '79. I'm Batman. With glasses.

You might not believe this, but these two pictures were taken 6 months apart and were not planned! I'm just uncanny like that. The one on the left was in spring of '81, first grade (6 years). I think it was the first time I ever rode my bike to school. The one on the right is the first day of second grade, fall '81 (7 years). Same bike, same backpack, same glasses, same teeth missing, same bush, NEW CAR! That bike rocked. Fenders, chain guard, MX in the house!

I have absolutely no comment on this one. Mid '83.

Halloween '83 - I won an award for this one! I painted it myself, even. Notice the Net Wt. on the box is my actual weight. Clever, clever, eh?

Me and my pops, chillin' in my new coat, fall '83.

Apparently, I am surprised at how fantastic my pinewood derby car is. I actually won my first heat with this car! Got a ribbon and everything! But I lost in the finals to the son of the Pack (3165) Leader. Hmmmm. Fall '83 again.

I don't know what the hell I was pouting about... look at all that shit I got! Christmas '83. 9 years old.

(L) I was a star cornerback/running back/tight end/wide receiver/bench warmer during my FOUR years in Flag Football. This was year one with the Cowboys in '84. We sucked.

(R) I was also a star pitcher/first baseman/right fielder/second baseman for Interiors for a few years, this one being age 10. We won the title that year!!

I think I didn't want my sister to take that picture. Or I thought I was being funny. I was 11 - I think.

(L) My first real job!! I had a paper route for about 2 years. I was even nominated for Carrier of the Year! Didn't get it, though. I was rollin' em like Cubans. 1986.

(R) And my first real PET! Nibbles! I got him for Christmas, and he was a good pig. This was sometime in '86, too - I was 12.

Um... I really wish I knew what I was thinking when I put this ensemble on that morning. Fortunately, we were in Canada at the time (somewhere near Niagra or Toronto) and the Canucks up there dressed in similar idiotic fashion.

Me and my couzin Mike, 1989 - just before I got my contact lenses for the first time (notice me holding the glasses out of the picture) and right after one of my first really short haircuts. Whatup with that shirt, man? I was at my Grandma's at the time.

My dorky-ass celebrates his 16th birthday, with a card that was made to look like a license plate - but I didn't get a damn car!!!

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