Team Zoo 2007 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

The Statistics

These are final team statistics through July 17, 2007 (13 games played).
For individual team member stats, go to the players page.

Team Totals :

314 .585 263 24 21 6 341 .635
2 126
4/22/07 @ Art _
_ loses _ _ _ by _ for-
_ _ L, 0-1
5/1/07 vs Franklin 1
22 .550 18 3 1 0 25 .625
0 10 L, 0-2
5/8/07 @ NCC 1
25 .568 22 1 2 0 26 .591
0 13 L, 0-3
5/15/07 vs Bish 1
22 .611 21 1 0 0 23 .639
0 12 L, 0-4
5/22/07 vs SPTR 1
28 .609 23 3 1 1 31 .674
0 10 L, 0-5
5/29/07 @ ANS 1
47 .746 39 3 3 2 48 .762
0 18 W, 1-5
6/5/07 @ Bish 1
11 .393 11 0 0 0 12 .429
0 3 L, 1-6
6/18/07 vs NCC 1
24 .585 16 3 5 0 28 .683
1 7 W, 2-6
6/26/07 @ Franklin 1
18 .514 16 0 2 0 19 .543
0 8 L, 2-7
6/27/07 vs Art 1
20 .556 15 3 2 0 24 .667
1 8 W, 3-7
7/2/07 vs P&P 1
23 .535 20 2 1 0 25 .581
0 12 L, 3-8
7/9/07 @ P&P 1
20 .556 15 2 3 0 20 .556
0 6 W, 4-8
7/10/07 vs ANS 1
32 .681 27 3 1 1 36 .766
0 10 W, 5-8
7/17/07 @ SPTR 1
22 .524 20 0 0 2 24 .571
0 9 L, 5-9

Team Per Game Averages and Single Game Extremes :

Per Game
Team Game High
Team Game Low
Runs For
29 ~ 5/29/07
6 ~ 6/5/07 & 6/26/07
Runs Against
27 ~ 5/22/07
3 ~ 7/9/07
At Bats
63 ~ 5/29/07
28 ~ 6/5/07
47 ~ 5/29/07
11 ~ 6/5/07
Batting Average
.746 ~ 5/29/07
.393 ~ 6/5/07
39 ~ 5/29/07
11 ~ 6/5/07
3 ~ 6 games
0 ~ 3 games
5 ~ 6/18/07
0 ~ 3 games
Home Runs
2 ~ 5/29/07 & 7/17/07
0 ~ 7 games
On Base
48 ~ 5/29/07
12 ~ 6/5/07
On Base %
.766 ~ 7/10/07
.429 ~ 6/5/07
5 ~ 5/29/07
0 ~ 4 games
1 ~ 6/18/07 & 6/27/07
0 ~ 11 games
Left On Base
18 ~ 5/29/07
3 ~ 6/5/07

Team Zoo Fun Facts:

Team Zoo turned five double plays:
[1] In the 6th inning of game 6 @ Bishop's Collar, pitcher Ken Pelletier caught a hard line drive and rifled back to Chris Law at first who raced back to the bag to double-up their fast lead-off batter, who had begun to make his way to 2nd base and then tried like hell to get back. He didn't make it.
[2] Doug Hunt (SS), Amy Ivins (2nd) and Chris Law (1st) executed a beautiful, textbook 6-4-3 double play in the 2nd inning of game 8 @ Franklin.
[3] Left fielder Chris Oberlin caught a shallow liner in left and rifled to Chris Law at 1st, who reached a bit for the throw but pulled it in, to double-up a runner who was way off the bag in game 9 vs Art Musuem.
[4] Andrew Mehalick at 3rd base single-handedly turned a double play in game 11 vs P&P by catching a line drive and tagging up a baserunner who'd left the bag.
[5] Todd Sinander turned our last double play of the season in game 12 vs Academy by catching a fly in left-center and forcing out a lowly runner at 2nd base who didn't tag up in the 3rd inning, with a nice catch by Bridget Haines at 2nd.
We had perhaps one of our best ever displays of team-defense in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar. We caught almost every pop fly, grabbed a few tough line drives, we got several close force plays at 1st, turned a double play and were a couple of steps away from a couple more, and even had four 1-2-3 innings. Our 5th best-ever runs allowed total.
Our actual-best team-defense performance ever (in runs allowed) occurred in game 11 vs P&P where we gave up only 3 runs (1 run per inning and 4 shut-out innings) and turned one double play, with only 3 in the outfield!
Chris Oberlin got a force out at 2nd on a shallow single to center field in game 1 vs Franklin.
Todd Sinander caught a couple of hard liners in left field in game 1 vs Franklin.
Chris Oberlin made 2 more force outs on slow runners at 2nd base from center field in the 1st inning of game 2 @ NCC.
Third baseman Andrew Mehalick caught two wicked line drives in his Team Zoo debut on the hot corner in game 3 vs Bishop's Collar.
Todd Sinander made two great throws to gun baserunners down at 3rd base from left-center in game 4 vs SPTR - with tags by Bridget Haines in the 2nd inning and Andrew Mehalick in the 4th.
Catcher Tara Brody (with reflexes like a cat, a Big Cat) caught a quick foul pop right over her head about 2 seconds after it was hit, for a sweet play in the 5th of game 5 @ Academy
In the 6th inning of game 5 @ Academy, first baseman Chris Law tracked down a single in shallow right and rifled to Andrew Mehalick covering 2nd, who tagged out the runner trying to stretch a single into a double.
Todd Sinander fielded a solid base hit in left field and threw to Andrew Mehalick at short, who quick-turned and threw to Bridget Haines at 3rd, who tagged out an Academy baserunner trying to advance. Gotcha! Game 5.
In center field, Chris Oberlin made a super sweet catch to end the game (5, @ Academy) by catching up to a fly ball hit over his head and catching it over his shoulder facing away from the infield, slightly snowconed. Hell yeah, I caught that fucker.
Chris Law made several nice stretches/dives while holding the bag at 1st in game 5 @ Academy (though some were called safe).
Chris Law continues to impress in his first full season as the regular 1st baseman, with many more super-stretches to get outs in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar. Two in particular also had great pick-ups & throws from our infielders - in inning 3 from Andrew Mehalick at 3rd and inning 5 from short stop Doug Hunt.
If the baserunners going to 1st were just a step or two slower, Amy Ivins and Bridget Haines (both at 2nd base, in different innings) probably would have turned double plays (from Andrew Mehalick and Doug Hunt) in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar.
Todd Sinander made a great hard-running catch in left-center field in the 4th inning of game 6 @ BC.
Short stop Doug Hunt made a sweet stabbing catch on a low, hard liner in the 3rd of game 6 @ BC.
Amy Ivins at 2nd base made a sweet back handed grab on a tough grounder and swung around with a great throw to get the runner out at 1st in inning 3 of game 7 vs NCC.
The 4th inning of game 7 vs NCC saw many great plays: Chris Law at 1st stretched for a throw and hit the dirt but his foot left the bag - he calmly reached back with his foot while holding on to the ball (still lying on the ground) and tapped the base before the runner made it; Pitcher Ken Pelletier fielded a grounder to the mound and caught a runner on 2nd leaning towards 3rd, so he chased her down and got the tag at 3rd with a great throw and tag by Andrew Mehalick and nailed the lead runner; Andrew almost had another great play on a throw from the outfield towards home that he cut short and tried to get the batter out at 2nd, but he was just a hair late.
Pitcher Ken Pelletier made all 3 outs in the 5th inning of game 7 vs NCC, including a put-out at 1st and 2 catches, one of which took a full-out sprint to catch up to, in between the mound and the plate.
Andrew Mehalick (3rd), Doug Hunt (SS) & Amy Ivins (2nd) all made pretty awesome catches in game 9 vs Art Musuem; Andrew's was made backpeddling, stretching and jumping, Doug's on a wicked liner that he needed every inch of his glove to reach and Amy's on another hard liner to end the game.
Catcher Kristen Lewis (finally!) made a great catch behind the plate in game 9 vs Art Museum, but quite unfortunately was wiped out because there was no backstop on our field and they had waved off one of our outs in similar fashion earlier. Kristen would have totally made that play if there WAS a backstop, though.
Ken Pelletier (P) and Joe Stevenson (3B) combined on a superbly awesome force out in the 4th inning of game 10 @ P&P - Ken tracked down a tough dribbler between the mound and 3rd and had some trouble gloving it, but managed to grab it in time to flip it quite sharply - backwards - to Joe at 3rd, who had just gotten to the bag. Joe caught it cleanly and just in time to get the out.
Andrew Mehalick set the tone right out of the gate in game 11 vs P&P (which would end up as our best-ever fewest runs allowed) by catching a smokin' hot line drive at 3rd base on the first play of the game.
Chris Oberlin in left field made a force out at 3rd on a single (and a slow runner from 2nd) in the 1st inning of game 12 vs Academy.
Andrew Mehalick (3rd) and Ryan Hodge (C) had a short, successful run-down on the 3rd base line to catch a runner trying to advance in the 2nd inning of game 12 vs Academy.
Andrew Mehalick made a couple of very nice catches in a slightly unusual stint for him in the outfield; he also made one hell of a throw from center to 3rd (with a sweet tag from Bridget Haines at the bag, on the videotape!) to gun down a base runner trying to advance (in the 3rd inning) in game 13 @ SPTR.
Amy Ivins at 2nd and Chris Law from 1st base had a great run-down to catch a baserunner from SPTR in game 13 (1st inning) after she thought a throw to first had gotten far past Chris - after he retreived it, he got it to Amy way before the runner did. Amy got it back to Chris and he ended up making the tag as it "looked" like he was pushing the runner down to the ground (it's all on videotape). He did try to help her up, though, and she was also definitely stumbling before Chris got to her.
Chris Oberlin made a sweet throw to home plate (no hop!) to try and throw out a runner advancing from 2nd base, on a single to left; Ryan Hodge at the plate made a fantastic catch but the runner didn't slide and was called safe (5th inning, game 13 @ SPTR). It was not on the videotape.
More than several home runs got over and by left fielder Chris Oberlin in game 4 vs SPTR.
Chris Oberlin in left field during game 10 @ P&P (3rd or 4th inning) actually hit the same baserunner with the BALL while he was running the bases, on two different plays. Once on the intitial hit at 2nd base when he overthrew Amy Ivins and plunked the runner on the arm (if the throw was down, he was totally out) and a play or two later as the guy was trying to score, Chris hit him again in the leg while he was crossing the plate (unintentionally both times, he swears).
We held teams scoreless in 33 innings out of 87 in the field (at least 6 of those were 1-2-3 innings; 4 in game 6 alone!)
We gave up more than 4 runs in any given inning only 10 times.
Our worst defensive inning was a 11-run lapse (that happened twice, in the same game - the last one - game 13 @ SPTR).
Pitcher Ken Pelletier had 6 strikeouts.
Pitcher Doug Hunt had 3 strikeouts (all in game 5 @ Academy)

Eight of 9 players in game 1 vs Franklin had either an RBI or run scored and at least 1 hit (and 7 players had at least 2 hits).
All 9 players had an RBI or run scored and at least 1 hit (and 8 had at least 2) in game 2 @ NCC; 7 different players had RBI.
In game 3 vs Bishop's Collar, all 9 players again had an RBI or run scored and at least 1 hit (and 8 had at least 2 hits); 7 different players contributed RBI.
All 11 players in game 4 vs SPTR hit safely and had either an RBI or run scored; 8 different players had RBI and another set of 8 players all scored runs.
Game 5 @ Academy goes down in the history books: all 10 players had at least 3 hits; everybody had at least an RBI or a run scored - all except one had an RBI, all except (a different) one had a run scored... season highs in every team statistical category, a grand slam, at least 2 runs scored in every inning, second highest total runs in team history, four players had 6 hits each; it was a massacre.
All ten players had at least one hit in our game 7 victory vs NCC, and 9 of 10 had at least one RBI or run scored.
All eleven TZers who played in the field in game 8 @ Franklin tallied at least one hit; only extra-hitter, former Team Zoo'er and passerby Sal DiStefano did not hit safely (0-for-2).
Nine of 10 players in game 9 vs Art Museum hit safely and produced either an RBI or run scored.
Ten of 11 batters hit safely and all 11 had either an RBI or run scored in game 10 @ P&P.
Eleven out of 12 batters in game 12 vs Academy had at LEAST 2 hits (7 of them had at least 3), 10 of 12 batters had at least 1 RBI & 11 of 12 scored at least one run.
All 9 players in game 13 @ SPTR hit safely at least once and everyone had either an RBI or run scored.
Our best offensive inning saw us score 11 runs (7 with 2 outs!) on 13 hits from 16 batters in the 2nd inning of game 12 vs Academy.
We followed our best offensive game in a long time with our worst one in a long time; game 6 @ Bishop's Collar saw us only have 11 total hits, no extra-base hits (only the second time in our league history), being shut out 5 innings and only 2 players having multiple hits (Ken Pelletier with 2 and Doug Hunt went 3-for-3; the other 10 players had 6 hits total).
Chris Law hit the game-winning RBI in game 5 @ Academy with a 2-run double in the 4th inning that scored Chris Oberlin with our eventual winning run.
Todd Sinander had the game-winning RBI in the 3rd inning of game 7 vs NCC with a run-scoring single, bringing in Chris Oberlin with the eventual winning run.
Amy Ivins's double over the left-fielder's head (with 2 outs, no less) in the 5th inning of game 9 vs Art Musuem was the game-winning RBI, scoring Ryan Hodge with the eventual winning run.
Joe Stevenson had the game-winning RBI in game 11 vs P&P with a 2-run double in the 4th inning, plating Andrew Mehalick with our eventual winning run.
Doug Hunt had the game-winning RBI (a triple), scoring Chris Oberlin with our winning run (in the 2nd inning) in game 12 vs Academy.
Chris Oberlin and Todd Sinander (in the 2&3 slots) combined to go 9-for-9 with 6 singles, a double, a triple, a home run and a sacrifice, while batting in 6 runs and scoring 5, all in game 4 vs SPTR.
The top 4 batters in game 7 vs NCC (Hunt/Oberlin/Sinander/Pelletier) combined to go 13-for-17 with 5 singles, 3 doubles, 5 triples and a sacrifice while knocking in 14 runs and scoring 10.
Doug Hunt, Andrew Mehalick & Ken Pelletier (game 11 vs P&P) combined to go 11-for-12 with 8 singles, 1 double & 2 triples, 7 RBI & 9 runs scored (of the team's 13).
Team Zoo scored 12 of our 17 runs in the game 7 victory over NCC with 2 outs!
Chris Oberlin's home run in game 5 @ Academy was a grand slam and his second home run in as many games. He also hit for the cycle (3 singles, double, triple, home run) and racked up 7 RBI and scored 5 runs.
Chris Law scored the go-ahead run (off an Amy Ivins single) in the last inning of our eventual 1-run loss to Bishop's Collar in game 6 with a very close play at the plate; Chris slid hard into the dirt and was barely under the tag.
Chris Oberlin had his 2nd grand slam of the year in the last inning of the last game (13, @ SPTR), which was also his 2nd HR in as many games.
Ken Pelletier's 3-run homer in game 13 @ SPTR was so huge that he hit it into the adjacent field's INFIELD and very, very slowly trotted home.
We left more base runners on base in 7 of 13 games this season (at least 10 every time) than we did in ANY game all of last season (team high was 9) - including game 5 @ Academy (18 total LOB) where we left the bases loaded in FIVE of 7 innings(!) and 3 games where we left the bases loaded twice, each (games 2,3,10). We did much better in later games; we only left 3 on base in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar but that's because we only had 11 hits the whole game.
Team Zoo was held scoreless in 34 innings out of 87 at the plate.
We hit into 5 double plays.
We batted into eleven 3-up/3-down innings (and one of those was aided by an automatic out in game 3; three of them were in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar).
Only Ryan Hodge AND Andrew Mehalick strucK out (once each).

[Team Zoo Brings It]
It took us a while to bring it, but we brought it strong in game 5 @ Academy. A slow start (again) and we were actually down 5-3 after the 1st. Then the floodgates opened, we shut them down defensively for 4 straight innings and we racked up 26 runs the rest of the way, up 29-7 at one point, while giving up only 9 (including 7 in the last inning (5 more than should have happened) and most of those with two outs). Solid defense, unbelievable offense. We done brung it. We even started this game with 8 players, eventually got 9 and then 10 and ended with 9 again.
We started game 7 vs NCC off right with a 2-run lead after one that we never relinquished; we racked up 10 runs total in the 2nd & 3rd with back-to-back 5-run innings and played solid defense to take a 12-3 lead after 3 before cooling off a bit offensively and defensively for the final 17-10 score (ten players all game).
A slow start didn't hold us back for long as we reversed a 1-5 deficit into a 7-5 lead with a 6-run, 10-batter (top-to-bottom) 3rd inning in game 9 vs Art Museum. We held them to a measley 2 runs in the final 5 frames (4 shutout innings, starting with a 1-2-3 inning in the 3rd) while getting the go-ahead run in the 5th to preserve the lead and adding 3 insurance runs in our last at-bat to go up 11-7, not needing the bottom of the 7th.
After 4 tight innings (and a 4-2 lead), we broke open game 11 vs P&P with a 4-run 5th and 5-run 6th, all the while playing our best team defense in the history of our team - allowing only 3 runs scattered in one-run increments over 7 frames with 4 shut-out innings in our 13-3 win. We also only played with 3 in the outfield and our starting catcher played in her first game for us and her first softball game in quite some time. We even turned one double play and recorded two strikeouts!
We started off hot (fresh off our 13-3 victory the previous week) in game 12 vs Academy and after giving up 2 in the top of the first, ran off a 4-run 1st inning and an 11-run 2nd inning to squelch any momentum in the opposing team; solid team defense guided the rest of the game as we won 20-6.

[Things That Could Have Been...]
We did not start a game with more than 9 players in the field until game 6 @ Bishop's Collar (started with 11 and eventually had 12 for the first time) and first played with a full team [11 players, eventually] in game 4 vs SPTR.
We started & ended game 1 vs Franklin with 8 players (but played with 9 for 5 1/2 innings).
We never led game 2 @ NCC but it was close and tied at the end of 2, 3 and 5 innings; we had the tying run at the plate in the last at-bat and couldn't pull it off (9 players all game long).
We started game 3 vs Bishop's Collar with 8 players and only 1 girl, taking an automatic out at the beginning of the batting order for the entire game (we played with 9 players in the field from the 3rd inning on) and still were within striking distance the last 3 innings. The automatic out ended one inning, and stifled 2 different innings that started with 5-straight singles (while getting 2 runs) and aided us in leaving the bases loaded both times (after having the bases loaded with no outs). We gave up 8 runs in the first 2 innings but held them to only 5 runs in the final 5 innings (including 3 shutouts).
In game 4 vs SPTR we gave up huge runs (17 after 3) but were racking up solid runs of our own (12 after 3) to keep up, but then lost our groove and stumbled through the last 4 innings, scoring 2 runs (all the while continuing to give up 10 more runs) - we got our 10th player midway through the 1st inning and #11 after 3.
Following a great offensive game with a fantastic defensive game, we couldn't quite muster enough runs to pull of the victory in game 6 @ Bishop's Collar. We were down 0-4 after 3 innings, got a couple runs of our own but our defense kept us in the game, down 2-5 after 6, shutting them down in 4 of the first 6 innings with 3-up/3-down awesomeness every time. We miraculously pulled off 4 runs in the top of the 7th (including the last one with 2 outs) to take our first lead of the game. They got 2 runs in the bottom of the last inning to earn the victory, including the last run with 2 outs.
It was a tale of two cities in game 8 @ Franklin. Thirteen hits in the first 3 innings; 5 runs. Only 5 hits the final 4 frames; 1 run. A great start (4 runs scored in the first). A bad end (4 runs given up in their last at-bat). Somewhere in the middle it wasn't that poor of a game, it was 4-4 after 2, we were only down 7-5 after 3 and 10-5 after 5. We were perhaps a little outgunned, with two of our most productive hitters playing a total of 3 innings. Either way, we lost 14-6. And Sal went 0-for-2.
We had 11 people to start game 10 @ P&P, they were up 3-1 after 2 innings and things were looking OK. Somehow we managed to string together 10 straight hits after a lead-off out (8 singles, double & triple) and put 15 batters to the plate with 12 total hits and scored nine runs (and even left the bases loaded) in the top of the 3rd inning and all was right with the world and our 10-3 lead. Then, the Keystone Cops took the field (that'd be us). We pretty much Laurel & Hardy'd up the whole show - by the time the damage was well past done, they were up 17-10 following 2 seven-run innings. After our 9-run outburst, we couldn't muster up even one more run, though we had the bases loaded with one out in the following inning - and they finished us up 21-10 after scoring 18 unanswered runs. Yeah.
We started off nicely in game 13 @ SPTR, getting 3 runs in the top half of the 1st on 5 hits. Unfortunately, we played with 3 in the outfield and they were really hitting those gaps. So good that they nailed us for 11 runs in the bottom of the 1st. Yeah. Our worst inning of the year. We came right back with a few more of our own and then shut them down, so it was only 11-6 after 2. We then proceded to get skunked four straight innings. We held pretty well, only allowing 4 runs the next 3 innings, so it was 15-6 going into the 6th. Then they bookended their box score with another 11-run inning (thus tying for our worst inning this year). We rallied for 5 runs in our last at-bat to equal their first inning total and lost 26-11.

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