Team Zoo 2007 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

The Photos

Team Zoo 2007! Photo by Stephanie Oberlin

front, L-R: Andrew Mehalick, Amy Ivins, Erin Henry, Bridget Haines, Doug Hunt, Ken Dejewski
back, L-R: Chris Law, Ryan Hodge, Chris Oberlin, Ken Pelletier, Todd Sinander, Joe Stevenson
Not pictured : Tara Brody


I got video of most of the 7/17/07 game @ South Philly Tap Room, but snapped a few at-bat pics after I ran out of tape...

Amy is positively giddy about another foul ball.

Bridget looks almost thrilled to be hitting with one arm. And getting a base hit.

You can't really tell, but Chris Law is very happy he's about to get a single.

Ryan looks downright constipated waiting for this pitch.

Did I say constipated? I actually meant positively incontinent. And he missed by a mile.

That's ok, though. He got a single on this pitch... still looking like he can't control his bowels. But I was up next and knocked in Amy, Ryan and Bridget with a grand slam. Yeah.


Andrew Mehalick took the following wonderfully crafted photographs of the 6/5/07 game @ Bishop's Collar:

Ken P with the pitch, Chris L at 1st...

Ken P after the track-down, post-throw to Chris L at first (with the gather and the out!)

Ken P with another pitch a couple batters later (with BC's Spence on 1st).

Amy at 2nd with Bridget's head at 3rd.

More of Bridget this time, but Amy's still wholly at 2nd.

Bridget continues to avoid the lens, this time while Ken makes yet another force at 1st.

Amy checkin' out Chris O's soon-to-be catch. Check out the ball, too.

Close up. Nice skinny legs, dude.

Doug at short, blurrily workin' hard.

One out. Says Doug. Ken D in right field.

Chris O and Todd coming together again in the outfield. Todd's going for the grab, but they both ended up missing the ball.

Upon closer inspection, they still both miss it.

Ryan was totally backing them up in right field.

Zooming in for a better look at his new summery hairdo.


Some great photos of our game vs South Philly Tap Room on 5/22/07, taken by Bridget Haines and Amy Ivins:

The Outfield : Play Deep. L-R, Chris O, Todd, Joe, Ken D (at short)

The Infield : get dirty. L-R, Andrew, Ken D, Amy, Chris L, Ken P, Ryan (in right field).

Ken P with the windup...

Musta been a foul ball, because here comes another pitch... Chris L at 1st.

Base hit to left, Chris O corrals it...

Let's 'er rip...

On it's way to Ken D...

Zoom out.

OK, zoom back in.

Short stop Ken D wheels to throw...

to Bridget at 2nd? Well, that IS Bridget at 2nd, trying to get a tag on a SPTR baserunner.

And Andrew racing to the bag for a force at 3rd.

And Todd looking excited. And blurry.

Todd comes to life!

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