Team Zoo 2004 - Philadelphia Zoo Softball

The Philadelphia Zoo softball team is comprised of Zoo staff, family and friends. We have representatives from the animal department, education, animal health, maintenance - keepers, vets, engineers and educators. We're a mix of colleagues, co-workers & friends who get together for physical activity, comaraderie and a little spirited competition. We joined the Center City Softball Leauge in 2001 when a spot opened up. It meant better competition, a guaranteed field to play on (something we used to struggle with), and a game every week for 3 months straight. It's supposed to be recreational and fun, but some folks get a little worked up - it's definitely fun but the competition can get a bit intense sometiemes. Prior to joining, Team Zoo played other intitutions and companies who fielded recreational teams (play was casual at best). We practice and play on Edgely and Dairy Fields in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, PA - just a few short miles from the zoo.

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