2004 Philadelphia Zoo Softball Statistical Team Leaders

Statistical Team Leaders

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These are individual team-leading statistic totals through July 26, 2004 (twelve games) :

Team Member Category Statistic
Amy Ivins, Chris Oberlin GP 12
Amy Ivins, Chris Oberlin GS 12
Amy Ivins, Chris Oberlin AB 50
Chris Oberlin H 35
Ken Pelletier AVG .750
Chris Oberlin 1B 24
Greg O'Neill 2B 7
Ken Pelletier 3B 4
Chris Oberlin HR 6
Ken Pelletier RBI 22
Greg O'Neill, Chris Oberlin RS 20
Chris Oberlin OB 35
Ken Pelletier OB% .778
Amy Ivins, Chris Law SAC 2
Donna Ialeggio Pelletier K 1

Here are Team Zoo individual single-game team-highs:

Team Member Category Statistic Game
8 tied AB 7 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Amy Ivins, Ken Pelletier H 7 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Amy Ivins 1B 7 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Greg O'Neill 2B 3 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Ken Pelletier 3B 2 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Chris Oberlin HR 2 7/26/04 vs. DN
Ken Pelletier RBI 8 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
4 tied RS 6 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Amy Ivins, Ken Pelletier OB 7 6/29/04 vs. Franklin
Chris Law SAC 2 6/29/04 vs. Franklin

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