1st Day of Kindergarten! September 2007

Just a quick lil' photo group of Tristan starting kindergarten. He was super psyched. The school is only a few blocks away, so it's a nice little walk. The first real day was luckily on a Friday, so we all could go together.

This is actually on the first "orientation" day of school, where Steph got to go in class with him for an hour and then they let the kids out an hour later... so not really an official full day, and I wasn't there (Steph took this cute photo in our front yard, before I cut it) - so it doesn't count. And that is the biggest, fakest smile ever.

Here we go, off to school! You may notice that his Power Rangers backpack is hanging extremely low on his body...

Front-view action. Steph is thrilled.

Hillcrest in the house!! We have to follow the school district dress code, which is kinda silly, but whatever. He looks cute in a polo and khaki shorts. And Power Rangers matching lunch box.

Standing in line with classmates before entering school... I just happened to catch a grimacy face; I don't think it's that he didn't want his picture taken. But you'll now notice that the backpack is sitting much higher up, near his shoulders. Steph was complaining about it being so low, so I said "did you tighten the straps?" and she looked at me slightly befuddled... and then she figured out that you can shorten the loops by about a foot each on both sides, and she did that right before that last photo was taken. :-)

Here's just another version of the standing in line shot... slightly zoomed out, with a few more kids and lots more parents. They're so cute when they're little.