Team Zoo 2015 Team Statisticals


Final 2015 Team Statistic Totals (14 games).
For individual team member stats, check out the roster.

Team Totals :

244 .467 220 11 7 6 .550 282 .540
4/14/15 @ Art*
24 .533 21 2 1 0 .622 25 .556
L, 0-1
4/21/15 @ Cat
5 .200 5 0 0 0 .200 10 .400
L, 0-2
4/28/15 vs SPN
18 .474 13 1 0 4 .816 23 .605
L, 0-3
5/5/15 vs SPTR
8 .286 7 1 0 0 .321 10 .357
L, 0-4
5/12/15 vs P&P*
22 .537 19 2 1 0 .634 22 .537
W, 1-4
5/19/15 @ NCC
26 .565 23 1 1 1 .696 30 .652
W, 2-4
6/8/15 vs FI
24 .545 22 0 2 0 .636 25 .568
L, 2-5
6/15/15 @ SPTR
8 .276 8 0 0 0 .276 10 .345
L, 2-6
6/22/15 @ THB
21 .525 20 0 1 0 .575 25 .625
W, 3-6
6/29/15 vs Cat
19 .487 19 0 0 0 .487 20 .513
L, 3-7
7/6/15 vs Art
16 .444 14 2 0 0 .500 19 .528
L, 3-8
7/9/15 @ BC
19 .514 19 0 0 0 .514 25 .676
L, 3-9
7/14/15 @ SPN
17 .472 14 2 0 1 .611 19 .528
L, 3-10
7/20/15 @ FI*
17 .447 16 0 1 0 .500 19 .500
L, 3-11
* denotes an 8-inning game
* denotes a game completed on 7/6/15 after suspension due to darkness
* denotes a 1st round playoff game

Team Per Game Averages & Single Game Extremes :

Runs For
16 - 5/12/15 vs P&P
0 - 6/15/15 @ SPTR
Runs Against
17 - 4/14/15 vs Art
7 - 6/15/15 @ SPTR
At Bats
46 - 5/19/15 @ NCC
25 - 4/21/15 @ Cat
26 - 5/12/15 vs P&P
5 - 4/21/15 @ Cat
Batting Average
.565 - 5/19/15 @ NCC
.200 - 4/21/15 @ Cat
23 - 5/19/15 @ NCC
5 - 4/21/15 @ Cat
2 - 4 games
0 - 7 games
2 - 6/8/15 vs FI
0 - 8 games
Home Runs
4 - 4/28/15 vs SPN
0 - 11 games
Slugging %
.816 - 4/28/15 vs SPN
.200 - 4/21/15 @ Cat
On Base
30 - 5/19/15 @ NCC
10 - 3 games
On Base %
.652 - 5/19/15 @ NCC
.345 - 6/15/15 @ SPTR
2 - 5/12/15 & 7/9/15
0 - 8 games
1 - 5 games
0 - 9 games
Left On Base
13 - 4/14/15 @ Art
3 - 4/21/15 @ Cat

Team Zoo Fun Facts:

Team Zoo has turned 4 double plays:
[1] AK at 1st snagged a wicked grounder close to the bag, tagged out a confused baserunner and stepped on the base just in time for a sweet, double-play selfie in game 2 @ Catahoula.
[2] Mac caught a line drive at short in game 5 vs P&P and doubled-up a slightly clueless base runner at 2nd with a toss to Kati The Day-Saver.
[3] Mac ranged back to snag a looped liner behind 2nd base and tossed to John covering the bag to double-up a long-gone runner in game 7 vs Franklin.
[4] Josh made a nice catch on a fairly deep fly ball in left and threw a shot to Mac covering third to nail a runner trying to tag-up against Catahoula in game 10. Nuh-uh!

Josh gave up his body once again to start off the year in game 1 @ Art, diving full-out for a spectacular catch on a short fly ball. He also ran full speed to catch up to a couple other long outs.
Day-saver Charles made one hell of a snag on a laser line drive to 1st @ Art in game 1.
Game 2 @ Cat saw some great catches in the outfield, including Charles' knee-slider, a couple runners from Chris O & Mark, and 2 JUST-misses on diving catches, both from Mark.
Amy made a couple of sweet snags at 2B in game 2, both resulting in close forces @ 2nd with John covering, the 2nd of which was particularly awesome.
Mark had another fairly amazing diving catch on a short fly ball and Chris O made a snowconed shoestring catch on a similarly short fly ball. All in game 4 vs Tap Room.
Chuck made a sweet sliding catch in right field in game 5 vs P&P which also saw a nice over-the-head catch from Mark in left, a force at 2nd base from Chris O in left-center and some sweet outs at the hot corner from Joe.
John made a sweet, backpedaling, sno-cone of a catch at short, Chris O got a bang-bang force out at 2nd base from left field and Mac made some snappy spin-moves for force outs at 3rd base, plus the entire infield (+Amy, AK & Kyle) all raked in the outs in game 6 @ NCC.
Many solid outs from the infield all game vs Franklin (#7), especially Joe at 3rd & Mac at SS, plus some fine scoops, reaches, pop-up catches and bag-race-wins by Amy/AK @ 1B.
A plethora of outstanding efforts in game 9 @ Badgers - infield and out. Joe barehanded a dribbler up the 3rd base line and nailed the runner with a perfect throw. Mac snagged a wicked grounder up the middle at short and jumped/turned/threw in one motion and actually just missed the out. John and Doug each made some nice catches on tough pop flies at 2B. Chris O and Chris L both made some sweet running catches in the outfield. Charles made a couple in right field as well, including a killer, game-saving, back-running, over-the-shoulder catch in a late inning.
Josh tracked down a short single in left and got the ball to Chris O covering 2nd (in from the outfield) to get a force for a strange 7-8 put-out @ 2nd base, in game 10 vs Catahoula. Chris O also made a nice running catch on a pop-up in shallow outfield territory (which was hard, hard dirt on this particular field) while catching the ball super low and falling hard (hard) to the ground.
Doug made a couple nice plays in game 11 vs Art, including a helluva stab on a grounder up the middle and a nice flip to John with a good cover @ 2nd for a force. He also did some serious backpedaling and reaching for a long pop-up out. Kyle made some good snags on the mound for some force outs and AK had a heckuva catch on a sharp foul ball behind the plate!
Charles made some sweet catches (running up, running back) in right, AK made a killer grab on a liner @ 1st, Chris O made some great forces @ 2nd and 3rd (that one from his ass!) from left field, and Nora & Kyle *combined* for a strikeout - all in game 12 @ Collar.
Game 13 @ SPN saw Kyle make some sweet snags on the mound on tough grounders, Chris O making a couple forces @ 2nd from left, Chuck making a nice grab in right center and couple of near-miss double plays.
A bunch of nice plays occurred in the playoff loss @ Franklin - Mac made some sweet outs @ 3B, Joe, Chris O, Chuck and especially Chris L all made some nice catches in the OF, AK had a great grab @ 1B.

Kyle pitched 5.5 strikeouts.
Doug pitched 1 strikeout.
Nora pitched 0.5 strikeouts.
We held teams scoreless in 39 innings out of 93 in the field (5 in game 5 vs P&P).
We shut teams down with six 3-up/3-down innings.
We gave up more than 3 runs in any given inning 23 times in 14 games.
Our worst defensive inning was giving up 8 runs in the 4th inning of game 7 vs Franklin.

Our best offensive inning saw us score 8 runs on 10 hits while sending 13 batters (batting around +3) to the plate in the 1st inning of game 7 vs Franklin. The first eight batters all singled and scored.
Our other best offensive inning had us score 8 runs on 10 hits while sending 13 batters (batting around +2) to the plate in the 1st inning of game 9 @ Badgers. The first 9 batters all singled, the first 7 all scored.
All 10 players had at least 1 base hit in game 6 @ NCC, with 6 of us having at least 3 or more. Eight of 10 scored at least 1 run, 7 players had at least an RBI. We twice batted around with our 9-batter line-up.
All 12 batters hit safely in game 10 vs Catahoula, including 4 players who didn't play the entire game, and half of us had at least 2 hits.
Nine of 10 batters hit safely in game 11 @ Collar, with the 10th reaching base and scoring a run.

Mac was 5-for-5 with a double and 4 RBI, while Chris O, Joe & John each went 4-for-5, all singles except John's ripped triple. They all combined for 7 runs and 4 more RBI in game 1 @ Art. Kyle was 3-for-5 with a couple ribbies as well.
Mac, Mark & Kyle each went 3-for-4 in game 3 vs SPN, Mac having 2 HR & 4 RBI plus 2 runs, with Josh having a solo HR and scoring 3 runs and Chuck also rocking a 3-run HR.
Mark was 3-for-3 with a double and a run scored in game 4 vs Tap Room. Chuck went 2-for-3 with an RBI. The entire rest of the team was 3-for-22.
Mark & Chris O each went 5-for-5, Mark scoring 4 runs & Chris O with 2 plus an RBI triple. Chris L went 3-for-4 with a 2-run double, totaling 3 RBI, Mac racked up 4 RBI & a run, and John & Chuck & Kati each had a couple hits and combined for 3 RBI and 5 runs - against P&P in game 5.
The meaty middle of the order (batters 3-through-7, Mac, Kyle, Joe, Chuck & Amy) combined to go 17-for-24 (other half of the team, 9-for-16) and racked up 14 of 16 RBI and 11 of 16 runs scored, with a sac-fly, Chuck's triple and Kyle's grand slam, to boot. Chuck & Kyle managed 5 RBI apiece
Chris O & Charles combined to go 9-for-9 in game 7 vs Franklin, including Chuck's RBI triple. Four others also had 3 hits apiece - Mark, John, Joe & Mac (including his 2-run triple), plus Kyle had 3 RBI & 4 of us scored twice each.
Eight of us racked up 2 hits or more in game 9 @ Badgers, including Mac's 3-for-3 with a triple and RBI sac-fly, 2 RBI and 2 runs. Joe and Mark were each 3-for-4 with Joe's 3 RBI and run and Mark's RBI and 2 runs. Doug was also 2-for-3 with an RBI after swinging the bat for the first time since the Carter administration.
Joe and Doug were each 3-for-4 in game 10 vs Catahoula, all singles, while 4 others had 2 hits apiece and Amy & Nora were each 1-for-1.
Kyle, Chuck & Doug each went 3-for-4 (all singles + Chuck's double) in game 11 vs Art, with Charles racking up 3 RBI and Doug 2.
Chris O was 4-for-4, Joe [2 RBI] & Chuck [2 runs] each 3-for-4, plus John & Mac each were 3-for-3 with a sac-fly, Mac racking up 3 RBI, all in game 12 @ Collar.
The regular season finale @ SPN had the temp leading the way! Shane went 3-for-3 with a single, double and homer & 2 RBI. Chris O [2 runs] & Chuck were each 3-for-4, and Amy was 2-for-2. Not a whole lot else.
Playoffs @ Franklin, some of us came to hit, namely: Doug (4-for-4, RBI) + Joe (3-for-4, 2 runs) + John (3-for-4, 2 RBI, run). Rest of the team: 7-for-26.

Mac knocked in the game-winning RBI in game 5 vs P&P in the bottom of the 8th inning with a walked-off RBI single scoring Mark from 2nd base.
Chuck ripped the game-winning RBI in game 6 @ NCC with a bases-loaded, 2-run single in the 7th, scoring Mac (& Kyle) with our eventual winning run.
Joe tallied the game-winning RBI with a bases-loaded, 2-run single in the 2nd inning, scoring Mark with the eventual winning run against the Badgers in game 9.

Team Zoo has been held scoreless in 48 innings out of 99 at the plate.
We have hit into 4 double plays (2 in game 10 vs Catahoula).
We have batted into seventeen 3-up/3-down innings (four in game 2 @ Catahoula, 3 in game 4 vs Tap Room!).
We have scored more than 3 runs in any given inning 11 times in 14 games.

[Team Zoo Brings It]
What a way to get the first W of the season, with a walk-off come-from-behind victory in extra innings against Pen & Pencil in game 5! Shit. A good start, with 5 runs in the first for a short-lived lead, lost in the 2nd after giving up a big 6er. We got back into it with a huge 5-run rally in the 4th, and buckled the fuck down to hold them scoreless over the last 4 innings and let our top of the order run 'em out of town with 3 hits on no outs in the bottom of the 8th to secure the victory. Hail, hail!
Another come-from-behind victory in game 6 @ NCC. Got off to a super slow start, not even plating any runs until the 3rd, and we were down by a run or two until the 4th when we gained a lead we would not relinquish. Piled on some insurance in the late innings to go up by as many as 9 and held off a mini-rally in the last inning to pull off the 5-run win, with a solid offensive team effort where everyone had a hit and the RBI were spread far and wide. Add in some efficient defense where we got most of the outs we had opportunities to get, and we're going streaking!
Another excellent start in game 9 against the Badgers in the top of the 1st, where we went off for 9 straight hits to begin the game, scoring 7 of those batters and 8 runs total on 10 hits, batting around +2. Immediately loaded the bases again in the 2nd after a shut-down defensive inning and scored a couple more, and were up 10-0 before we let it slip away and forgot how to bat, again. But! We regained our defensive footing and got a couple more shut-out frames while eking out another run and held tight against their rally in the 7th, recording the final out with the tying run at the plate. Solid win against a solid team. Kudos, TZ!

[Team Zoo Left It In The Car]
Got off on the good foot to start this season as we raced out to a 6-2 lead after 2, including 6-straight hits to start the top of the 1st, and we still clung to a 6-5 lead after 4 in game 1 @ Art. Then we gave up a big 6er in the 5th and only managed 1 ourselves in the 6th before having to suspend due to darkness, down by 4. If we held and then could score a handful, we had a shot... but we promptly gave up another 6er on the re-start and it was over just like that. We gave it a good run in the last inning, hitting 7-straight singles with 2 outs and leaving the bases loaded after scoring 4, but they were never really threatened. Fuckers.
Game 2 @ Catahoula was rough from the get-go, as we went down 1-2-3 to start the game (and repeated that feat 3 more times!) We held our ground defensively, never letting them get more than 4 in any inning, and making some great individual plays in the field, but our lack of pop was jarring. We set futility records for our entire 15-year league career in hits, batting average, slugging, etc. Ouch.
We started off game 3 like a house afire! Raging out to a 7-0 lead after two innings, up 10-4 after 4, lighting 'em up with 4 HR & raking up grounders like leaves. Playing some of our best ball in years. For 4 innings. We wouldn't score again the final 3 frames, they lit US up with some solid hitting and we missed a few plays here or there, and we coughed up a huge lead and lost by 5 to a pretty good team we were dominating there for a bit. Fucking sucks.

Another good start in game 4 vs Tap Room, another fire snuffed as soon as it started. We had a mildly not-good top half of the 1st (4 runs given up) but came back with 5 hits and 3 runs in the bottom. We would have 3 hits over the next 6 innings, total. Two of them by the same guy! We went down 9 straight batters at one point. Made a couple costly goofs in the field, but it was the lack of punch that keeps us in the doghouse once again. Certainly the potential is there, we're just either not making good contact or hitting it straight at people when we do. It's still early.
The streak is over, in dramatic fashion. Started off game 7 vs Franklin with 8 straight hits (and runs!) and grew a 12-5 lead after 3. Our team batting average dropped 300+ points between innings 1-3 & innings 4-7 and we gave up an 8-spot of our own against an improved Franklin team, losing the lead in the 4th and never scoring another run while leaving 7 on base in that span. That fucking stings. Our first loss to them since "the split" in 2011.

We got a lead-off hit from a new lead-off hitter (heyo Chuck!) in game 8 @ Tap Room, and... well, that was about it. Not really, but might as well. Three of us went 2-for-3 and there was one other hit, but they were largely far and wide of each other, and we scored no runs for only the 2nd time ever in our league history; the last time in 2011 against... guess who? The 8 hits we had - not our worst this season! So there's that. We played pretty good D, also - our best game of the year, and against the 1st place team. Still sucks.
Not the greatest of beginnings in game 10 vs Catahoula, giving up 4 quick ones to start the top and going down even quicker ourselves in the bottom, 1-2-3. But it picked up, we rallied throughout the entire line up (every one had a hit) and knotted the score at 5 after 3! We gave up another tough 4 runs after a couple of solid defensive innings and couldn't keep up the offensive pace, but only were down 3 going into the 6th and only lost by 5 to a very good team, which is a bit of a shame because as close as we kept it we still certainly were not playing our best ball.
Not a bad beginning, and only down by 1 after the 2nd, but game 11 vs Art ended with a dud as we were a little listless after that. Down 12-2 at one point mid-way through the 4th, we were able to hold them to zero runs over the final 3 frames and could only score 4 of our own to lessen the final margin but not really make it much of a game. Ten more baserunners left on base, which was a big problem against those guys this year. Lots of fielder's choice outs by us, but some not-terrible defense - and they had a knack for finding holes between fielders, for sure. I hate losing to those guys, especially twice in one night.
We always play Collar tight, it seems, regardless of record. No difference in game 12 this year. Slow start but only down 2 after 2. Took a brief 1-run lead in the 3rd, then they tied it up. Took a brief 1-run lead in the 4th, then they tied it up. Took a brief 1-run lead in the 6th, then they scored 5 and we lost by 4. We were a lean 10 on a stormy Thursday night, starting the game with only 8, and we played pretty well, all told. Everybody reached base, mostly on hits all over the lineup, and we definitely played better than just 3 days prior. Just one little bad inning in the worst possible spot, and two near-misses (by inches, literally) on tough catches may have made it completely different. We hung tough and could not keep up but I love the effort.
Bad start, great middle, worse ending... game 13 @ SPN in a nutshell. Four hits in our first inning but could only manage 1 run. Then gave up a big 5-run 1st of theirs and we were still down 1-6 after 4, but only gave up 1 over those next 3 innings, playing some pretty good D (just not scoring any runs). We remedied that in the 5th with a big 5-spot of our own, capped by a 2-run blast from temp fill-in Shane (the Super Hero) and it was all knotted up going into the bottom of the 5th... where we then promptly relinquished the lead and any chance of a rally with 5 more runs given up... plus 4 more the next inning, of course only managing 2 hits of our own the last 2 innings, and it looks like a blowout. Stupid Gonads.
OK start in the playoff game @ Franklin, eked out a run on 3 hits in the 1st and held them to nothing in the bottom, but that was our last lead and it wasn't all that close after that. Gave up 5 big ones in the 2nd, clawed back a bit and got as close as 5-9 before they blew it open with a 7-spot in the bottom of the 6th and we remain winless in career playoff games.