Christmas 2006

Just a few pictures of Xmas 2006 - Tristan is all dressed up and not in PJs because we had to get him from his dad's first before we took him home to open presents. And we both had to work in the morning first. We did a lot more driving after that, to and fro Steph's Aunt Gail's house for lunch, and to and fro Steph's mom's house for dinner. I neglected to take more pictures at either location.

A fine tree, though rather large, and funny-looking with the flash on. Mostly Tristan's gear in the foreground, more of Steph and my presents around the other side. Dig the sweet family photo in upper-left.

Stocking investigation...

I don't think he's *intending* to flip-off the camera.

Just what I always wanted! A toothbrush!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... underwear?!

Digging deep...



Steph and Tristan break out Hungry Hungry Hippos. And thus ensued much violence.

The tree is complete! ROCK.

Pre-picture giggle.

Actual picture smile.


It was a very digital Christmas. Tristan got his very own digital camera (for real, Fisher-Price style). I got a DVD burner and boatloads of DVDs and a digital voice recorder (dictator) - for memo'ing song ideas at work. Steph got some DVDs, a dustbuster and a very non-digital diamond/sapphire necklace. Amongst many other things, for all of us. Tristan also got a very real dwarf hamster that he named Hamster Junior. Which then changed to Brown Eyes. But he always just calls him "little guy". It's cute.