Christmas 2005
Christmas 2005
At Various Locales!

It was a prolonged, elongated, elaborated holiday season this year. I went solo to the Oberlin Christmas dinner that included Jeff & Cindy (in early December) for my first attendance in probably 6 years, Steph & Tristan & I opened gifts on Christmas morning (early!) at Steph's Mom's house with Zack & Joe, and my mom & dad visited Philly right after Christmas and took us all out to dinner (minus Tristan and Joe). Plus, I have pictures of when my sister and nieces & nephew visited my folks, courtesy of my mom. First things first, Tristan is the star attraction...

Steph is opening what will be US Postal stamps with Tristan's picture on them and Tristan is working on a box.

Nice butt, honey. And Tristan's still working on the box.

Both are looking for more stuff to open.

Hand in stocking...

Hand pulling gift out of stocking.

The Heffalump Movie!

Chutes And Ladders!

(that he drove into the wall right after this was taken)

Zack chills, Joe sleeps, but Tristan is always a blur at 6 am.

Can you open this for me, please?

Puzzle destroyed. We must rebuild.

Cece, Zack, Tristan, Joe. Which one is conscious?

We all are happy to be awake at 6 in the morning.

Some are happier than others.

Some are not.

Some are gorgeous no matter the time.

Here we all are (sadly missing Tristan, who was at his dad's) in front of Aunt Gail's tree, photo by Uncle Barry!

My folks, Steph & I, and Cece & Zack all went out to eat at Buca di Beppo, that crazy Italian restaurant... and my mom broke out her camera.

Steph and I. Are both very full.

Steph and her mom. Are both very lovely.

Cece and Zack. Are both kinda short.

Steph and I went walking around downtown with my parents, trying to get in to the Masonic Temple but we were either late for the tour by about 2 minutes or it wasn't open that day. Damnit. I'm Sorry! We both are. On Sorry.

I forgot to take my stupid camera to the Oberlin Xmas dinner, but it was good to see some relatives I probably haven't seen since the '90s. Jeff and his girl Cindy were there, as well as Grandma and all my neices and nephew. My mom took these photos...

Krystal, Heidi, Jeff, Grandma & Dustin. I have no idea where Cindy or Tayla or myself were at this point.

Well, Tayla and I were right here!

And Krystal was also over here with Tayla.

Lisa & Jammie and John & Sandy & all the neices & nephew (minus Heidi) & a boyfriend all went over to my folks' house for another Xmas dinner, Wendy-style... more pictures courtesy of The Mother.

Kelsey & Tayla

All the crazy kids, Katie, Krystal, Dustin, Kelsey, Tayla.

Lisa & Jammie

Krsytal and the new boyfriend/fiance, Rick.

That's enough. Happy post-holiday!

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