OB's Want list

OB's Want List

Sorry, pay this no mind. I'm not trading anymore.

These are shows that I'm looking for:
(Check my list if you are offering something besides these...)

5/26/92 Trax, Ch'ville VA, *complete* show and decent quality
10/31/92 Trax, Ch'ville VA, Set II only
11/17/92 Trax, Ch'ville VA, both sets and low gen HQ!
12/9/92 Flood Zone, Richmond VA (HQ, *both* sets)

Any HQ '94 shows, especially late '94 shows with Get In Line, Seek Up, #36 or Jimi Thing (that I don't have.)
8/13/94 Strawberry Banks, Hampton VA, *good* quality
3/7/95 Embassy Theatre, Ft. Wayne IN
4/5/95 The Academy, NY NY
Any Mid-95 shows with Always aka #40 (that I don't have.)
4/8/96 Baseline, Mellville South Africa (Dave solo)
10/31/96 McNichols Arena, Denver CO
8/8/98 Deer Creek, Noblesville IN (HQ upgrade)
8/22/98 Nissan Pavillion, Bristow VA (HQ upgrade)
Any HQ D&T shows from the latter half of the '99 tour
5/20/99 Veterans Stadium, Philly PA
6/4/99 Star Lake, Burgettstown PA

There are also lots of shows I would like to upgrade or complete - too many to list, but I mention it in my description of the show if I'm looking for a better copy or missing songs.

Everything (e:)
12/31/97 The Bayou, Washington D.C.
2/18/98 Crowbar, State College PA
4/28/98 Crowbar, State College PA
6/4/99 Star Lake, DMB opening gig
Basically anything good that I don't have!

Domestic Problems:
5/28/99 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI

Agents of Good Roots:
12/30/96 Riverview Theatre, Norfolk VA
1/24/98 Union Ballroom, Gettysburg Coll. (Gettysburg PA)
2/27/98 Larison Hall, Bucknell U. (Lewisburg PA)
12/1/99 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI

Soul Coughing:
3/3/97 Syracuse NY
8/3/97 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit MI

Ben Harper:
Anything GOOD!

9/19/97 Smith Quad, Bucknell University (Lewisburg PA)
3/25/99 @ Skip's, Lewisburg PA
Anything good I don't have!

The Roots:
Anything I don't have!

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