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Various DMB Tape: various lengths, dates, speeds, quality... all were taped directly from the TV broadcast though : Tonight Show '95 (Ants), Tonight Show '96 (Crash), Late Show '96 (Too Much & SMTS & Crash), VH-1 Crossroads '95 (Recently, Satellite, Ants), House of Blues '94 (BOWA, Billies, WWYS)

2/13/92: 100 min. Amateur/5/SP (B-) @ Bridgewater College, VA - more info to come, but it's freaky! Whoa, that was a while ago... Peter's on here, they do some old jams, The Maker, Ants, SMTS, Jimi, Recently, Watchtower, True Reflections, LLD, Angel, BOWA, STJL, Satellite, Billies... wow. Way fuzzy and the sound is hurtin' but this is classis shit.

4/5/92: 90 min. Amateur/4/SP (A-) @ Van Riper's Fest, C'ville VA - wow, this one is freakier... and sounds better! The picture is ok, but the sound is a board feed so it sounds great. Cool stuff, Dave looks so strange, Boyd is a dancin' fool, great closeups of Peter, man... Two Step, LLD, Ants, Satellite, Recently, SMTS, STJL, True Reflections, Nancies, Watchtower, Billies. Daamn.

3/17/95: 100 min. Source?(pro-shot)/x/SP (B+) @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL - Picture is ok, sound isn't as good as some of the others. Bad lighting though makes the guys look strange. Dave seems like he's anorexic or something. But Carter's not wearing a hat, LeRoi is and he doesn't have his shades on! whoa! Including: Seek Up, #36, R&R, SJTL, Jimi, SMTS, Warehouse, Nancies, more.

3/27/95: 90 min. Italian TV/x/SP (A) @ The Factory, Milan Italy - Pretty good tape, great sound, there's Seek Up, Say Goodbye, Jimi, Lover Lay Down, Typical Situation, SMTS, WWYS, R&R and Ants. Nice stuff. Unfortunately the broadcast did not include the entire show and is missing a few songs. Doh!

5/14/95: 100 min. Amateur Shot/x/LP (B) @ Mesa Ampitheatre, Mesa AZ - cool ass show, the tape is on a camcorder or something, so it's not the greatest, but the show is jammin'. Jimi, Always (#40) solo in the encore, Recently, Nancies, WWYS, BOWA - and the filler is a promo RCA video with 2 studio videos and some live tracks - including Satellite live with the RSO from 2/95. cool!

7/8/95: 90 min. German TV/x/SP (A-) @ Rockpalast, Loreley Germany - The sound on this one is pretty good and the picture is a bit fuzzy. Overall pretty decent. Good set, great outdoor show. Seek Up, BOWA, WWYS, Billies, Watchtower, Ants, Nancies, more. Dave gets interviewed at the end, also. And after the show on the tape is the Politically Correct episode from April '97 that Dave was on.

10/1/95: 30 min. TV Broadcast/?/SP () @ Farm Aid '95 (venue?) - Tim guests on the show... DIDO, Recently, Billies, WWYS, Watchtower, Ants... more info to come.

5/6/96: 60 min. TV Broadcast/0/SP (A) @ State Palace Theater - New Orleans, LA - This is the MTV special Crashing The Quarter which aired on 5/19/96. Only a partial show, not the complete concert. But it was taped by me straight off the TV and is great quality. Incl. WWYS, Ants, Say Goodbye, Billies, SMTS, Too Much, Crash and some interviews. Real nice.

10/4/97: 30 min. TV Broadcast/0/SP (A) @ World Music Theatre : Tinley Park, IL - Farm Aid '97. Just what was on TV, minus Two Step. A couple of the songs are cut, but Ants and Too Much are complete. Also the little baby jam, So Much To Say, Crash and Billies. It's nice, what was shown. They were having a blast.

4/21/98: 60 min. TV Broadcast/0/SP (A) @ Tabernacle: Atlanta, GA - the MTV Live at the 10 Spot show, incomplete but what they showed is kickass. Rapunzel, Stay, Halloween, Crush, DDTW, SMTS, Crash, Satellite. Sweet. Also on this tape are the Ultrasound MTV special on the making of BTCS, DDTW from the Letterman appearance, and PNP->Rapunzel and Too Much from the VH-1 Foxboro broadcast.

6/21/98: 45 min. German TV/3/SP (A) @ Rockpalast, Loreley Germany - from the same festival as the '95 tape, this one is even better quality. It's almost as clear and crisp as the MTV shows, and the sound is very solid. DDTW, Rapunzel, Last Stop, Crush, LIOG, Two Step, Billies. Very nice stuff.

10/15/98: 45 min. Brazilian TV/3/SP (A) @ Free Jazz Festival, Rio de Janiero Brazil - very nice stuff. in black and white and pro-shot, great sound and nice picture. About half the show is here... Rapunzel (cut), Two Step, Stay, Crush, and DDTW. Plus, some kick ass filler on the rest of the two hour tape... SNL '95 and '96, DDTW on Leno, #41 and WWYS on Letterman, Dave with the Stones (Wild Horses), and part of 10/10/96 (Two Step, BOWA, Billies, more...). Plus, the elusive Satellite video. Sweet. Peace to Jon Chaney (again).

Under The Table And Drumming ('97) : 120 min. 3/LP (A-) : This is Carter's two volume video set, conveniently taped onto one tape! It's a copy of a copy of a copy... and it's in LP so its not ultimate quality but damn, its phat as hell. Carter goes off and shows his skillz. Lots of live DMB footage, Carter talks about his influences, the old days... muy neat-o.

Note: I CANNOT trade videos! I don't have the capabilities to tape them right now. I do, however, like to get them, so if you have something I might want I can trade audio for video. We can talk about a suitable exchange. I'm a fair guy.

If I were trading videos... since I don't have many, I base my quality grades on my videos of Crashing The Quarter & Live @ The 10 Spot since I taped them directly from the TV. I do not label them as A+ simply because the VCR I used to tape it isn't the best. So take that into account.

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