Tristan Alexander

Here are a few uber-adorable shots of Tristan, taken in October 2004, when he was just 2 1/2.

A series of supercute photos from earlier, before I met him; around 1 or 1 1/2 years old, photos by Steph (I think).

Picture People, age 3, April 2005.

After his 3rd birthday party in April of 2005, I went to say goodbye to Tristan before I left Steph's old apartment. A loving gaze... [photo by Steph]

Nice BasketHat. July 2005, in Indiana - below as well.

With Aunt Kathy, July 2005, photo by mom.

Dancing with cousin Megan, July 2005.

April 2006.

April 2006.

All Picture People, April 2006.

Tristan made these in school sometime in 2006, with real popcorn and real Fruit Loops (we love the title).

June 2006, Ft. Wayne Zoo.

June 2006, photo by sis Lisa.

July 2006 @ Havertown Library Carnival.

2006 Play & Learn school picture.

Face-painted like a "dinosaur" at Linvilla Orchards, October 2006.

October 2006, our house.

Spider-Man, Halloween 2006... he's supposedly flexing his muscles, not about to vomit.

This is a cool shot of T-boogie at the playground near our house, taken by Anna Thomas when she was in superstar-princess-babysitter mode, circa November 2006.

* * *

To listen to an MP3 music file of Tristan singing "Rock Songs" a capella, right click and select "save as" on this link. Download the tune and then play it on your media player. Awesome. He made the whole thing up himself, late December 2006.

* * *

I got these few nice ones in January 2007 during the parental visit, after going up in the City Hall tower and getting a Masonic Temple tour. Thomas Paine Plaza, on the Sorry game piece. Nice smarmy smirk.

Sorry, take two! Apparently he thinks he's an old-school rapper.

Monopoly hat! An actual smile!

A group of shots from his birthday party, late March 2007.

Career Little League Stats!

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