Tree Trimmin', November 2006

We broke out the tree the day after Thanksgiving. First Christmas in the new house. We had a minor discussion on where to put it - luckily my choice came out on top because the wife thought we needed to move an entire corner of electronic equipment instead of just pushing the couch back a bit. And it looks great in the window. And it's way too big for our little living room. And those freakin' branches can hurt like hell on unprotected forearms.

I swear it didn't look that big when Steph had it in her apartment. Her mom got it for us last year before we got the house, and it seemed normal size at the time. It's fairly wide. It took me several minutes of fluffing it out and almost bleeding before I realized I needed to be documenting the process, so here's where I came in with the camera. I did help, I just took the pictures, too.

Of course, whenever Mommy is getting attention, Tristan is sure to find his way into the picture.

Lights are done! Needs more ornaments. Tristan is bewildered.

Tristan adds icicle ornaments to the very bottom levels of the tree.

Lookin' good, still needs ornaments. Tristan is trying as fast as he can.

Ahhh, thanks.

Dude, that hit the spot!

Hanging ornaments is a very serious undertaking.

Especially if you can't find them all because you didn't put them all together in the same box.

One of my favorite ornaments.

My absolute favorite ornament.