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Looking for: (e:), The Roots, Soul Coughing, Granian and Ben Harper!

Format - Date: # tapes length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

Agents of Good Roots:
1995 Demo Tape: 60 min. Studio/0 (A+) Ok, so its not live, but its only available on cassette and it kicks ass. Waiting at The Corner, She Got, Mercury Jones, John...

6/3/96 : 2 90 min. SBD/2 (A+) @ Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach VA - Wow. Amazing stuff. Great Vibe?, Straight, Short Change, Hey Hey Hey...and a certain Dave Matthews plays a few songs on Andrew's guitar at the end... #41, Recently, Little Thing and the first known version of Crazy!

6/25/96 : 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A-) @ Trax, Charlottesville, VA - Vibe?, Turtle Dove, Hey Hey Hey, 50 ways, :) Up the :(, Picasso's Daughter... plus lots more.

8/13/96 : 2 90 min. DSBD/3 (A) @ Trax, Charlottesville, VA - Great stuff from the boys from Richmond. Incl. Vibe?, Hey Hey Hey, Exodus of Left, much much more...

11/19/96 : 2 90 min. DSBD/2 (A+) @ ... - Great stuff... Hobby, Eric, Bum Club, $2 in Cash! ALASKA!, Shot Down, The Lucky One, ah... real nice.

7/22/97: 2 90 min. DSBD/2 (A) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Not the crispiest of shows, even though its 2nd gen. Nice stuff though, amazing set: Steel Hammer, Mellow Man, Pinup Girl, Hobby, Dig In, 2 Bucks, What I Need, Lightning Man, Shot Down, Free to Follow, more.

12/13/97: 90 min. DSBD/2 (A) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - cool set, all here, crazy jam type shit. Clean The Being, Shot Down, Wonderful World...Upspin, Jakob, Vibe? Mercury Jones, $2, Miss Miss... more. Nice!

Ben Folds Five :
11/6/97: 45 min. AUD/x (A-) @ ?, NY NY - Incomplete show, it's filler on DMB 12/5/96. Sweet stuff, though. Battle of..., Philosophy, Last Polka, Selfless, Cold..., Stephen's Last Night.., Fair, Kate, Brick and more. Nice!

Buckshot LeFonque
Various '97: 90 min. SBD/2x (A+) - a compilation of mostly live stuff, and some remixes. Performances from 10/3/97, 10/8/97 and a live TV performance. Good sounding stuff! Music Evolution, Another Day, Mona Lisas, My Way, Do You Remember, more... Plus Spearhead filler.

Cartoon Gypsies :
12/23/96: 90 min. SBD/1 (A) @ ? - The 4th Annual Christmas With The Gypsies... these cats hail from Chicago. Matt McLaughlin is friends with the band and gave me this tape... with the whole show (or as much as they could play before the cops busted the party!) and filler from a practice session. Not bad! sounds good... they even cover Dave Matthews' Christmas Song. Along with good originals like... Dance With Time, Blinded, Over and Over, I Don't Know, more.

Counting Crows :
1991 Demo Tape: 90 min. Studio/x (A-) Good sound, great to hear how the guys were way back when. Songs include: Rain King, Anna Begins, Einstein on The Beach, Shallow Dogs, Love & Addiction, 40 Years, Bulldog, Lightning, We're Only Love, Margery, more...

1/19/94: 90 min. AUD/x - @ 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. - Anna Begins, Wiseblood, Ghost Train, Jumpin Jesus, 40 Years, Rain King, Caravan, Good Year For The Roses, Murder of One, more. Filler has audio of the SNL show 1/15/94.

1/24/94: 90 min. AUD/1 (A) @ Pearl St., Boston MA - Nice AUD, includes: Children in Bloom, Anna Begins, Wise Blood, 40 Years, Rain King, Get Inside, Margery, A Good Year for the Roses... more.

1/30/94: 90 min. AUD/x (A-) @ Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ... Anna Begins, Children In Bloom, Wiseblood, Margery, Omaha, Jumpin' Jesus, Open All Night, Time & Time Again, Rain King, Murder of One, Ghost in You, more.

4/28/94: 90 min. SBD/2 (A) @ Theatro Pallido, Rome Italy - good sound, kinda bassy, great set: Goodnight Elizabeth, Round Here, Anna Begins, Omaha, Children In Bloom, Rain King, Margery...more.

9/23/94: 100 min. /x () @ Greek Theatre, Berkeley CA - songs include Maggie May, Jumpin' Jesus, Wiseblood, Ghost In You, Anna Begins, Rain King, Omaha, Children in Bloom, Ghost Train... more

Various '94: 90 min. SBD & AUD/1 (A) Some bits and pieces of a few good shows from '94. Mr. Jones, Anna Begins, Rain King, Margery, Omaha, Round Here, more...a couple acoustic versions also.

11/16/95: 90 min. AUD/x (A-) @ Hollywood Grand, Hollywood CA - Chelsea and Good Luck as well as many of the new tunes for RTS that were never before played... sweet stuff. Decent sound.

11/26/96: 100 min. AUD/x () @ 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. - Angels..., Recovering..., Omaha, Monkey, Catapult, Time & Time, Rain King, I'm Not Sleeping, Mercury, Anna Begins, more...

Sheryl Crow:
4/12/99: 2 90 min. DAUD/0 (DAT->2CD) (A) @ Paramount Theater, Oakland CA - Very nice CD show, courtesy of my lovely friend Robiiiin. :-) Sweet set, too... Fave Mistake, Riverwide, Change, Vegas, Maybe Angels, Difficult Kind, It Don't Hurt, Am I Getting Through?, Home, Redemption Day, Mississippi, Winding Road, If It Makes You Happy, more! Very nice quality, too.

The Dillys :
Listings of all my *master copies* !
All of these were recorded AUD with an 8mm Sony Camcorder on SP speed.

7/19/96: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - the first Dillys show ever on tape! check it : Middle Man, Brain Stew, Shook Me All Night long, Back In Black, Don't Tell Me, even an OB drum solo, more!

11/25/96: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - Aww yeah, The Dillys go nuts... Lick It Up, Runnin' w/Devil, Louie Louie, Plush, I Love R&R, a half-ass attempt at Ants Marching, Middle Man & the rest of the AC/DC-VH contingency, and more! Craig even did a little impromptu unplugged set before the show.

12/12/96 with guest Chris Hoff on vocals: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - Two Sets! Aww yeah... the first Dillys show with a vocalist. We kicked it out on: All Day and All of the Night, Deuce, Metal Health, Talk Dirty To Me, Don't Tell Me, I Love R&R, Shook Me->Back N Black, Rock n Roll All Night, Up Around the Bend, Louie Louie and more!

3/28/97 with guest Chris Hoff on vocals : 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - We really worked on some new tunes on this show... Come on Feel the Noise, Love Song, Signs, Every Time I Look at You, I Still Love You, and The Beatufil People! Look out!

4/12/97 with guest "Silky" on 'vocals' : 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - Proclaimed "Break Threw Day" by Craig... Check it: Come Out and Play, Proud Mary, I Remember You, Up Around The Bend, December, Signs, Love Song, Shook Me->Back N Black, Plush, and more! About half of this show was unfortunately not recorded... doh! It was the shit!

4/17/97: 60 min. 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - I Remember You, Everything About You, Proud Mary, Looking Out My Back Door, Up Around The Bend, Down on the Corner, Come out and Play, Deuce, Cold Gin, Wanted Dead or Alive, Volcano Girls, I Still Love You, Modern Day Cowboy, December... more!

4/19/97 with guest Rory Schmeling on vocals: 60 min. 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - Rory brings his vocal stylings to the table for his only appearance so far... on: Down on the Corner, Signs, Proud Mary, Beautiful People, Come Out and Play, I Remember You, I Still Love You, December, Don't Tell Me, Volcano Girls, Back N Black, Deuce, Everything About You, Cold Gin, I Love R&R, and more...

5/9/97 with guest Chris Hoff on vocals: 90 min. 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - nice show, includes Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Everything About You, Deuce, I Still Love You, Cold Gin, 867-5309!, My Sharona, I Remember You, My Kind of Lover, Signs, Lick It Up, more!

6/24/97: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - The Dillys had this show momentarily interrupted by the Police! No, not Sting and his pals, the friggin' cops! Here's what got their attention... Deuce, Cold Gin, Proud Mary, Driven, Every Time I Look At You, Don't Tell Me, December, Silent Lucidity, 867-5309, Love Song, more... The latter part of the show was done somewhat acoustic due to the noise factor. heh.

7/31/97: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib, Ft. Wayne, IN - Andy Riley showed up and kinda half ass-sorta sung along, but not really. This show started out acoustic, with OB on the brushes and Craig on his new gee-tar, but it soon turned hardcore. We jammed out to I Still Love You, Cold Gin, 867-5309, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Everything About You, I Remember You, Beat It, Deuce, Back N Black, I Love R&R, Shook Me..., Signs, Shout at The Devil, Driven, R & R All Night, Plush, I Can't Drive 55, Panama, and more... The Dillys most kick-ass rendition of The Beautiful People was missed due to the lack of space on the tape! Doh!

12/22/97 With guest Chris Hoff on vocals: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib Stage II, Ft. Wayne, IN - on the second stage, The Dillys rip it up for the first recording session of "Segway" - check it! Hurts So Good, Summer of '69, Deuce, I Still Love You, Cold Gin, Louie Louie, Crumblin' Down, Pink Houses, Cult of Personality, I Remember You, Back In Black, Shook Me, Don't Tell Me, 867-5309, Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, more! Monstrous!

12/30/97: With guests Rory Schmeling and "Silky" on vocals: 8mm(SP)/0 (A+) @ Craig's Crib Stage II, Ft. Wayne, IN - the final farewell performance... with Rory, Silky and even Stacy in the house. Monumental versions of Hurts So Good, Signs, Crumblin Down, Beautiful people, Cold Gin, Deuce, I Remember You, Two Steps Behind, Dont Tell Me, 867-5309, Proud Mary, more!

Domestic Problems:
5/15/98: VHS video (amateur shot) 8mm?/1 (A-) @ Lakeview Links, Chicago IL - Not bad, considering it's amateur and hardly ANY tapes exist of dP. Got the new songs (some played for the first time, I think!) like It's Alright, Where Have You Gone, Patiently, and plus Hob Nob with Knee Deep Shag, and lots more good stuff. I think it's a little longer than an hour or so.

1/30/99: 110 min. mDSBD/2 (A) @ Club Soda, Kalamazoo MI - sweet, sweet stuff. They finally now allow taping! Jason Woods hooked me up... dig it, the new songs like Patiently, Where Have You Gone, Mercy, It's Alright plus Free, Bastard Machine, Play, Sandbox, 24 Hours, James Francis, Bowling, I Think It's Funny, I'm A Line, Ernie's, Hob Nob, and an earth shattering El Matador as the second encore with Ghostbusters, America, Centerfold and They Don't Rock Like That Anymore... whew!