Steelers-Eagles 8.25.06
Steelers @ Eagles : 8.25.06 (Pre-season)
My first ever NFL experience.

I know. I can't believe it, either. Not that I'm a football freak. But I've been a Steeler fan since age 5, so it's about time. My colleague Christina's husband has Eagles season tickets, and he wanted some quick cash to go golfing. She asked me if I was interested (it was Wednesday) and I said ohhellyeah, paid for them the next day, and went to the game the day after that. It was most righteous. I love being surrounded by hostile idiots. The game itself was kinda severely boring, but it was sweet nonetheless. Steph's brother Joe was in town on leave from the Navy, so I asked him to go with. He was all for it, and he'd never been to an NFL game, either. Let's begin.

The first glimpse of The Linc.

Linc glimpse #2, slightly blocked by ESPN temporary housing.

We had no idea ESPN was going to be on-site. (no cable). But hey, that's Stuart Scott, rubbing his eye! Remember when he used to be cool? And that's Steve Young, post concussion. And Michael Irvin, post rehab (not pictured). And Tom Jackson, the only semi-normal one. Where's Chris Berman when you need him?

Hey, there's Mike. And TJ, chatting up some fans.

Steve Young gets hair work done during commercial. Nancy boy.

This is what the other 3 guys are doing while Stuart Scott is having a live interview with someone on the field. Absolutely anything besides paying attention.

I finally got over the fact that the TV people were there and took a look at the actual field. Gorgeous. Notice the helmet getting pumped up. You'll see.

Slightly straighter angle. Our seats were 7 rows from the very top of that uppermost level. Ouch.

Navy color guard (yo Joe!) doing the national anthem before the game.

The big inflatable helmet that covers the Eagles' locker room tunnel. See?

The Eagle cheerleaders line up to prepare for the Eagles players to run out.

But first! The STEELERS!


Steelers form their own line, they don't need no stinking cheerleaders.

OK, here comes the home team. yay.

Second play from scrimmage!

Huddle up.

Vince Papale (from the movie Invincible) was there during halftime. Seems like a swell guy. I don't know if I'd want Mark Wahlberg playing me.

The best part of halftime was the mini-game between an all-star peewee league team and a team of blown-up mascots. It was beyond awesome. That air-filled bird can really throw the long bomb.

Using the digital 200x zoom, here's another play from scrimmage in the 2nd half.

Steel Curtain, getting ready.

A shot of the jumbo-tron instant replay of a sweet Eagle interception. Those bitches won the game 16-7.

The Steeler bench was unimpressed. By my picture-taking ability.

It's a big love fest after the game. How many thrid-string quarterbacks can you spot? I found one!

Parting shot of the stadium moniker on the way out... 'twas a lovely evening.


We were sitting next to some friends of the guy who sold us the tickets, and they seemed bemused when I said we got the tickets because he needed golf money. There were plenty of Steelers fans around - including one rather attractive young lady in a tank top who brought her Terrible Towel and stood up and danced around with it when the Steelers made a big play. Then all the die-hard Eagles fans around would applaud her and yell "Go Steelers!" Unforunately, she didn't stick around long. The game was kind of energetic and exciting for the first quarter. By halfway through the second, all the starters were gone and people started leaving. The rest of the game was kinda lame - neither team played that well, except for maybe the defenses. Not a lot of big offensive plays; a couple of nice interceptions and sacks. We stayed for the whole thing and just relaxed and hung out. Got a couple of souvenir cups, had fun waving my Terrible Towel around when the Steelers scored, held my ground when our Eagle neighbors tried to take it away from me. NEVER! Good times. Except for the hailstorm that attacked my brand new car on the way home.

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