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It Ain't Over...
This track is phat... backed by Channell Live's "Mad Izm"... This is the intro to the Two Dope reunion song "Back 2 Back" from the album Seventh Script. Stan comes in at the end with some appropriate commentary. Perhaps OB's fave track? Vocal chords display post-football game damage.

Pass It
This is the posse cut from Vital Signs featuring Rob G, MiSfiT and SoySos... Massive awesomeness. The song is backed by a Shyheim track.

I'm Gladys Knight
Jay Wells, aka Dr. J (fka SoySos) rips shit! Only his second time ever recording rhymes he wrote himself, he proves himself worthy on the posse cut from Two Reel with myself and MiSfiT (who also brings the funk nicely). This was finally recorded and finished at about 4 a.m. Dang. Fugees on the boom bap.

Savor The Behavior
Pure OB on this one, from Seventh Script and it's backed by the Beatminerz remix of The Roots' "Silent Treatment". Compact and colossal. Nicely done.

I Ain't Trippin'
Some ingenious studio techniques liven up this tune, as OB takes his producing skills to the next level. Kinda laid back, kinda nice. Taken from New Day, with Boss supplying the bang.

Keep Bouncin' (Check It)
Gang Starr on the track (yo, Primo) with a little help from a Tribe Called Quest sample... and OB has loads of fun with this one. Ya can't help but smile, so go right ahead.

I Don't
This is Stan's favorite OB track ever, from the LP Can't Stop. The song is backed by a Big Daddy Kane's "How You Get a Record Deal". Can you dig it?

It's Gettin' Funky
Rob G and OB trade verses on this fly, fly track... born in the live studio sessions ('93, pre-New Day) - this one was revamped and eventually released on that record. The D.O.C. on the beat and both MC's at their best. Behold.

Scream 2
This funky-ass song (which was written four years before Scream 2 the movie) is still one of my personal favorites... also dropping from the album Can't Stop in '93. Scarface's "Diary of a Madman" wrecks the beat.

New Day's Eve
Digital Underground provides the fonky beat. OB fills in the blanks with juicy rhymes. This is the opening intro track to the LP New Day - it's short, sweet, and supercool.

The Jugular
The best part of this song is the intro, which contains no lyrics - it's fly as hell. Check the amazing reel/studio/mixing wizardries of OB in his prime, from this track off of Vital Signs. Peace to GZA for the track and ER and CL Smooth for the samples.

Bring The Hook
Another Stan-recommended jam, this was laid down for the Last Call LP. The Roots Proceed remix (one of them, anyway) is the backbone.

What The Hell
This was a fun track, featuring "Daddy" Rob G from the ultimate album Last Call. Mega-fly oB mega-rhyme verses. The track is by DJ Krush.

Then, Now & 2 Be [part one] [part two]
And FINALLY... the opus that was this tune by Mike D and OB on the MIC. Mike's first, last and only rap experience (thank goodness there was at least one, so you could witness it) during Oaken Bucket Weekend at Purdue University, November 1994. It's so monumentous that we had to split it in 2 parts (geocities couldn't handle the whole thing) though we originally didn't think we could split it, but figured out how to do it in April 2006. It only took 12 years to get it online. Right on. I don't even remember who's supplying the beat.

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