"His name was OB... he was an MC... with funky rhymes
all in his head, do you remember what he said?" - MiSfiT, "Pass It"

Some random lyrical gems courtesy of yours truly. The name of the song it's from comes after the quote. A "?" means either the lyric is from a uncompleted song, a random freestyle session, or I can't remember the name of the song. Don't gank my sh!t.

"I don't get high, off that shit called chocolate Thai
and I don't get high, offa watchin' people die
I do get high, off this thing called life
and I damn sure get high, off of rockin' on the mic" - I Get High

"It's over, I'm callin' you out like Red Rover" - Why Don't Ya?

"The fact is, I learned the definition of what wack is
I thought you had my back and now I don't know you from Jack, kid" - Back Flip

"Don't mean to take the ribbit outta Froggy Frogg
but the only hollow point I got is stickin' my finger at a rotten log" - The Jugular

"Talkin' shit, I don't wanna hear it
in The State I'm in, all I wanna do is dip my balls in your lyrics" - The Jugular

"It's like that, cuz I feed by predatory instincts
sucka MC extinction is on the brink" - The Jugular

"It's the principle at work, the fist of full word spurt intelligence
back it up until you find the relevance" - 25 R.P.M.

"I might inspect a mic wrecka, check it with my left, kid
no I'm not the man but I got a nice method
but why you even think that you could get with me, see
cuz I'm hittin' more shit than Opie ever did with Aunt Bea" - Underdog

"Cuz I came to get the job done
obstacles overcome, go to work on day one
hired on the spot like a hotshot, now I know I gotcha
do a double shift like a doctor
negotiate the salary, screw the chump change
4.25's in the back... I'm makin' maximum wage
get some overtime, milk it like it's cereal
entry level? yo, I'm executive material" - No Application Necessary

"Checkin' the clock, I got some time left before I have to punch in
after my three hour lunch, then...
it's back to the office for the CEO
and all jealous employees wanna be me, so
I gotta make sure I'm stayin' on top of the pyramid
job politics, people talkin', but I never did
none of that, I ain't no rugrat
lookin' just to pull it out from under your feet so I can look phat
I do for self on the job and on the boulevard
I got a black and blue collar 'cuz I work damn hard" - No Application Necessary

"Try and pursue me, no comin' through me cuz I'm stable
caffeinated like a coffee table" - Savor The Behavior

"Well, I can freak a flow and be passin' gas at the same time
while you're rappin' half-ass in songs using the same lines" - First Things First

"my status, it ain't the baddest but I got the aparatus
to show you that my skills are the maddest
psycholinguistic, plus altruistic
shit, I rip statistics like Madonna's masochistic" - First Things First

"I'm like a hefty since sack, baggin' other rappers
with your career in the toilet, you're on TV sellin' Clappers
or chia pets, whatever cuz you never G'd it yet, or better
become a pro pen-pal and write unpoetic letters" - Hit The Switch

"I fell asleep in English Lit, lifted my head up and drool stayed
but when I broke out, I felt better after some kool-aid" - Hit The Switch

"Awww snap, I took a nap and came back after the Rob G rap
I got a dap and now it's like that, cuz I'm never wack
and some think that I slack, but they lack the background
to take my track and run it back, no fakin' jack" - What The Hell

"I got the hops like I'm runnin' some chop shops & slots
but I'm legal like a hemo needs the clots
rollin' over stones and rocks, like my lyrics got shocks
so smooth, how can I prove what's in my box, the brain stops" - What The Hell

"Breakin' bongos in the congo
endangered lyrics resurface and scream like my mom goes" - Translucent

"Stay outta my way, I got big plans made
with my rhymes protected like everglades
the shit's so unique, it's almost extinct - dig that, man
I got an OB species survival plan
steady breedin' in the offseason
but come fall equinox, I'm knockin' suckas out the box" - Translucent

"If wack rappers are snakes, I'm anti-venom
watch me get in 'em, and watch me do 'em
they never knew when, I come to ruin the style they keep pursuin'" - Lyrical Milkshake

"Some say they come with the real but we know it's not
'cuz they be talking more shit than 27 port-o-pots" - The Rill Dill

"I got MiSfiT on my left and SoySos on my right
no pipsqueak sleepin' in the daytime rhyming in the new speak
as I freak the technique that will explain the name that I came to tweak
2:45 p.m. and I'm snoozin'
dreamin' bout the precious daylight that I'm losin'
it don't matter though, cuz you know I really don't
spend much time outside if I can, so
I hit the clock and catch another 9 quick
quick like a nose pick, tick tock tick
goes the clock but it's digital so you can't hear it
even though my ears are right near it
but time's up and the alarm gets blasted
threw a fast pillow but it went right past it
So I gotta break slumber and drain lumber
and contemplate if I should take another number
one swipe for a wipe and the answer is yes
take a shower for an hour and I'm clean with Zest
underwear on my jock, two socks I can't lose
when I put on my shirt, hat, shorts and new shoes
red to step, hell yes your best bet
the one man threat, a nocturnal vet
I take a look outside, but it's still light
a quick nap til the sun bows down to the night" - I'm Gladys Knight

"I feel lost when the sun's out
everybody can see me, so all the fun's out
I like to sneak and creep, incognito
but with a blanket of darkness, I'm a hero!
doing things I otherwise wouldn't do
like helpin' old ladies with bunions put on a shoe
now you know I'd never even try that at lunch time
but I'm done, yo Jay... gimme a rhyme" - I'm Gladys Knight

"I long for satisfaction, with minimal action
I like to be on top and numerate just like a fraction" - Specifics

"Specifically, when I write a rhyme you hate to hear it
'cuz I got the shit while you're still screaming go go gadget lyrics!" - Specifics

"I packed Fannie full of flavor ice and hot pockets
feelin' crazy like a Puck slingin' snot rockets" - Tell Me A Story

"Try and pick this, my brain's got the club
Jay's got the drumbox so I'm trainin' with a dub
Olympic with my lyrics, smooth like luge
if you wanna hear it, hold the headphones and don't refuse
want a copy? I'll break you off somethin' kinda sloppy
but you ain't doin' nothin' so yo, don't mock me
I keep it comin' like UPS and FedEx
I know my momma told me I'm blessed
so what story is next" - Tell Me A Story

"I get sick when I get the flu, and I when I eat, I use a fork -
something that your family tree doesn't do" - #138

"I'm comin' back like a sequel, this time it's personal, people
I'm knockin' you out like Nyquil, cuz there's no equal" - #138

"Ain't no stoppin' this, triple digit double zero
cash in my hand, Ben Franklin he's my hero
long division, with no supervision, that's my forte
gettin' me some kicks, lookin' sportay
more play, 7, 6, 5, 4, trey - plus one is 8
givin' it to you, all day..." - #138

"I can never get used to those who pose with mad guns, weed & hoes
I'm leavin' em froze in their tracks with phat prose
get the bozack, while takin' prozac on your lunch break
no, I don't time to fake - I keep it real without sayin' so
oops, I just said it, unlike Tupac, yo I regret it
just edit, re-edit, and keep it goin' so it's not pathetic
like my man Aristotle and his rhetoric
I slam dunk a rhyme like I'm Cedric Ceballos
who follows me? it's gettin' hectic..." - #138

"It's gettin' funky like some two week old underwear
I wear the same ones every day, I don't care" - It's Gettin' Funky

"If bounce was a four-letter word
I'd have a dirty mouth like I was chewin' on a turd" Keep Bouncin' (Check It)

"why the hell you gotta brag about a 187?
I've Wondered for Years, just like Kevin" - I Don't

"So, we bring it record by record so you can check it
you even drove at a demolition derby and couldn't wreck it" - Indestructible

"My tracks go way back, to the times of Pythius
I eve got rhymes as old as Australopithecus" - Throughout Ya Section

"Cheaper than a motel, just don't tell and do it on the patio
if Madonna carried golf bags, she'd be a caddy-ho" - What a Rush

"Rock me, jazz me and funk me
you can even Beethoven me, but skip the country" - It Ain't Over...

"Step up and flip up the cassette deck to check
how I get by with not much than less respect" - It Ain't Over...

"Get some blue-blocks and jock with some tank tops
drip-drop non-stop crap in the flip-flops" - Back 2 Back

"On the real, I feel kinda like the man of steel
without the mic, kryptonite, so what's the deal?" - Back 2 Back

"So zip it up, strap on your depends and defecate
I come straight with more tapes than Watergate" - The Complete Package

"Breakin' MC's up like Eazy E, 'cuz I'm ruthless
even rappers with teeth will envy me when I'm toothless" - The Complete Package

"Anyone who flexes, like an appeal I'm gonna fight this
because I know I'm phatter than a scrotum with elephantitis" - The Complete Package

"Like a top I gotta keep it going, flowing and spinning
I got ya grinning and going, 'yo I know that he's winning
Circumstantial evidence will get you smacked into the fence
'cause I can't stand a man who's makin' dollars but no sense" - Structural Beatdown

"With more pulp than fiction, I'm squeezin' all it's worth
and I ain't finished yet, been makin' juice since birth" - Structural Beatdown

"I take no sacks, unlike a quarterback from Jacksonville
checkin' my traps for overlaps, perhaps, but still
I'm packin' heat like a knapsack with kerosene
fingers get snapped when they lack the necessary genes" - A Second To Wreck It

"I catch wreck like a double deck bus accident" - A Second To Wreck It

"yo, the feeling is free because I'm flowing
and I'm know when I get done blowin' you'll be snowed in
the no win situation attitude is all that
so I grab and strap my hat and see who's first up to bat
so step in the box and dig yourself a foot hold
and even though you don't know what's going on here I go
I got a three and two count on your punkass and I pitch it
you missed it - but you can't hit shit, so now you're bitchin'
bout your life in the trailer park, but I got no heart
'cuz all you do is smoke, sit, sleep, eat and fart" - The Plate

"Next batter up and watch me squeeze and pull the rip-chord
so open up the chute and pass the loot cuz I'm the first born
from my moms and the last one too
so palms up, now gimme fifteen bombs, I'm lookin' blue
'cuz she was only 22 when she hooked it up with Reg
grab a sledge and hit the hammer, damn her and her past edge
what you tryin' to hide from me? I know the truth, ma
why you tryin' to lie? yo I know I saw the proof, ma
pictures in the album up at Grandma's house
you and that other guy stickin' wedding cake in each other's mouth
you got me thinking that I was some other man's kid
and you and him were doing what you and Dad always did
I don't wanna shoot ya, but I wish I knew ya
and now I know you used to have the last name Galutia
ya never know yo, I coulda been the G child
and OB would be history, now wouldn't that be wild?
it kinda makes me laugh a little
'cuz you and pops are both playing second fiddle
it's hard for me to open up and talk to you
you're keeping things from me so I'm keeping things from you, too
you think you know me, but you're not even close
so step up, take a swing and bring it real or get ghost"- The Plate

"I guess they still need to evolve, I'm not a finch
but I'll Galapago and kick some ass in a pinch" - The Natural Selection

"So get off my jock quick, before I get a bic and flick
and burn you bad like that chick in Cube's Death Certificate" - I Ain't Trippin'

"I gotta come with some attitude this time
and I ain't got no girlfriends bringin' down the rhyme" - I Ain't Trippin' '95

"Listening to me you're getting shocked like a puzzle box
knick-knack cliques are getting rocked when the beat drops
knockin' 'em outta socks, I block shots... of vodka, tequila..." - Live & Direct

"Dig it, can you be committed? for more than a minute
I'm in it, with more reachin' up than a midget" - Live & Direct

"Runnin' outta space, erase and do a new face
but don't be gettin' any makeup on my pillowcase" - Live & Direct

"Pullin' out thoughts from the cosmos, almost comatose
floatin' like Zero the red-nosed
gettin' funky like a 3-week old sing clog
but don't get lost in the fog
'cuz OB will never find ya
if you keep pressin' rewind and missin' mine like a vagina
but don't worry about me 'cuz I can educate Nina
even though I never taught Tina" - Live & Direct

"The pace that I'm goin' is kinda slow and I'm flowing and I'm growing cuz I know
yo - Garth Brooks told me so
that's right, I had a vision in a nightmare asleep
and he told me, "no kidding... I've got Two Reel in my jeep"
and I know if Garth is bumpin' my shit
there ain't no reason in the world I won't blow up real quick" - Ooooh, That Was Nice!

"Some think I'm crazy but I'm gonna bomb 'em
because I'm 21, don't drink, don't smoke and I use condoms" - Bring The Hook

"I don't quit and never get laid off
I keep on coming back like a really bad whooping cough
straight Parkay, baby - but it's twice the phat
you say 'no doubt?' - I say 'yeah, it's like that'" - Bring The Hook

"...with anti-philly, silly rhymes that climb and grind on your mental til it's illy." - Bring The Hook

"Blast like a KRS master would do
when I'm through, laugh 'cuz I got ass on my shoe" - I Did It Again

"I return like a space shuttle, but with no re-entry burn
I told you once kid, you never learn" - I Did It Again

"slip into the chasm as this funky organism comes to
hit you with a rhythm that'll jazz 'em like an orgasm
plain and simple, Mr. Dimple can you see it?
my intertwining rhyme style is wild, so be it" - It's Easy To Be Hard

"I hope you're keepin' up with the level of the metaphorically enhanced trance
keepin' hookers in their pants, but I won't dance
even if I had a penile sombrero
and if I was a bird I couldn't dare a sparrow" - It's Easy To Be Hard

"On a mission for a transition from hard to difficult
so pass the catapult I need a jumpstart to insult
but listen close, cuz this is no diss
and check the liner notes to understand that I control this
you oughta know this, cuz if not you gotta check it 3x
and get into the cellar cuz each rhyme's a duplex
strictly written from the stairwell in between the levels
of the mental, hittin' devils with a shovel
and the rug'll get ripped out from under ya feet
sweep the surface get ya nervous getting beat
like the buffalo bills of the NFL, but hell
cuz I'm hittin' just as hard as those who 4 times fell, well
and if you don't like the simile, well get to me
I'll break it down until it's Ren and Stimpy simply
easy to manage and its gotta be taken in stride
ride the wave and fit the pipe until it rolls outside
boldly going unconscious and like a steal box its
hard to get in, but I begin since age six
independently forced to regress it
yeah and you don't even know how I stress it
it's easy to be hard" - It's Easy To Be Hard

"Ask me if I got something on my mind? well, slightly
too many fools are lookin' like they got a contract with Nike
swoosh this, swoosh that - swooshes everywhere
one swoosh is kinda phat, but too many swooshes, you loses
the only single swoosh I wear is on my shoeses
and that's enough for this one man, OB
I'm not about to be contributing to a monopoly
I gotta have some time of dichotomy
so I fila, reebok and converse with my nike
you can spite me, but act like it won't get back
why support an organization that's historically non-black?
just do it? nah, just screw it
give some money to the Flavor Unit, cuz they're really doin' it
don't ruin it, like I said before just put your two in it
it doesn't matter what you have, it's what you do with it" - More Than You Bargained For

"You been droppin' rhymes a lot? nope, just a little
while I've been droppin' mental riddles since I was fresh off the nipple" - More Than You Bargained For

"Rhymes are like cereal, and you can't even wheat check it..." - More Than You Bargained For

"I'm climbin' with my rhymin' just like niacin is a vitamin
I stay away from flyer men and then I hit the side again
slip in strictly women, on the quest to find a ten
playin' hokey pokey and eventually my shin is in
searchin' for some skin ta maybe in and splinta
but never really finding nothing new just like the Pinta" - More Than You Bargained For

"It's gettin' drastic, I'm 'bout to blast it before I pass it
and when I pay, I cash it - 'cause I have no plastic
when I see an ugly face, I gas it
If it was me and KRS in a battle, I would get my ass kicked
But any other MC, come step to me,
I'll show you how I got the name OB
pullin' out my light saber with the flavor of the force, G
better get yourself a doggy with a handle cuz you can't see" - Pass It

"Some folks talk a lotta shit but they're gameless
when I'm on the mic, I'm servin' suckas like a waitress
me and the crew, who knew? but now ya know, like a crow you went and flew,
but you're slippin' like a shoe on some doodoo" - Pass It

"I'm kizickin' the rizeal, this is hizow I fizeel
yiziyes y'izall, I'm pizackin' my stizeal
I'm gonna bizuck buck some fizools right quizick
if they even trizy to stizep to my shizit
I'm a mizotherfuckin' maniac and my nizutsack
is so bizig I gotta hizold in my bizackpack
yizo, I knizow a hizo, I put my dizick in her but nizow I gotta gizo
pizeace!" - Whizut?

"So put the flame away, before I blow up 'cuz I'm combustible
come at me with your boyz, I got crew like a Huxtable" - ?

"So watch me and analyze me, it's biological
cortex wrecks, your body stretched, I'm diabolical" - ?

"If you think you're the shit, well pop a zit and bust this:
My name ain't Lucky but I'm out for Justice
Cuz pathetic you is, and Poetic is what I be
Mary J. told me your name, but still counldn't Remind Me
I'm all that and extra chicken strips with your biscuits
I'm this quick and slicker than that oil on your dipstick" - ?

"Pass me a 40 - oops, I mean two Mountain Dew 20 ounce quick slams..." - ?

"Raze like a blaze, it's amazin' I'm still on the outside lookin' in, grinnin' like a Cali raisin..." - ?

"My rhymes are so heavy, with a shovel you couldn't haul it
how you write? with AT&T you couldn't call it" - ?

"A couple more milleniums of this and then I'm out
but till then I'm in this shit, like gold in Flava's mouth" - ?

All Material Is 1992-1996 by ME -

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