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OB in the house! I started writing in '89, recording in '92, put out 8 tapes and two 'best of' CDs - trying to do my thing. Check it : sounds, pics, lyrics, history and more.

- History
- Discography
- Sounds
- Lyrics
- Pictures
- 'Current' Projects

All Lyrical Material Is © 1989-1998 by me - 'cuz I wrote it.

Update: 5/12/02:
Took a little while, but we've recouped ALL of the albums on tape (thanks to my man the G.O.B and Jay, also) and I'm beginning to put them into my computer and then onto CD's. That's right - all 8 of 'em, plus the 2Dope live EP thing and we'll even compile the Second Bestos CD we'd planned years ago. That should be finished anytime in the next month or two. (psst... or maybe during 2004 - *no kidding* - we actually have finished digitizing all of the OB tapes. It only took two years! Word. The computer burning wasn't working so we got a stand-alone burner and ripped 'em out in April 2004.)

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