Sedona Trip November 2005

Sedona, Arizona | November 2005

Steph and I flew out to Sedona in the middle of November to attend the wedding of my old friend Mike Dendinger and his now wife Alison. I took this picture of Mike's family getting their picture taken shortly after the wedding. My family away from my family. Great peoples.

This is the famous chapel on Chapel Rock, built in the '50s in the middle of the red rocks, 200 feet off the ground. Its cross is 90 feet high.

The chapel from the rear and looking out from the inside. It's an amazing piece of architecture. The gift shop in the basement is almost as large as the building itself. Praise Jesus. And give him money.

Just down the rock from the chapel is this crazy house under construction... is it a residence? If it is, it ain't cheap.

These rock formations on the left are called The Nuns, located behind the chapel. Another wider shot of them is below.

This formation is called Courthouse Butte, located near Bell Rock. Not sure why it got the courthouse name.

This is a wide shot of Cathedral Rock as taken from the chapel. Below is Cathedral Rock on its own. Nice looking rock.

Here are a couple of random (or at least name-unknown) rock formations.

This is a wide shot of Bell Rock on the far left and some more rock landscape.

Another wide shot of Bell Rock with Courthouse Butte on the left.

A closer shot of Bell Rock.

Bell Rock, close up. It's my fave rock. Can you tell? Steph and I jumped the fence (only because we couldn't find where the fence stops, not because it's prohibited. I think.) and climbed up Bell Rock. It was great fun. Here are some views from the climb.

The view from the side of Bell Rock, at our highest point (maybe just shy of being halfway up) with Sedona below.

This is the very top of Bell Rock as seen from our highest point climbed.

This is the tree that was growing out of Bell Rock at the point where we stopped climbing. Nice frame. There are tons of these hardy trees growing out of the rocks.

Here are 4 random views from Bell Rock. In the first, you can see our silver rental car on the road below (the farthest right).

I put my camera on a small rocky ledge and set the timer and snapped this ultra-cute picture of Steph and I in front of the tree, on our spot up on Bell Rock, right before I proposed...

This is the gorgeous engagement ring that I slipped onto Steph's gorgeous finger after she said yes. Woo!

Here are a couple shots of us after the wedding (I was an usher, hence the tux). Taken by Mike's sister Julie.

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