OB's Tape Trading RULES

's Tape Trading Rules

1. Be Honest. Send when you say you will send. Send WHAT you say you will send. If you need a couple days to get things finished, tell me, I'm ok with it as long as you let me know. Sometimes it might take me a couple extra days to send, 'cuz I'm busy - but I'll tell you beforehand.

2. Tapes. I use at LEAST high bias (type II) tapes, usually Maxell XL-II (as most traders do) but if you really prefer TDK or whatever, we can figure it out. I'm flexible. :-) However, if the trade involves very high quality stuff, or very special stuff, I have no problem using higher grade tapes. (I have some shows myself that are on Metal tapes). I see no problem with this if it is deemed necessary, and agreed upon by both parties. Oh yeah, don't touch anything on the tapes (i.e. j-cards, inserts, covers, etc...) I do all my own labeling, and I want to keep it that way. But let me know which tape is which. I usually put a piece of paper with a I or a II or whatever on it, inside the cases. Actually, if you want to write on the tape label itself (the one that goes on the casing) go for it. I have too many tapes that are already unlabled, so it would actually help me out. So if you feel like it, do it!
NEVER use Dolby Noise Reduction.
NEVER use high speed dubbing.
It is never as good as normal speed. Tape something twice, using each method, and listen. See?
Also, please don't use auto reverse taping. I used to, 'cuz it's easy, but it's also way too easy to mess things up (like cut off the end or beginning of a song.) Plus I have heard of problems with difference of quality depending on which direction the tape is spinning.

3. Sending. Use padded envelopes only. Send setlists! (On separate sheets of paper, or email it.) Include date, venue, city, state, and any other relevant information, Like GENERATION. I really prefer to know it, please include it if you are sure about it. Track down your source if you can. Knowing what generation your show is will only encourage others to trade with you. Demand it from people you trade with!
Priority mail is only needed if the trade is big, and therefore involves 4 or more tapes. (Priority mail is not any quicker than First Class and costs more, unless the package is too heavy.) This should be discussed if you think it's necessary. Also, I usually send cases, but if you really don't want to, that's fine with me.
If you have computer made J-cards, send 'em! I don't have many, but I send 'em when I do.
Note: if you are sending me blanks, please try to send a self addressed stamped padded envelope... its much easier for me that way, so you'll get them back faster if I don't have to go to the Post Office. And under no circumstances should you send METERED STICKERS for return postage. The PO hates that stuff. And sometimes will NOT send it. Send stamps or cash.

4. Receiving. PLEASE tell me you got the tapes alright. It racks my brain when people don't say whether or not they got their tapes. I want to make sure it went through ok! Tell me what you liked, what you didn't appreciate. It will only help me in future trades.

You think I'm kidding.

Thank you, and have a nice day! :-)