The Roots

12/19/98 @ 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

It ain't nuttin' like... hip-hop music!

Great show in DC. The crew went on early, the club had something else planned for later that night... anyway, so I actually got there like 5 min. before the opening act (some kinda rock/rap fusion thing) went off... so I thought I was hella early but was JUST in time...

Scratch came out and started it off... then joined by ?uest, Hub, Kamal and then Tariq... Dice came out, Malik showed up and ripped a few tracks, Beenie Mac was there and came on for Adrenaline, a couple other MC's came out for the encore, too... one of them was Tariq's cousin. The show was very nice... the new material was tight. Peeps were into it and probably didn't know most of them... look out when the record's out and people know the songs. You could tell the crew was energized about doing the new tunes. Except for a couple mic problems (we missed Malik's entire verse in Clones) and having to do an early show and cut it short a little, it was a great time...they did in no particular order : Proceed, Mellow My Man, Silent Treatment, What They Do, Concerto, Push up ya Lighter, Clones, Next Movement, 100% Dundee, Step into a Realm, Ain't sayin' nothing new, Dont see us, Adrenaline, Dynamite, a very nice two-part hiphop 101, and extended solos by Scratch, ?uest, Hub and Kamal plus a couple other jams I coudn't name or don't remember. There were 9 cats on stage for the encore... 5 MC's, scratch, hub, ?uest and kamal. damn. and the kid standing right next to me (and who was leaning on my elbow the whole show) caught one of Ahmir's sticks... hahaha... after the show I caught pounds from Malik, Kamal and Ahmir... Kamal was talking to this one guy right beside me, and damn, I thought he looked so familiar... and then it hit me... it was Mad Skills! haha! he came out to check the show, but becuase it was early he only caught like the last 15 minutes... hehe! damn, it was so cool... dice, malik, scratch, everybody but Rahzel, though with scratch - who misses rahzel? I tried to get Tariq's attention, but he was a bit aloof after the show... but with that many people trying to get at you... (at least 3 people said "yo Black, don't forget to call me!") ...anyway, I left my house at 4:30, saw the show, left... got back here at like 3 am. 400 miles, damn! All well worth it.

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