Phoenix Zoo | February 2005
Phoenix Zoo | February 2005

During my visit to Phoenix in Feb '05 to hang out with Mike, we spent an afternoon at the zoo. It's not bad, lots of 'islands' of primates in their lake, so not as many 'cages' - their squirrel monkey habitat was cool (it's a walk-through) but their orangutan exhibit really sucks. But it gets so hot during the day that for a large percentage of the year, it's not even open in daytime. And that must suck for some of these animals. The siamangs weren't out and that sucked for me! But at least it was nice and cool in February.

Right when you walk in, their giraffe yard is the first thing you walk into. And bonus - they were doing a giraffe feeding! There are other things in their yard, some gazelles and/or ostrich and/or wild cattle or some such, I don't remember. Got some nice shots of the giraffe eating.

I dug their squirrel monkey exhibit, which was relatively new and relatively unique - I don't know of any other walk-through monkey exhibits. We have a lemur walk-through, but lemurs ain't monkeys. And - it's open-topped, so if a tree falls over or something and lands on top of the wall, it's monkeys everywhere.

There was a sign for saki monkeys in the squirrel monkey exhibit, but they either weren't in it yet or not outside, which was kind of a bummer. We tried putting our saki and squirrel monkeys together but it didn't work.

This is the main tree in the squirrel monkey area - pretty major tree. Count the monkeys, I dare you.

This is one of their female orangs, though I can't remember if it's the mom or daughter. The daughter maybe. She became pregnant later in the year.

This lovely white rhino was nice enough to not move for 47 minutes so that I could take this picture. Actually, I think it's kinda ugly, but awesome horns.

This bad boy is a Hamadryas baboon, the same species we had at Bucknell. They love to sit there and show off while not moving so you can admire their elegant hair and bright red penis. Exhibit A:

Showing their humongously large canine teeth (larger than a lion's) is a threat display, and if you stand in front of their exhibit long enough and yawn and show your own teeth, eventually they'll get pissed and show you theirs. Like this.

River otter. I swear I wasn't yawning in front of his exhibit.

Rintailed Lemur island... we walked up just as keepers were feeding them - by heaving large chunks of fruit from across the water. Not exactly scientific, but I'd probably enjoy it, too.

All aboard the Orangutrain!

Vultures are fucking bad-ass.

I took a lot of pictures of this Mandrill (the world's largest monkey) but none really captured their crazy colored bodies as well as I hoped. But dig it, anyway. Freakish, eh?

Mike took these. It was my idea. Don't ask.

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