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Nancies At NYE '96

Check us out:

Amazingly enough, Matt, Nikki and I made it from Milwaukee to Hampton, VA and BACK, safe and sound, in this peice of shit. (No offense Nikki, but the car sucks rocks.) It stalled and backfired at LEAST 47 times on the trip. (Yes, we kept track!)
Photo courtesy of Danielle Madeira

Ah, the temple. Hampton Colliseum. Bow if you must.
Photo courtesy of Sam Lewis

Some of us decided to jam in the parkin' lot before the show.

This is yours truly on the djembe drum & Sam Lewis on the gee-tar. (That's Brad Wright & Mark Endicott trying to figure out how to work a camcorder on the left.) And yeah, I really had shorts on.

Here's Sam rockin' out with some guy who just walked by and stopped to sing Tripping Billies. "You go, boy!"

The power trio. Mark learned the opening line to Watchtower, so we tore the roof off. Dig it.
Photos courtesy of Sam Lewis

Eventually we all migrated to the line. Some of us gathered for a picture. Starting on the bottom left, clockwise that's: Mark Endicott, Nancy Casellini, Brad Wright, me (don't ask), Nikki Krzyzanowski, Laura Plumpton, Danielle Madeira, Matt Camp, Kelly Bolton, Karen Goodwin, her sister Jane, Soo Kim (bottom center), Then there's Darlene Afaisen (in the bright red coat) and the top of someone's unknown head in the middle.
Photo courtesy of Mark Endicott

Inside the show, someone spied Joy Ondo and snapped this photo: That's Stella Chiang's nose just to Joy's left, and Christine Baginski on her right, and to the right of Christine, that's Kelly Bolton, no doubt turning around for someone's binocular request (again.) Probably mine.
Photo courtesy of Sam Lewis

The day after. The quest for food.
Some of us got together the next day for some grub. (Chili's, eventually.)
L-R it's: Soo Kim, Kelly Bolton, Matt Camp, Nikki K, me,
Christine Baginski, Stella (Marie) Chiang, and Laura Plumpton.
Photos courtesy of Danielle Madeira

Same group, only Danielle is in this one (Soo took the pic).
I don't know what I was trying to accomplish, but it was *cold*.

And who was in attendence but not in any of these photos, you ask?
Well... let me tell you....
Jhad Friesen, John Athayde (Bobo), Brian Pace, Devon Cavanagh, Julia Wyatt, Tana Reiff, Tom Haughton, Laura Le Clair (Dash), Chris and Meg Smith, Ian McCray, Marc Allman, Heather Patterson... ok, who did I forget?

That's it. (I pray I spelled everybody's name right.) Special thanks to those whose pictures were used for this.
Peace - Chris

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