Nellie The Neon

I said goodbye to my girl Nellie on August 16, 2006. She drove me to and fro for almost 6 1/2 years and never complained. But it was time. She was well over 10 years old. Her brakes were crunchier than a truckload of Doritos. The odometer read 90 thousand and change, but we both knew it was probably 105-110K. Here is her last known photo, standing guard outside our front yard (May 2006):


Nellie ('95 Plymouth Neon) began her life with me on 3/15/00 - my first car made in the 90's - hell, my first real car, period. She gots a radio that works (with a tapedeck!), and a backseat, and AC, and a trunk, and intermittent wipers, and a cup holder, and front wheel drive, and automatic transmission, and a glove compartment, and... [These are all things unavailable on my last vehicle]. Say hi.

Pull up to my bumper, baby. Courtesy of Erin Price, 4/00.

oB pimp style in Nellie the Neon. EP, 4/00.

Nellie smiles and waves at the same time. [Jen Maline in the passenger seat, incognito] OB, 6/00.

Profile, ya dig. Moms, 6/00.

My poor baby covered in snow on the morning of February 18, 2003... halfway dug out. photo by OB.

Revised bumper shots. 3/04 by oB. Extra scruffed and extra stickered. And differently plated.

Nellie rolled over 50,000 miles on Memorial Day 2001, May 28th - on the City Avenue bridge over the Schkyulkill River in Philadelphia, PA. She then rolled a Yahtzee (all 5's) on December 29, 2001 in Crawford County, Ohio. I missed 60K and all 6's, but I hit 70,000 on Kelly Drive on the way to work on the morning of Friday, August 15, 2003. Another Super-Yahtzee with all 7's came and went on October 1st, 2004 while cruising down Route 422 near Philly on my way to my baby's house. I wanted to take a picture, brought my camera, and missed it by 3 miles. Damn. She clicked through 80 grand on Route 30 just after crossing the Ohio border heading from IN->PA after a Thanksgiving trip home, on November 26th, 2004. Finally hit 90 thou in June of 2006 (somewhere around 19th-20th) on my way to work, I think. My bad. Yeah, those are actual miles. Right.

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