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Steph and I were married on September 30, 2006 @ Valley Green Inn in Philadelphia. She is my wife. Hell yeah. Photo by Erin Price.

Steph and I became engaged to be married on November 12, 2005. It happened halfway up Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ. I was not nervous! Steph barely remembers because she was completely taken aback, but it was very well done! hehe. Yep, those are pink sapphires. I have good taste.

Here's uber-adorable Steph's son Tristan. Taken in October 2004, when he was just 2 1/2. Click on his photo for many, many more pictures of him. He's got his own page!

Here's a really sweet shot of Steph & Tristan reading before bedtime, August 2007.

We were in Sedona for Mike Dendinger's wedding (I was an usher, hence the tux) when I proposed. Photos by Mike's sister Julie. Quite the lovely ceremony. Dendingers rule.

Yes, Steph has always been that fucking cute.

Here's a snapshot of what I got Steph for Valentine's Day, 2007. She's sorta anti-Valentine for some reason. Something about the commercialness of it all. So I'm not really allowed to do too much. Anyway, I got her 15 purple iris (her fave flowers) and a jumbo bag of candy hearts and a card. I wrote out a message with the hearts...

It says: "To my love, my girl and my baby, I love you. Ura tiger, ura ten. I'm sure got love for you. Ask me to love you. I hope to love you awesome. Hug me and kiss me and love me and fax me. Be mine and ask me to dream for you, cutie pie. Smile :-), it's love." I created that around 4 a.m. She got me a dozen white chocolate/strawberry truffles from Godiva, which are FUCKING DELICIOUS. I also made these for her...

I also made a few more, but you're not allowed to see those.

Steph looking great in the freezing cold and Tristan looking very unamused on the Sorry gamepiece in Thomas Paine Plaza near City Hall in January 2007.

The power trio, July 2005 - Curry 60th Anniversary.

At the folks' house for Steph's shower, June '06.

My mom took this one of us in downtown Philly on a Sorry gamepiece in the Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall. "Your Move"... 12/05 (same location as Steph & Tristan from above!)

At Christina Carey's wedding in October 2005. Photo by Anna Angemi.

Steph bought me this lovely bouquet of flowers in the summer of 2005. They're Stargazer Lilys. Yep.

Here we are on Steph's Aunt Sandy's couch for Christmas 2004.

I don't know how I did, but I actually convinced Steph to have these silly photobooth pictures taken at a Spaghetti Warehouse sometime in the very early stages of our dating. I think it was probably September or October of 2004. There were 4 pictures total and we cut it in half and she kept the other two. She probably destroyed them, as she told me they were horrible and hated that I put them on display. They're in a frame sitting next to a poem Steph wrote for me.

I absolutely love and adore this photograph. It was the first picture of Steph and Tristan that I owned (I asked Steph for a copy of it as soon as I saw it, sometime in September (?) of 2004... luckily, she had a double). It's from a Fourth of July fireworks display from that year, I think. They are both so fucking cute, it's ridiculous. I finally scanned it in and put it online in February of 2007! It sits in a frame (as it has since I got it) on my dresser next to my alarm clock. It's the first thing I see every morning.


Steph and I first met January 13, 2000. We had our first date August 8, 2004. We fell in love sooner than later. We were married September 30, 2006. Happily ever after.

Love is the shit (that makes life bloom).

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