Jammin' wit jb - December '99

We be jammin' wit jb!

December '99

I spent a couple weekends up in Michigan with my pallies Jendy Barnes, aka jb and Laura Marie Jansen, aka LoLo. We went to a concert, and made one of our own. Dig the details.

Here's a couple shots of jb, me and LoLo chillin' in front of the Blind Pig where we saw Agents of Good Roots jam out on 12/1. I have Seed in hand. Good show. Andrew's a freak. Got a free sticker, though. Apparently, I am a freak as well, judging from these poses.

Here's the jam crew chillin' in jb's house before the Ekoostik Hookah show later in December (that I didn't attend). Jendy, Cassie, me (again, in critically idiotic mode), Nate and LoLo round out the various peoples involved.

We broke out the guitars and the flute, and the DAT and the camcorder and the camera - and great googly moogly, here ya go!

Nate rocks the house.

As do I.

I jam as Jendy's mom listens with much glee and LoLo chills with her flooot.

whew! rock on. We just jammed out to a couple little chord progressions (HdH, actually) and some other familiar tunes, DMB and the like. It was way fun. Copies of the jam are available by request, or send a SASE plus $499.99 for s/h to me when you get a chance.
Peace - Chris

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