Goosebumps (Live @ The Fire) | 4.6 MB
This one gives me the chills! Not really. But it's one of the first songs we ever really could *really* play, and we'd never actually played it for an audience until this gig in summer '08, from our August residency at The Fire (same as W&W below, 8/18). We figured it was never too late, even though it's cheesy as hell. But we love cheese, so here you go - and dig the usual awesome stage banter before and after the tune. Probably the last time we'll play this one out. Eight may be enough, but in some cases just the one will do.

Whiskey & Women (Live @ The Fire) | 3.4 MB
We were feeling pretty good at this show (#3 of the August residency in 2008 @ The Fire, 8/18/08) and it showed in this confident, rockin' performace of our best live song. There were still a couple of minor goofs, but you can't really tell because we rip it so hardcore. This MP3 replaces the previous best performance of the tune from May 2007. Still available to check out is the clip of all the extra stage-banter from that 5/14/07 gig, witty as it may be, in one chopped-up-and-spliced-together MP3 of its own (1.5 MB), including the two small sections I cut out of that version of Whiskey. Enjoy full disclosure.

Whiskey & Women (Album Version) | 4.6 MB
This is one of our favorite tunes to play live, it freakin' rocks your socks off and it's about our buddy George W. Bush. It's almost like you're a terrorist if you like this song. Not really. This is track #2 off our new record - Leave An Impression.

And I'm Not (Album Version) | 5.0 MB
It would take way too long to explain this one, but it's got some nice acoustic dimensions and harmonic transitions. Or whatever. Just listen, it's way awesome! From the new CD Leave An Impression.

Losing My Patience (Album Version) | 3.8 MB
Breakin' out the congas for the second verse and the JAM, look out! This song's a little angry, a little guilty, a little bewildered. Rock it. Also from the nuevo disco Leave An Impression.

Eraser (Album Version) | 3.7 MB
I was totally in love with this gorgeous girl who I didn't know very well. And she had a boyfriend. And she totally led me on. Read all about it right here. Dude, she invited me over for Christmas Dinner... knowing I had the hots for her! Her boyfriend was gonna be there! What the eff?! Oh, the muse... it befuddles. Track 5 from Leave An Impression.

Summer Of '69 (Bryan Adams cover; Live @ The Fire) | 3.0 MB
We only learned the damn song the night before we decided to OPEN with it at our open mic set at The Fire... and after a sketchy first verse, it calms down and sounds kinda nice! Dig it. In this MP3, you'll also learn how old Bryan Adams actually was during the summer of 1969 and why the entire song might just be a figment of his imagination. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Jim Croce cover; Live @ The Fire) | 3.0 MB
I embarrasingly only discovered the greatness of Mr. Jim Croce sometime in 2004ish. And he's local! South Philly born, even finished up in Upper Darby! I tried to figure out this song by ear one day and couldn't quite get it but thought it might be easy enough once I knew the chords. Well, it was (3 chords later!) and here you go. Not even all that bad. This ended my 7/30/07 set at The Fire and was better than (and replaces) the first try back in May.

There's A Storm Comin' ([mostly] by Tristan Ellis) | 1.5 MB
A true collaborative effort, featuring the baddest-ass, 4-year-old, future-rock-star you'll ever meet. He's rockin' the mic. He's strummin' the strings. He's singin' about Shrek. The final version is all Tristan on the strums and words, with oB on the actual chord finger positions. We also will let you check out a short outtake [730 KB] where my man is getting used to the mic (miscues occur) but still has some gnarly wails; and a kick-ass, mash-up remix version [1.2 MB], featuring oB on all the guitar and incorporating parts of an HdH original ("And I'm Not"). All versions were recorded live on June 2, 2006 @ Twin-B Studios.

Wednesday (Live @ Valley Green Inn) | 3.2 MB
Our biggest gig to date - opening for Fooling April at oB's wedding at the Valley Green Inn in Philadelphia on September 30, 2006. No we didn't get paid and yeah it was only one song, but come on! We rocked this captivated crowd of 80 people, whom we all knew personally, with a new song that no one had ever heard before. There are the requisite couple of goofs, but all in all - not too bad considering the physical state of the performer. (We also offer up the intro [1.5 MB, no music] to the song, which, if you can decipher what I'm saying, is kind of funny and includes a brief description of the inspiration of the song).

The No-Show (Live @ The Fire) | 2.9 MB
First time performed, barely a month old, not even a bad version! Vox are kinda flat at first, but it gets better. It's a quickie, rockin' your socks off in under 3 minutes. Recorded live at The Fire on September 18, 2006 - eventually was released on our 3rd record.

My Sister & Her God (Live @ The Fire) | 4.0 MB
An older song finally recorded semi-nicely, this one is hard to explain. Go get the lyrics and follow along and maybe you can figure it out. Recorded later for studio album #3; recorded live @ The Fire on 9/18/06.

Never Better (Live @ The Fire) | 2.2 MB
A fairly new tune, still not the super-est of performances, but it's complete and not painfully horrible. And it's fun. I giggle just a bit on the very first line because I had started the song once, lost my monitor in mid-verse, stopped, started again but then said the wrong lyric, then re-re-started right away and laughed at myself when I was doing it. There you go. I tagged on some crowd chatter on the end that's probably better than the song. Recorded live at The Fire's open mic on May 22, 2006.

* What About Now & Karate [Tenacious D cover] (Live @ The Fire) | 3.0 MB / 1.3 MB
Decent-sounding live tracks! Complete songs! Complete songs without major errors! Crowd interaction! Witty banter! It's all right here, in your 1-2 punch of two live tracks from HdH's open mic performance at The Fire in Philly, PA on 1/23/06. Right on. Especially take note of the awesomeness of the chatty intro to What About Now (which, incidentally, may be our best, most complete single performance thus far) and the big, fat crowd singalong at the end of Karate, HdH's first ever live cover.(*warning: there are several f-bombs in both files.)

Stephanie Lynn (Demo v2.0) | 2.2 MB
The first demo we made of this was ok but megarough, so we decided a revised version of the demo should be made that was semi-palatable. Written August '05, re-recorded 12/31/05 @ Rock Spot. Simple and *sweet*, this time. This will see the official light of day whenever record #4 comes out.

Tow The Bar (Live @ The Fire) | 3.4 MB
Holy hi-fi, Batman! A live track! It does exist. Here we are in all of our effed-up first verse-ness. Besides that little goof, the rest of the tune actually sorta comes off kinda ok. If you don't mind crappy guitar playing and semi-singing. Some stage banter before and after the tune. Ah, that's good stuff. Enjoy it, kids. Recorded live during open mic at The Fire in Philadelphia, PA on 11/7/05. Bonus! Check out the band's intro to Temperature (which followed Tow The Bar) and witness the hilariously amazing crowd interaction [340 KB, no music]. Extra bonus! Hear OB introduce the band from HdH's first time at The Fire's open mic on 9/26/05 [560 KB, no music].

22nd Street (Studio Cover) | 2.1 MB
HdH's raucous take on the righteous tune by Stook, aka Josh Stuckey. A simultaenous tribute to Katrina & The Waves, Jet and Green Day. Sort of. This doesn't sound like anything we have ever done. It's great. Recorded mid-June 2005 in a cover-exchange with Mr. Stuckey, but also for possible inclusion in our future covers album.

The Beginning's End (Album Version) | 3.5 MB
Another new track off the new album, with crazy drums and percussion and wild vocals and clangy guitars and total awesomeness. The yang to Into's yin, if you will. For the sake of details, if you were wondering, this song was written 2 years before 9/11.

Feel Free (Album Version) | 4.1 MB
This feel-good track off of our 2nd record is actually one of the 1st ones we finished way back in early 1999. One of those done-me-wrong songs. She was really cute, though. Love the drums (and backing vocals) in the bridge.

Watching The Clock (Album Version) | 3.5 MB
This song sounds awesome on the master tape - unfortunately, it lost something in the transfer to CD. I don't get it, but anyway, I love the bridges in this (vocals especially) and the break in the middle is fun as hell. S&B's song.

The Sound Of You (Album Version) | 4.9 MB
Album track #8 off of our first record, Breaking The Ice, released March 23, 2004. Not bad, some cool electric/acoustic dynamics, some voice effects, some fake drums. I like the intro. It's very long.

Sooner Or Later (Album Version) | 3.7 MB
The first track off of our debut album, Breaking The Ice, released March 23, 2004. It is what it is, which is about as good as it's gonna get, so I hope ya dig it. Cool breakdown in the middle.

What If (Album Version) | 3.7 MB
I loved this drum track (pre-looped) and it fit in the song great so I went with it. This is an old, old song (one of the first ones in the catalog) but some of the lyrics are proud moments of mine. Via CD #1. I dig the weird ska-ish ending.

Goosebumps (Album Version) | 4.3 MB
There is some horrible editing and mixing in this tune, but it's a cool song, a nice vocal and it's got a sweet, sweet guest saxophone courtesy of Tre Clarke in there that makes it all worthwhile. From Breaking The Ice.

Days Go By (Dirty Vegas Cover Demo) | 2.2 MB
And you thought Electronica/Dance/Club music couldn't be arranged for solo acoustic guitar! The words are not mine, but the music and inflection is all OB. Recorded on August 9, 2002 @ Rock Spot. Probably eventually to be officially recorded and released on a covers EP in the distant future. I'm actually proud of this one, but you should judge for yourself if that pride is warranted.

- - - - -

Previously [But Currently Un] Available MP3's

Here's another version, live @ The Fire on 10/30/06 - much fewer goofs and not as shaky on the vox, but not performed at my wedding, either. You can hear Nate the host introducing me and then I mention that I got married one month prior - followed by 3 people clapping as if they were forced to. And a very sarcastic "thanks". Song's not bad, though. EXCEPT for the very loud cell phone ringtone you can hear plain as day at the very end of the song (the quiet part). Yeah. Nice.

More (For You) (Live @ The Fire) | 4.1 MB
Recorded by Nick Karn. A semi-decent performance of a very new song, 1st time played ever! August 4, 2008 @ The Fire - back for the 1st time in almost a year - and we unintentionally sabatoged our own recording, but Nick totally bailed us out with this probably-would-have-sounded-better-either-way take. We completely left out 3 lines of lyrics as part of the 3rd pre-chorus that we also just didn't play, so just pretend you didn't know that before we told you.

And I'm Not (Live @ Crossroads) | 4.5 MB
This isn't a great performance. Vocals aren't terribly strong or convincing; two obvious errors; some weak guitar playing. The mere fact we actually made it through this song in its entirety is pretty good, even moreso that we did it with the feeble amount of practice that actually occurred prior to its performance! That, and the little chit chat after the song is pretty funny. Rock it out. First full version of this song played live. First and last time HdH will play Crossroads.

Going To (Live @ The Fire) | 3.2 MB
We played this song out back in late 2005 and it failed to impress, but we broke it out and managed a slight salvation this time around. Not bad, not great, but worthy enough to share. Song #2 on the May 14, 2007 setlist. I was most worried about this one of the three and it turned out to be the one least-effed-up. Imagine that.

Whiskey & Women (Live @ The Fire) | 3.7 MB
Thanks to the miracle of digital editing, this performance sounds pretty solid! Sort of. It starts a little weak but it improves over time... kinda like me as a baby. It wasn't all that bad in reality, except for two minor lyrical goofs, where I started two different passages with the wrong lyric. They were both in sections where I wasn't really playing guitar, so they were edited out and re-attached and unless you know where to look, you probably wouldn't find them. Makes me look a lot better, too - even though I just told you that it's all a big, fat lie.

Temperature (Live @ The Fire) | 4.1 MB
Considering that until this performance happened, I don't think this song was played in its entirety since July - this is a solid rendition. We needed to replace that horribly low-fi, reverbed-up version from the summer, so here ya go. Album version on record #3. Recorded live @ The Fire on January 8, 2007.

Either Way (Live @ The Fire) | 2.5 MB
Not the crispiest of recordings, but the performance wasn't too majorly messed up. First time performed, not bad. Recorded live at The Fire on April 10, 2006.

Stephanie Lynn (Live @ Steel City) | 3.7 MB
Here's a live version that you can't really hear, and it's really low-fi due to the location of the recorder (not in front of speakers!) and the super chatty crowd. Mostly it's to let you hear how awful the crowd was (and this is an acoustic open mic), but also to hear my awesome little intro about having my mom and mother-in-law there and wanting to play songs with very sexually graphic material (mostly to try and freak my mom out), "so I wrote a song called Fornicatin' In The Woods. (big crowd applause) Not really." My mom realizes the song is about Steph at the 1:39 mark and distinctly says "awww". Sweet. Recorded live at Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA on 12/29/05.

Simply Because (Freshly Made Demo) | 3.4 MB
A slightly newer song. The guitar is horribly not-in-tune, but then again my voice is naturally off, so it kinda works. Recorded September 30, 2003 @ Rock Spot, finished being written just a couple weeks prior. This is being recorded for album #3, but check it out until then (it might be a while).

Into (Album Version) | 3.3 MB
The official first song of the official second album, Simple And Bitter [released 5.17.05], with a kickass drum track and plenty of acoustic rock flavor. Woo!

Family Tree (Album Version) | 4.0 MB
Yet another happy tune from Simple And Bitter! It's like an after-school special. Not really. Enjoy.

Tow The Bar (Album Version) | 3.1 MB
No [fake] drums on this one - another off of album #2; some weird last-minute vocal additions in the breaks, but the rest is kinda cool. This one ain't about me, though. Somewhat funky. And short. I love the ending.

Lightning Strikes Twice (Rough Demo Mix) | 3.3 MB
LST was written and demo'd at Rock Spot in March of 2002. It's a short one at just under 3:30. Keep in mind this is a ROUGH demo and mixing is not the band's forte. It's probably one of the least embarassing of all the demos - this was eventually recorded 'properly' for Simple And Bitter.

Boiling Points (Album Version) | 3.7 MB
One complete acoustic guitar track with vocals and that's it. I was going for unfooled-around-with minimalism. Lovely percussive power chord strumming, don't you think? It's off of our first album.

Ten Feet Tall (Album Version) | 4.0 MB
Nice little acoustic track sans drums, with a little additional electricness and a double vocal. Fun stuff from the first CD. Pretty poppy for me.

Brazilian Rain (Album Version) | 4.0 MB
I love the verse riff on this tune but I think I should have added more distortion on the fills. Rockin' back-n-forth chorus vocal with some effects in there. It's hard to tell, but that's a truck driving through the rain outside of my window in the beginning. From the debut LP, Breaking The Ice.

Whiskey & Women (Live @ The Fire) | 3.5 MB
The best version so far, from 3/12/07; getting closer to a non-screwed-up performance. Still available is the first time it was played out, literally about a week after I finally finished it... when I thought it would be fresh in my mind, as I'd been playing it non-stop for days... and then of course I rigorously messed it up a couple times. So bad the first time that I had to stop and re-start. I was playing it perhaps a little too fast, also. Must have been due to the fact that it was Mischief Night (10-30-06). This MP3 is the whole song after it was started the second time, but of course in the name of full disclosure you can also download the aborted first attempt, which includes a mildly funny intro about voting & Republicans [1.5 MB]. Steph says she said to herself "oh he's gonna mess that up" as soon as I said that I just finished it last week. Not exactly supportive, but she certainly knows her man.

Temperature (Live @ The Fire) | 3.0 MB
Finally, a complete live version of Temperature - with a catch. There were some problems with the guitar mic, so Nate added tons of reverb to it and it sounds kinda weird and also not loud. I remembered all the words, though - and towards the end the vocals aren't too horrible. Kinda boring in the first half. This was also the 3rd take of the song on this night, after a drop-out & a major feedback incident. Recorded live at The Fire's open mic, July 3, 2006.

Into (full-on demo version) | 3.3 MB
One tune from the spring/summer '02 batch of newer songs, this isn't a bad demo. Kinda jangly and fonky. You won't hear this one fully recorded until the second album, so hold on to it. Recorded at Rock Spot during April/May of 2002.

Santa Monica (Everclear cover) | 2.8 MB
A complete demo version of this classic pop-rock gem by Everclear - somewhat acoustically rearranged by yours truly. Learned and recorded at Rock Spot on 28 August 2002. This may end up officially recorded on a covers EP in the distant future.

What If (new studio test) | 3.2 MB
Another sorta new taste of an old song... again, not a finished product, but a test recording done with the drum machine. Dig it. This is just a couple minutes and the first couple of verses/bridges. Recorded at Rock Spot, 25 July 2002 (song written in 1998!)

West River Drive (new studio test) | 1.9 MB
Here's a taste of what the upcoming HdH debut record may sound like... this is a test recording done with the new studio and new guitar - and it's got vocals AND drums. That's right - percussion. Sure, it's a canned kit, but work with what you got. This clip is the first couple of verses, essentially. Recorded at Rock Spot, 15 May 2002.

The Sound Of You (intro studio excerpt) | 560 KB
Recorded at The Fifth Row in October 2001, this clip of the instrumental intro is entirely electric. Those studio sessions are being shelved, so the band decided to give y'all a glimpse of those distortion-filled days.

The Good Life (Weezer cover) | 530 KB
The first digital soundclip in HdH history... and it's a cover! This is the beginning of the song, with first verse and first bridge included. (The chorus vocals sucked). What you hear ain't too bad. Recorded at Selma Studios, January and February 2001.

There used to be a plethora of other (smaller) soundclips in Real Audio, but GeoCities deleted them ages ago. You can go here to see a list (complete with old, broken links!) of all clips that we used to have.