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The Latest HdH News : 11/5/2018

HUGE down HERE is gonna keep it #100 for you right about now. We're halfway done mixing this new record. If we stick to our current working pace, it should be done and out (digitally) by the end of December - just in time for Festivus! We're looking into getting physical CD copies semi-professionally made this time around, and that would take a little time after the official release. It costs a little bit, too, but frankly... with all of the ink I buy at ridiculous prices to make them all myself, it might even be cheaper. Certainly it would be less work! And I am a bit of a control freak about those kind of design details, so it would be a small leap of faith, too... but I'm definitely leaning towards outsourcing (who isn't these days!)

It's a bit of a process to get songs out of the mixer and into suitably real-world-worthy speakers (my car), but I have to check the mixes to see what needs to be tweaked, as that process can nudge things one way or the other (way out front or way buried). It's simultaneously kind of thrilling and frustrating. I'm stupidly proud of a lot of the different parts of these things I've created from scratch and it's fun as shit to hear them at high volume. It's also a pain when it doesn't sound how you want it to or think it's going to. But I've now heard these songs a bajillion times, and that's when thoughts begin creeping in... I know I'm not much of a singer, but I start feeling like my voice is often horrendously bad. I spend a lot of time and effort in crafting these tunes, so my baseline is to think that they're worth... something. I kind of don't want to just give them away. People far more talented than me have done just that, though. But I also don't expect anyone to think I'm a professional musician because obviously I'm not. I can handle not being all that great, but I think I can write a song. I'd much rather they were at least interesting if not actually good. I am generally happy with them, myself. But I've gone back and forth quite a bit in wondering how to offer them to other people. It seems presumptuous and borderline vain to assume anyone would be willing to spend actual money on them. I'm not sure I should expect someone who wants a CD to pay more than actual cost, if that. On the other hand, I almost feel like it would be insulting to myself to just give everything away for free. But I'm not sure if that's just a dick move. I mean, I'm recording in my unfinished basement here, people!

The short of it all is that I'm almost done, and it's been such a long time coming, the end can be kind of anticlimactic. I range between excited and apprehensive. I find the entire creative process very personally satisfying. It's the whole "other people" thing that gives me pause. I mostly just want it to be worth the trouble.

We gots a new album coming!

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HUGE down HERE has played a total of 26 gigs so far - mostly open mics - including our last performance at The Fire, where we broke out a new cover and generally had a good set. But that was in 2008. We're finally close to completing work on our 4th record, Bring It On, due LATE 2018.

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