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HdH : oB, Essie [band photo by Chris Oberlin]

The Latest HdH News : 5/21/2018

Step by step... inch by inch... HUGE down HERE moves ever closer to THE MIXDOWN. We finished vocals for another tune today, which leaves only about 3 or so left to track. I can feel it, y'all. OK, so... yeah, it's no longer really "early" 2018, though. Pretty much everything I say about when this record's coming out, you can just bank on it happening "when it's done" and not a minute sooner, so that should probably be before the end of this year... but who knows? Shit happens, bro. Sometimes literally. Don't ask. But we asked the band photographer to snap some proof of vocalizationness, so enjoy these rare, candid snaps of our fearless leader... in studio-specs, no less! Stay gold, Ponyboy.

We gots a new album coming!

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HUGE down HERE has played a total of 26 gigs so far - mostly open mics - including our last performance at The Fire, where we broke out a new cover and generally had a good set. But that was in 2008. We're finally close to completing work on our 4th record, Bring It On, due early 2018.

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