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HdH : oB, Essie [band photo by Chris Oberlin]

The Latest HdH News : 11/14/2017

BIG news in HdH land, folks! Yesterday, we finished instrument tracking for our upcoming 4th record entitled BRING IT ON. This means 3 things, which I will politely enumerate for you right now: 1. We didn't get squat done over the summer, which we kind of expected, but we also have been slow to get back into the groove since summer's end. Our bad. 2. We started VOCAL tracking TODAY! What what! Somebody throw me a lozenge! And finally, 3. There ain't no way in God's green earth that this record's coming out this year. Yes, it's the bummer to end all bummers, but I think we're still on par to make early 2018. That's about as specific as we're able to get. With a little luck and pluck, we might have a first "single" out before the end of 2017, but that's a bit of a carrot-on-a-stick right about now. It took almost exactly one year to get all the guitars and such tracked, after about 4 years of drum programming (and 4 years of absolutely nothing mixed in). I know what you're thinking. Will this record be worth the wait? With all due hyperbole, let me just say - hells yeah!

We gots a new album coming!

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HUGE down HERE has played a total of 26 gigs so far - mostly open mics - including our last performance at The Fire, where we broke out a new cover and generally had a good set. But that was in 2008. We're finally close to completing work on our 4th record, Bring It On, due early 2018.

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