Granian 3/25/99


3/25/99 @ Skip's Restaurant and Lounge - Lewisburg, PA

Hmm. Interesting show. First off, Skip's Restaurant and Lounge in Lewsiburg PA is normally a *strip joint* 6 days a week. For whatever reason, somebody got the idea for a party for ONLY Bucknell students... (it has no affiliation with the university other than it's a few blocks away...) in fact, I saw a couple would-be dollar-tuckers get turned away at the door when I was entering...

I didn't know there was an opening band, and so the bass thumping I heard outside that I hoped was Granian warming up was the opening group just finishing their soundcheck. They finally got started around 10:15 or so and ended up not being too bad, though they played way too long. They had an interesting dichotomy, in that the first part of their set they played strictly instrumental, groove-jazz type jams a la Medeski Martin & Wood or some Phish stuff (they had bass, drums, guitar, a guy on a Djembe and some guy playing an occasional keyboard). Then they went into some straight ahead rock and blues covers toward the end. I didn't even catch their name. Anyway... Granian finally came on.

Just let me preface this by saying, this was not really a Granian show, per se. Sure, they played, but it was really just a "let's get together and chat (loudly, I might add) and drink a lot of beer, and oh by the way, there's a band playing, too" kinda crowd. It was fairly packed and probably peaked a half hour before Granian came on... when they started I couldn't even see the stage let alone anyone on it. By the time Granian was finished (at 2 am) there were a total of maybe 6 people in the whole place. Plus, you could tell the club wasn't normally used as a concert hall, becuase the sound had some quirks... but in general it was pretty good and definitely got better as the night wore on.

ok, the setlist already:

Set One:
Not Just Yet
Without Change
A Little Respect
Fill It
Crazy Train
Hang Around
Try This
I Will Survive

set break ("ten" minutes, hah!)

Set Two:
High Or Low
In A Shell
Immune (incl. Come On, Let's Go)
Tear Into
Celebration (Kool and the Gang! - very short)
Hands Down

No encore... by the time they had played Immune, the crowd was reduced to a few people sitting toward the back and two guys at the front of the stage. Tear Into was by all intentions the last song, but those two guys persuaded one more song outta the boyz, who wavered between Suddenly and Hands Down but chose the latter (and then preceded it with a lil' rendition of Celebration, though with no crowd to actually give crowd participation it fell a little flat...) So, Hands Down was sorta the no encore's encore. Highlights for me included very nice renditions of Tear Into, In A Shell and Not Just Yet. And of course Crazy Train!

During Hands Down, the two guys up by the stage broke out a camera and Garen motioned them on stage, so one guy took a few pics of the other - posing next to George and Garen in the middle of playing the song. hehe... nice poses by all. :-) Garen found the lack of crowd and lack of respone from those who WERE there a little funny... throwing his hands in the air and other crazy stuff to try for some kinda reaction. Mostly just more laughs from Garen...

As an intersting side note, I made a new friend in the men's room. It was in fact a woman named Jennifer who couldn't handle waiting in the long line for the ladies' room (she said she had her good panties on, so time was of the essence). We agreed on a mutual no-peeking rule and chatted it up until we were both finished. Nice girl. She's a teacher. ;-)

Not bad for a $2 cover.

Peace - Chris

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