Will Hoge - 12/9/12 @ World Café Live (upstairs) - Philadelphia, PA

Strange beginnings for this one. Originally it was scheduled in the larger downstairs hall. Steph & I had front row center in the small section of non-tabled seats in front of the stage. We were told our tickets would "correspond" in the new venue, but they did not. We essentially had general admission tickets that gave us access to whatever seats we could get in the section of non-tabled seats they put in front of the smaller stage upstairs. We got there when we could, but we also thought we had ticketed seats, so we weren't there terribly early. Missed the opener. We first sat in two seats on the edge of a middle row that we assumed were empty because they were, and no one told us differently. Apparently not so. Some girl bitched up a storm that we were trying to steal her seats. We ended up wedged into two seats after asking some people to move down one, in the back row of the front section, and only after some finagling. Not fun.

Great show, though he was seated the entire time due to it being solo acoustic. Sort of supporting his Modern American Protest Music EP, which I love, but the band would have been preferred. Got some decent shots, but nothing too spectacular, and pretty much the same framing for every one. Sigh.

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