Will Hoge - 6/22/06 @ World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA

Will Hoge & band @ World Cafe Live in Philly, about 8 feet from the stage. They're displayed chronilogically, as the show went on. The blurry, brighter shots were using my camera's normal mode, while the darker ones used a much shorter shutter speed (but then also look sharper because they're not blurry). This was Will's 3rd time at WCL and my 6th show overall - I finally remembered to take my camera. Got some good ones.

Check out the gorgeous red leather jacket Dean is wearing. Stylish. Also, Will's latest back-up singing sensation, Cristina Bello. She can wail.

Hey, there's Erson in the middle.

In the dark, that's Adam and Sigi getting down on the left.

There goes Will, singing without a mic again. He does that a lot.

I think this is my favorite - Will's just about to bust into a lyric, coming back to the mic from the little a capella section. Right on.

Will calmly rocks. Or so it would appear.

Yeah, that jacket musta been hot.

Adam shreds. He later threw a busted pick into the crowd that landed right in my hand without me moving, but since I'm not a 12-year old girl who loves keeping used, sweaty pieces of plastic - I let it go and the girl in front of me turned around and swiped it up. I think I made her night. Sigi on the ride, on the right.

This and the next, Will on his knees during Woman Be Strong. Put some emotion into it once in a while, geez. Kidding.

Actually sorta almost kinda got 'em all in there for this one.

Adam with the lovely string bend.

Will, all KINDSA sweaty. 12-year old girls swoon.

This was the breakdown in the last verse of Pocket Full Of Change, with some help from The Trews' drummer (I think that's him!), right before he got pseudo-fake-tackled by their stage manager and carried off-stage, legs wrapped around his waist like a baby. It was kinda cute, in a slightly homosexual way.

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